Jan 192012

[Update, 12/8/14Chavez Dezignz has again ceased production. They might return to toy-making eventually — I’ll let you know.]

I mourned the death of sex toy company Jollies half a year ago, but it looks like we all might have a new chance to get some of their toys. A couple days ago, a friend messaged me with a link and wrote, “Since when is Jollies stuff sold in an Etsy shop with pot leaf ash trays?”

My first thought was that some creeper was selling off their used Jollies toys on Etsy. But then I saw the name of the shop:

Chavez is the last name of the founder of Jollies, Luze. It was starting to seem legit. So I emailed them to find out. A guy named Ernie replied to me.

Yes, Luze is my mother and both me and my wife Shannon are selling most of THE Jollies Toys. We have back stock and hope to extend Jollies life.

And so it is. Chavez Dezignz sells ash trays, jewelry… and dildos. Their “Mature Adult Toys” section carries almost all the Jollies toys we know and love, such as the Jollet, Jollie, and Jack. There’s also the lump-o-silicone Rider, in case you want to clog your vagina, and the Luna butt plug, in case you want to clog your ass.

In all seriousness, though — this is pretty awesome. Some of the toys are even available in sparkle, gold, and polka dot!

Sadly, one particularly desirable toy, Mr. Man, is missing, and when asked about it, Ernie said there is no back stock of that one, but he would let me know if they decide to produce any toys. I’m sorry, everyone who always asks me about Mr. Man, but I tried!

This’ll very likely be everyone’s last chance to get anything from Jollies, so act fast. UPDATE: Production is happening! But not every toy will be produced. Ernie says,

I got the green light from my mom this morning to begin production on Jollies toys. So I need to get everything from her (masters, molds, etc.) Then I’ll get started. I knew you were going to ask about the Mr. Man and I hate to tell you that we are probably not going to get to do that one anymore….I know sad news =(.

So some Jollies will be sticking around, albeit in the small pond of Etsy. Hooray! My recommendations are the Jollet (a unique shape that stays put and presses on the G-spot) and Jack (a semi-realistic dildo with a slight lean and a textured head — I never reviewed it, but I adore it). Jack is the one with the blanked-out thumbnail. TOO OBSCENE FOR ETSY.

  • Caroline

    I was really sad when I heard that Jollies was going away. I kind of want to get the Jollet before it goes away forever.

  • Fuck! In the span of the three minutes it took to take a credit card payment over the phone (I’m at work), the Jollet went from in my shopping cart to unavailable. Damn you, customers!

  • @Cand86: Oh no! Give ’em a bit of time to re-stock… it seems like they’ve been adding stuff. Or email them with your request!

  • the bedroom blogger

    Ohmyfuckinggawd want polka dots! Or green. Ugh… someone buy a green-ish Jollie and I’ll trade my pink one.

  • Erika

    I’m sorry Cand86 but I think I was the one who snagged the Jollet from you! I really hope they restock these soon. No hard feelings? :/

  • Y’all like my creeping, don’t you? The shop actually left a comment on one of my old blog posts and I went and had a bit of a poke around and tipped off ‘Piph. Was a little surreal — can’t say I want a matching pot leaf ashtray to go with it, but you know. Anyway, go stock up my pretties!

  • Ah, they totally restocked them… panicked for nothing! Jollet achieved!

  • WindyLu

    Polka dotted Jollet… so mine… after a sneaker took it from my cart… Emailed them to restock… super excited… thank you for posting… and can’t wait…

  • Erika


    Yay, glad to hear it. Now we can all have Jollets! 🙂

  • Robin

    Can’t help but think that ashtrays over sex toys is a bad career decision.

    Wonder why they didn’t sell the company?

  • Red

    It makes me happy to see them come up for sale again, but mostly I now feel really sad (yet again) about Jollies being no more. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over this one.

    Also, I now kind of want a silicone ashtray, and I have absolutely no need for an ashtray. They’re just so freaking cool with the crazy colors and embedded balls and such.

    Etsy is weird.

  • Thanks so much for the info! My polka dot Jollet has been dispatched! No idea when it will get to me, but can’t wait!

  • Shannon Chavez

    @Red: The Burneez Ashtrays can also be used as massage oil and lube warmer! They hold the heat and keep it warm for a while. We’ve also found use for it as a can holder, so it wouldn’t move on the desk area! Feel free to ask for custom orders and get your Valentine’s Jollie before they are gone 🙂


  • Robin

    @Shannon Chavez That’s so cool that the ashtrays are multi-purpose! I at first viewed them as not at all “life affirming” but warming massage oil is pretty darn healthy and lively! ;p

    Glad to hear that the old designs of your successful indie company are being passed to a new generation. Best of luck.

  • txymxy

    I just noticed that in your Toybox, Mr. Man has the hatred symbol next to it- that’s gotta be a mistake?

  • Robin McClanahan

    I want Jack to be available in the gold flake version. That would be my perfect second dildo, and since my first is a pearl white Echo, I’d have a theme!

  • Kaeden

    I went to Etsy the other day to (finally) get myself a Jollet, and it appears that the store has (regrettably) disappeared again. Do you know if they’re still out there somewhere or are they gone for good?

  • I’m in contact with one of the owners. They are going through a divorce and therefore have ceased production for the time being. He hopes to return to dildo-making eventually, but who knows when. I’ve updated this post and others to reflect this.

  • HeadlessLegoMom

    Shannon Chavez does the polkadotted jollie still exist anywhere? I am DYING for one for my birthday. I know that I am a few years late to this party…

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