Oct 282009

TigerThe Fun Factory Tiger is just begging me to make a bunch of tiger jokes, puns, and references. But I will resist doing so. For now.

Instead I will just say this: the Tiger is a solid silicone dildo. With 7″ of insertable length and a diameter of 1 3/4″, it’s also a pretty substantial dildo. With, you know, tiger stripes. And a funky-shaped base. But other than that, it’s fairly standard.

A couple Fun Factory products have discouraged me in the past, and I was mildly worried their faults would exist in the Tiger. I didn’t like the Fun Factory Share, for instance, because of its matte texture, which created friction. I was also saddened when the Fun Factory Curve caused more pain than pleasure with its very pronounced lip.

But the Tiger doesn’t have either of those issues. Its silicone is glossy. And the Tiger’s largest bump, at its tip, doesn’t hurt me. In fact, it rubs my G-spot beautifully, and the intense G-spot stimulation is the Tiger’s biggest asset. The tiger stripes are not very noticeable to me internally, but that G-spot bump sure is.

The Tiger’s base is thick and Nickelodeon blob-shaped and, accordingly, wonderful to grasp. It’s incredibly sturdy and would work very well in a harness. Alas, I have no men’s harness, and no chicks to fuck me. But if I did, the Tiger is one of the first dildos I’d grab. You can’t go wrong with decent length and G-spotting goodness. Unfortunately, you also can’t write much more in a review about it. It’s a nice dildo, and it gets the G-spot job done. That’s about it.

And well, since I’ve been restraining myself for too long: it’s gr-r-r-eat! (And holy crap, I now have a mega craving for Frosted Flakes.)

Get the Tiger at SheVibe, Early to Bed, She Bop, Pleasure ChestFun Factory, or CAYA (Canada).

  • Rosey

    I know Fun Factory makes great things and all… But it looks like a penis. And not just any penis, but a melting penis. A penis that has sat out in the sun for entirely too long and is melting, like a piece of chocolate, except not as tasty. But melty-penis? Not sexy.

    Still sounds good, though, if I ever get over my dildo-appearance thing.

  • @Rosey: Hmm, I don’t see it. To me it looks more like a striped penis than a melting one…

  • Wilhelmina

    haha, awesome. i’m glad you reviewed this because i wanted the tiger but i was worried about the big bump on the tip.

    i really want to own this dildo purely because i have a friend/lover who goes by that name :/

  • Toygirl

    I’m very glad to hear that the big bump doesn’t hurt: that’s what’s been discouraging me from getting this one.

    Also, frosted flakes are the best.

  • Rosey


    A lot of fun factory toys look melty to me… But I was always told I had an overactive imagination.

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  • Speaking from a guy’s point of view, it does very well on the p-spot too.

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  • sophie2229

    Somehow I missed this review – the stealthy tiger.

  • Selective Sensualist

    I must confess that I have been on the fence about this one for some time, but perhaps I should give it a try. I’ve only tried four FunFactory toys and I’ve been impressed.

  • Bri

    The Tiger just doesn’t appeal to me at all…It’s not that it doesn’t look like it would get the job done, it just looks boring in comparison to the many other options out there.

  • Liz

    I just couldn’t escape the irony of the Frosted Flakes reference when Kellogg’s was created to produce bland food to keep kids from masturbating or doing anything remotely fun or interesting. xD

    I like the base on this, the NIckelodeon reference is spot on!

  • Rawr. That looks like fun, plus I love my lone Fun Factory dildo. I like how they really try to offer different colors and interesting shapes.

  • Crystalline

    The name sounds like a 90s kids’ toy. 😀 I’m glad the tip is as fulfilling as it looks; the other bumps don’t look very promising.

    LOL, “Nickelodean blob-shaped”! I hadn’t read that before I typed up my it-looks-90s-ish comment. Love it!

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  • Michael

    Have you tried the FF Tiger vibrator? The ridges are less pronounced and don’t go all the way around. It’s great, though–really plush, flexible, and it has wonderful vibrations.

  • I haven’t… I tried their G-Twist a long while ago. I didn’t like it, but I was also not as into penetration at the time.

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