Oct 272010

When I searched the universe to find a discontinued Tantus Sherbet (yes, the neon green color fueled my fervor more than I should admit), I was so amused by the old Tantus packaging that I had to take a picture for posterity’s sake.

Tantus Sherbet

I dunno about you, but I’m really glad they shied away from the disembodied lips and goth font with their newer boxes and closeout bags.

  • Liz

    The packaging seems to have changed since the post you linked, actually: http://oi52.tinypic.com/2vdfja8.jpg My Acute came in a plastic box when I bought it a couple weeks ago.

  • @Liz: Oh yeah! I suspect that only the stuff on closeout comes in the stapled plastic bags.

  • I really dislike the plastic boxes. I’d much prefer the style in this post or a bag. Plastic boxes are so cheap and crappy. They pop open all the time and bend out of shape and cut me and take up way too much room. A cardboard box of the same size always seems more convenient.

  • @adriana: I prefer the bags because I prefer to throw away 90% of the packaging I encounter. Cardboard boxes are neat at first, but then I feel guilty about chucking them.

  • Jane Blow

    as a shop worker: the old packaging I actually almost prefer to the new packaging, but its only because I really dislike the new boxes (pain in the ass to get into). I also hate cardboard boxes because they rip easily, and are too easy to fuck up.. they also hang weird if they are offset in weight. ugh working in a shop screws with the way I see packaging.

    as me: Everything should come to us, the way whoever we get it from, gets it. If they get it sans packaging, huzzah for the baggie! Especially if we get it direct… it gives it that hot off the press feeling, straight out of the oven feeling 🙂 When I look at a product in a box, I want to see the product. I don’t care much for pretty wooden boxes because I don’t have 3 toys to my name… I have 30. hahaha

  • Serena Dante

    That is one vibrant green!

  • Funny tale about this packaging. Those are the lips of the graphic designer that created that look and feel. She did the best she could and I didn’t have any better ideas but when we realized none of it looked like it was from the same company when you put it together on a wall, there was a total redo.

    The lips went on to do other things within the industry. She was on AVN’s staff for a while and has worked in the industry ever since. Lot of passion even if we didn’t know what we were doing. LOL

  • @Metis: “The lips went on to do other things.” LOL!

  • Selective Sensualist

    Ah, I just love the neon colors and hope that Tantus brings them back as part of the regular line-up (not just as a special, limited offer)! I especially love the green and the orange. *Starry-eyed sigh.*

  • Serafina Brightside

    I love Tantus’s neon toys. I’d love the Ryder butt plug in lime green. This one is really pretty.

  • Shadowed Seductress

    Words can not express how insanely jealous I am of this. Lime green is my favorite color. I would go to the ends of the earth to find them.

  • Pantophile Panic

    I really wish they would bring back some more toys in their lime green, electric blue, and neon orange.

  • Tmcaurinus

    The shape of that looks like it would make my g-spot’s mouth water.

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