Apr 022010

If you didn’t get the chance to visit my site yesterday, this is what it looked like:

With a .GIF, sparkling background and Comic Sans, of course! Jake Holden commented,

cool background! looks like myspace but better LOL can u send me the html codes plz>?

I also posted a review of the Cherry-Scented Vibro Dong, a horrible abomination that my April Fool’s Day persona LOVED. Thank you for all your comments and tweets; you guys kept me laughing all day.

I especially loved what Wilhelmina Wang had to say…

loving the site redesign! I think you’re taking your blog in an awesome new direction!!!

I KNOW, RIGHT? I can tell ya one thing — I’m not going to miss Comic Sans.

  • Tonio…ReinesHerz

    It freaked the hell out of me, it was way too pink-ish. But april fool’s day did not come up to me mind…

  • EffinSara

    I lol’d.

    But the sad part is that there are blogs like this, in appearance, style, and *cough* content. It’s comforting to see your site back to normal!

  • I died laughing. After my brain managed to reboot from being bombarded by the FLASHING SPARKLY PINKNESS. 😛

  • Edward Cullen

    Thanks for giving me my skin back.. THat was kinda fucked up just to take it for April Fools though, just to put on your website. ha Ha very funny. It’s all stretched out now. I look like a woman’s stomach at 9 months of pregnancy. *emo pout*

  • sophie2229

    PHEW. The pink/glitter/abbreviations were scaring me.

  • Polyserena

    Whew, you had me fooled. I had a quick confused skim read and decided to come back later to check up on your rationale. Can I be forgiven on the basis of time zone difference? That must be it… :-S I always miss april fools day jokes.

    I seriously did like the pink sparkleys though! It fondly reminds me of my teenage years and the sparkly special text effects I used to use in microsoft word (that used to give me a headache when I looked at them too long). Sooo high tech!

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