Mar 072010

[Update: It exists! Buy the Cobra Libre at Babeland, GoodVibes,
SheVibe, Pleasure ChestLovehoney, or directly from Fun Factory.]

I think Fun Factory is definitely onto something with the Cobra Libre. I’ve been wondering when someone would harness the power of vibrations in a penis-oriented toy, and here it is, right before my eyes:

The Cobra Libre isn’t meant to envelope the entire cock, but rather to focus on stimulating the head. And with DUAL MOTORS that operate independently, I have no doubt it will do that fantastically. My recent experience with dual motors convinces me of this.

Fun Factory boasts:

Two powerful motors release pulsing vibrations just underneath the sensitive penis glans providing right-on-the-spot stimulation . . . The sporty, ergonomic shape of this exclusive toy for men promises easy handling and thanks to the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE loading technology, pit stops are short and efficient.

I have seen the future, and it consists of rechargeable, waterproof, non-porous masturbatory cars.

Personally, I think Fun Factory’s taking the car motif a little too far, but at least they didn’t go the predictable route and and make it look like a creepy mouth. That would’ve been so easy to do, but they resisted. Thank goodness.

  • I *so* want to try this. I want to try it so much it’s not even fair. Great post.

  • but the video.. is SO hardcore. haha

  • namelesschaos

    Hell Yes! I so want this although the price tag is a bit high but their is a serious lack of vibrating toys marketed towards men. The only one i can think of is the Fleshlight Vibro line and a few imitations of. And even those just use bullet/egg vibes….so duel motors Yum!

  • Jake Holden

    I’m really not convinced, dual motors on a clit are a whole lot different to dual motors on the head of a penis, in my penis-owning opinion at least.

    With male sex toys I want something I can thrust into as that’s where the pleasure comes from. Vibrations on my ass and balls are good, but on my actual head just tickles/feels weird.

    Maybe Fun Factory will have nailed it though? If they ever want a review….

  • @Jake Holden: I don’t think it will work for everyone. But I know some guys — mainly, the dude who commented just before you — who will love it. I’m just happy they dared to make something new and interesting.

  • Jake Holden

    @Epiphora: Yeah definitely! Beats another sleeve!

  • Wilhelmina


    and oh my god, the video is awesome/hilarious

  • LikeSunshineDust

    This look really cool. Any word on when it’ll be available in the US?

  • The Masturbator

    Wow! I want to try this badly.

  • I tested a few vibrating toys for men a while back, and my constant complaint was that the vibration was never intense enough. So, maybe the dual motors would make this worthwhile.

  • Alk

    I have tried this toy and can say that it fully delivers what it promises. Thanks to the intense vibrations I will always get to the summit, even in no time if I want to. What makes this toy work well is the interference between the two oscillating motors. In fact, you can not only vary the vibration level but also choose from vibration patterns. Appearance and workmanship are great as well as the built in accumulator.

    Some negative points: The toy doesn’t seem to be designed for overly thick penises. The vibrations can make your penis feel dumb after a while which is not good if you want to have multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, the control of the vibration is a bit sluggish, so it’s quite difficult to keep the stimulation at a certain level without ending up ejaculating too fast. That’s why edging with this toy seems a bit difficult to me.

  • Liz

    i don’t know about anyone else, but it’s stuff like this that totally solidifies in my mind why penis envy is totally justified. if i had a cock, i’d be on this like white on rice.

  • Selective Sensualist

    Well, my husband is one for whom this toy won’t deliver an orgasm. And he’s used it for very, very long sessions. He becomes numb and loses sensation. He is also one who wishes he could either thrust into it or that it would envelope the entire penis.

    However, the vibrations on this thing are FANTASTIC. There are patterns that I have NEVER felt before and they (the patterns) are remarkably innovative. Very deep and rumbly . . . and each and every setting reminds me of having a powerful motorcycle rumbling between your thighs.

    The toy is still useful to him, as it can be stimulating. He just needs help finishing. I love using it on him. Also, the buttons are touch-control and are very sensitive — they are changed quite easily (but are easily changed back to where you want them . . . there is a bit of a learning curve to operating this toy.)

    Speaking of having a motor rumbling between your thighs . . . my husband suggested placing some of my dildos into the place where the penis goes so I could use it to transmit vibrations. I was skeptical, but guess what? It WORKS! It works very, very well, in fact. I have inserted the end of my silicone Beyond G-spot No. 3, as well as a glass dildo that is double-ended (you obviously cannot insert a dildo’s base, so the toy must be rounded on the end). I was very impressed with the vibrations and loved using it this way.

  • @Selective Sensualist: Great report! I have a feeling my dude would react similarly. Cool idea to use it with dildos.

  • namelesschaos

    @Selective Sensualist: Good report, never thought of using this with a dildo, that is some ingenuity. I have no doubt this toy will work on me based on everything I’ve read. On that I actually like reading reviews on this. Mainly because vibrators work wonders on me, they are the easiest way for me to have non-ejaculatory orgasm aka orgasms with no refractory period = male multiple orgasms. So this makes me deeply curious as to how vibrations work on other men.

  • Brandon

    I must say this toy didn’t do much for me. I actually climax and feel nothing at all so my girlfriend calls it a milking machine now lol.

    I have tried it 10 or so times….each time I came 1-3 times but each time there was zero pleasure. To give you a idea of what I mean imagine your just over the edge and are coming with your hand…you just let your hand off and let it go you don’t get near as much pleasure as if you kept going.

    I got the toy basically free but if I didn’t id have been rather upset. I am a “normal” sized male but they need some kind of rotation on the head of the penis.

  • @Brandon: Ersh, yeah, that’s not a good type of orgasm at all. Disappointing.

  • Jake Holden

    @Jake Holden: Haha re-reading this comment is funny because I own one of these now. They’re crazy. They don’t so much help you come as FORCE YOU TO. It really is like being milked dry. It feels intense, and awesome, but the orgasm is very different to one from a hand or stroker toy. The difference is pretty interesting, and climaxing without moving your hands or penis at all is such a bizarre feeling!

  • the bedroom blogger

    I would love to get one of these for the boyfriend. So far, vibrating do-dads don’t do much for him…but this has mostly overwhelmingly positive reviews…even from folks who aren’t crazy about vibration. I’m curious…

  • Mantecore

    See, here’s the problem. For a penis toy to work, it has to look like something a person might reasonably want to put their dick in. This…is not that thing.

  • Jake Holden

    @Mantecore: I don’t know, it’s well designed soft silicone… I think it looks pretty cool… and once you’ve felt it…

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