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[Wondering if the second generation Gigi 2 is better? I reviewed it here.]

LELO Gigi rechargeable G-spot vibratorRecently, I’ve been caught up in a passionate love and squirting affair with Ella, LELO’s pure silicone double-ended dildo with a G-spot tip. But I had never experienced the Ella’s predecessor, Gigi, which gets rave reviews time and time again. Gigi’s shape inspired the design of the Ella, so I was certain I would love the Gigi.

Turns out, the Ella has spoiled me. I know — the Ella’s about half the price of the Gigi and it doesn’t even vibrate; how could it surpass the Gigi? Well, vibration isn’t everything. And that’s a big statement for me to be making, but in this context, I’m willing to make it.

Don’t stop breathing, over there. Hear me out. There is plenty to love about the Gigi. It’s made by LELO, so it comes in the most exquisite packaging ever: a lovely black box, with a white satin drawstring pouch and a one-year warranty. It’s a beautiful piece of erotic art in and of itself — a lovely deep magenta shaft, a ribbon of silver, and a white plastic handle with controls that light up. The jack for the charger is concealed by a blip of silicone, to keep liquids and lubes out. There is no aesthetic element of the Gigi that isn’t elegant.

The Gigi is one of those toys that I have always seen reviews for and pictures of, so I had my own assumptions about it. I always imagined that the entire shaft of the Gigi was made of silicone, so I was surprised to find that the shaft is hard. Its texture is soft, of course, as it’s covered in 100% silicone… but underneath, it is hard as a rock. Unlike some other vibrating silicone toys I’ve used, it will not flex in any way. I assume this has to do with the mechanical inner workings of the toy, and allows the vibrations to be stronger than if they were traveling down a flexible silicone shaft.

Unfortunately, the Gigi emits a subtle high-pitched whine on some of its lower settings. I’m very sensitive to sound — I will delete mp3s if they have the slightest hint of distortion — so I can’t stand to use those settings.

The Gigi has four steady vibration levels, but I always skip the first two. Then it has three pulsation speeds and one rollercoaster vibration level, and each of these can be strengthened or weakened via the circular control panel. On the panel, the + and – stand for vibration strength, while the up and down arrows cycle through the different functions. Overall, the vibrations are sufficient in strength and fairly quiet. As with other vibrating LELO toys, the Gigi can be locked for travel by holding down the middle of the control panel for five seconds.

The Gigi feels nice on my clit, but let’s not kid ourselves — this is a G-spot toy. And my G-spot requires an extreme amount of stimulation. I have to thrust like a mofo to finally squirt. I’m not sure the Gigi was built for people like me. When I thrust quickly with it, the hard shaft sometimes gets caught on my pubic bone (an issue I do not have with the Ella, as it is pliable), and the silver ribbon occasionally irritates my vaginal walls.

To make matters worse, thrusting like a mofo requires grasping, and I found the Gigi’s plastic handle very troublesome. Firstly, this toy is just really short — only a little over six inches in length — so it’s easy to lose the shaft in my vag and have very little to hold. Secondly, the handle is plastic, which does not play well with lube and squirt. Using the Gigi, I have to wipe the handle and my hand off periodically, or I won’t be able to thrust. This has the unfortunate side effect of momentarily ruining my momentum.

And while the location of the control panel makes for a sexy, streamlined toy, it is in the exact spot where my thumb needs to rest. You can infer the issues that inevitably arise from that dilemma. Although I was definitely aware of the moments when I accidentally changed the vibration function or intensity, I did not find the vibrations to make much of a difference when I was thrusting. They didn’t greatly enhance the experience. Actually, I became neurotic when the Gigi was on a pulsation mode and I was thrusting out of sync with it.

In the end, the Gigi did make me squirt, but with a lot of effort and worry expelled in the process. While the Gigi is a wonderfully unique and elegant high-end vibrator, I find more G-spot satisfaction with the flexible, all-silicone Ella. I think personal preference will dictate whether someone prefers the Gigi or Ella; if your G-spot requires less thrusting, more vibration, and/or a hard toy, you’ll love the Gigi. But I need pliability and a bit more length, so I will be returning to the Ella.

Get the Gigi at one of my fave shops:
Babeland, Good Vibes, SheVibe, LELOCAYA (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

Update: The LELO Mona 2 is everything the Gigi wanted to be.

Want the same sort of shape for less money? Get the PicoBong Moka.

  • I feel the same way about the control buttons – right where my thumb rests. I have the Elise and the Gigi and experienced the same issue. Unfortunately all the fancy modes are lost on me, I just want straight powerful vibrations – and I kept hitting the button and losing that!

  • Thank you for this review. I was *this close* to getting one. Trying to convince myself, that I could overcome the crappy control panel placement and short handle, but nope. I think I’ll pass.
    Great, thorough, and helpful review. 🙂

  • Miss KissThis

    “Actually, I became neurotic when the Gigi was on a pulsation mode and I was thrusting out of sync with it.” That made me laugh (while the OCD in me nodded in agreement with you.)

    I’m glad to hear someone else noticed the high pitch whine on the low settings. I was starting to think mine was a dud because of that.

    Great review!

  • toygirl

    My Iris has the same high-pitched whine on the lowest setting. It’s probably something about the Lelo motors.

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  • I love the Gigi, I really need to try the Ella from the way you make it sound though.

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  • Danielle

    Thank you so much for reviewing Gigi! I’ve had my eye on her for a while now, but with all your talk about “vibration isn’t everything”, I’m thinking I should cast my eyes elsewhere. Like towards that double-sided dildo, Ella, you keep raving about.

  • merinus

    Excellent review! I have the very same issues concerning the pubic bone, the length, and the location of the controls. And I have been taking a paper towel and placing it over the plastic and holding on to it that way to keep my hand dry. I have pretty much decided to just use this for clit stimulation, and not so much for g-spot work.

  • badinfluencegirl

    funny i thought i wrote the only less than positive review of gigi i was ever going to see…

    i’m glad i’m not the only one who didn’t madly love it. now i want to try ella though!

    (also, really they need one more power setting, when i’m really going i want MORE)

  • Thank you for another wonderful review. I was torn between the Ella and the Gigi, and couldn’t decide which way to go. As someone who needs FIRM and vibration over thrusting, I went with the Gigi, and I’m glad I did. Your awesome work told me what I needed to make the choice. Thanks!

  • @Luscious Lily: Aww, what a wonderful comment! I’m glad you’re happy with the Gigi, and especially happy that this review was instrumental in your decision to get it. 🙂

  • sophie2229

    Your Gigi is in the pink family !?!?!?!

  • @sophie2229: I know. It’s a shame. But the turquoise one hadn’t even come out when I got mine!

  • NawlinsDawlin06

    I have only heard good things about the Gigi so far. Thank you for an honest review. I like to read the not-so-positive reviews.

  • The Gigi — in light pink (I know, thrash me) — was the first sex toy I really coveted. It’s what made me make my first sex toy wishlist. It’s gorgeous… but now I’d much rather have the Ella. Internal vibrations don’t do a lot for me.

  • Greta

    Thanks, Epiphora! I love your reviews!
    Did anyone else feel like the clitoral stimulation was not direct enough? I have a review to write on the Gigi and feel like it’s just not enough for my clit. Great shape though, I think I’ll take Epiphora’s Ella suggestion!
    Here’s our Nathalie’s take on Gigi: http://blog.qwikimal.com/blog/2010/10/07/lelo-gigi-rechargeable-vibrator-review/

  • Selective Sensualist

    I agree. I like my Ella better for thrusting/penetration.

    Ironically, I love the Gigi used for clit stimulation — probably better than my toys meant solely for clit stimulation.

  • Tuesday

    This one tempts me but I’ve had such bad luck with expensive vibrating toys. I’d hate to add another expensive dust collector to my collection.

  • Thanks for the review! I’ve yet to have a g-spot orgasm, so I bought the Gigi, but I had that problem with the end catching on my pubic bone and it is oh so painful to remove. I had no idea the Ella was flexible, damn! Maybe I’ll put that one on my wishlist.

  • Bri

    I still want to try Gigi…well not just try, give a home to is more like it, haha. I LOVE the turquoise version of Gigi.

  • Greta

    I took your advice and ordered an Ella after using my Gigi more as a dildo than a vibrator. For me, the vibrations just don’t do the trick. <— Clit-o-Steel.

  • Crystalline

    It’s pretty, but I’m liking the definition of the Ella better as well. The Gigi’s grip does look awkward. :\

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