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When do you ever get the chance to own a gorgeous, handmade sex toy before practically anyone else? When I’m here to help you out, duh! I recently got my hands on some pieces from brand new wooden sex toy manufacturer Penetralia. After falling in love with their Number 66 dildo, I needed to share my excitement with you fine people. So, I’m giving away a Penetralia piece — whichever one the winner desires — thanks to SheVibe, where the Penetralia line is carried exclusively!

Left to rightNumber 66, Number 28, Number 23, and Number 33.

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Winner must be over 18 and live in the U.S., UK, Canada or Australia. Winner will be chosen randomly. The prize may take up to 2 weeks to produce.

Important! You need not enter with your real name, nor are you required to login via Facebook. Just click “use your email” to get started. You can only tweet for an entry once, so come back and submit the entry later if you don’t want to tweet right now.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends on July 6th, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

  • Like I said on your other post, the similarity to Jollies was exactly the first thing I thought of, and I really wish they had some non-gspot oriented toys. You know what I’d really like? Something like the Njoy Eleven, done into wood. Ayup. That’s what I’d want. As it stands, the Number 66 is prolly what I’d want to start with. I think.

  • Dolly

    Aww, I’ve always wanted a wooden toy… I really like the 23 and 33.

  • Number 23. SHIVER. That dark cherry red….*wants*

  • Sinaloa

    Number 23 and 66 look beautiful. I wonder how you clean them though.

  • Natty

    I really have a thing for dark red colors… so I’d have to say that #23 is calling to me the most

  • vampkitty

    The Number 23 is the most appealing to me. I love the notches in it. Penetralia is an awesome name! I always wanted to try out a wooden sex toy. I love that they are so eco-friendly.

  • Just soap and water. You can also spray them with a 10% bleach solution.

  • the #33 is most like the Njoy. And the #23 is double ended too

  • blue vodka lemonade

    Wood means it’s easier to pass off as some kind of avant-garde sculpture if it gets accidentally left on a coffee table. So, a win.

  • Chryssa

    The more I look at these, the more I think 33 is definitely the one I’d pick. Those ridges just do it for me.

  • Betsy

    I am actually interested in the #66! It’s so interestingly shaped, very visually appealing; I imagine it’s very… Stimulating.

    Penetralia is a very badass name.
    I think it’d be very interesting. I think the feeling from glass to metal to wood to silicone all varies, even if it’s only slightly. I can’t imagine it not being fun to experience!

  • Sperri

    Love the name of the company and am excited to get a chance to try a wooden toy.

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  • Preciouskitenn

    #23 for me! I love the idea of wooden toys, I also love that they wash up with reg soap and water. Penetralia is a totally bad ass name!

  • Beanfiddler

    #66 appeals to me the most. The shape is unusual and I have nothing else like it. I love the idea of wooden toys and I have yet to try one.

  • marrythenight

    penetralia is a BADASS name, and I think wooden sex toys are BEAUTIFUL and I like that they don’t shatter when you drop them!

  • umm

    #66 appeals most to me as well… I have never tried a wooden sex toy and before discovering this website had never actually heard of them. Penetralia is a beautiful and mystical-sounding name.

  • I just want a to to masturbate with, anyone would be good, im excited

  • Me

    The #22 looks perfect for my woman. She’s excited!

  • CJ

    Absolutely, the #23. Looks like fantastic fun!

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  • Katie

    Penetralia is the sort of badass name I hope to create for myself when I start reviewing sex toys.

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  • Elle

    Never even thought about a wooden sex toy, but this looks awesome!

  • Cary

    I can’t stop staring at Number 66, and your review pretty much clinched the fact that I need it inside me immediately.

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  • adriana

    OH EM GEE Number 23!

  • Danielle

    If I had a choice it be 23 or 33.

  • V

    The 66 kind of looks like a bent airplane. It’s so cute!

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  • nuala macmoragh

    hehe..she said WOOD! I’ll take yo word–my pussy is so happy with my eroscillator and njoy pure wand, although I’ve yet to work my tantus ryder into my butt because it’s ENORMOUS… wow!

  • Bee

    Going to have to go with 23, pretty *and* badass (yes, along with the name). As an aside – I just ordered a Njoy Pure Wand because of your review(s). So, even if I don’t win this particular toy…well, I still win.

  • Melissa Oller


  • Justine McD.

    I like the looks of both number 23 and 33. I do agree pretty awesome name choice!

  • LM

    Those are gorgeous! Esp. number 33.

  • Emily C

    I am most intrigued by the 66 and 33. I love the name, it makes me think of Saturnalia, at which I think wooden fuck toys would be most welcome!

  • Oh my! They all look great. I’m leaning towards the 23 or 33 but the decision of which one to pick could take some time..

  • cie

    wooden sex toys…..its the first time i have ever heard of them…now I’m curious!

  • Natalie Lee

    Never heard of them before, Seems quite interesting and pretty 🙂

  • Personally I’m not so sure I’m a fan of the name Penetralia, but I would absolutely LOVE to add a wooden toy to my collection!!

  • Unrepentant

    I think I kinda hate the name Penetralia, but I would love to try any of the toys.

  • Brett McNeely

    I don’t think there is a better name than Penetralia! I am, in fact, a little jealous of the name and wish I was cool enough to have such a name.

  • neongrey

    You know, I’m not sure which I’d go with… but man, wood is great.

  • jane

    I’ve never seen these before! 33 looks pretty nice!

  • What an awesome competition! I’ve drooled over these for a while, and definitely going to take up the opportunity to win 🙂

    28 is the one that appeals most of me. Looks like it’s be epic on the g-spot 🙂

    xx Dee

  • BlackxxxRose

    Number 33 looks awesome! Gosh, I’d kill to have a Penetralia piece. I think I first saw them last month and they just made me drool. I don’t yet own any wooden toys but I’ve been wanting one for awhile and am hoping to add a few to my collection soon. 🙂

  • Meek

    Epiphora made the number 66 sound like a dream and I think it’s also the nicest looking, I’d pick that one. The name Penetralia sounds like it belongs to an awesome sexual robotic side-kick so I fully approve of the name. These are the prettiest dildos I’ve seen

  • mswyrr

    I’m intrigued by the idea of a wooden sex toy… It’s not something I’d thought of before seeing your contest reblogged on Tumblr. #66 appeals to me most!

  • mswyrr

    …and, yeah, Penetralia is the perfect name! Lewd and classy.

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