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Review: Cush O2

It’s as if the Cush knows exactly what my vagina wants.

Tantus Cush O2 on a wooden table.
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One night, as I was preparing to jack off, I decided I had to have the Tantus Cush O2. I tore through my drawers but I couldn’t find it, which only increased my fervor. As I stalked the halls wailing “there are only so many places it could be!”, I remembered that I had packed it for a recent trip and never unpacked it. Wave of relief! Eerily, a friend had an urge for her Cush on the exact same night, while a second friend was also having trouble locating their Cush.

I think this demonstrates two points: one, the Cush is one stealthy mofo, and two, there is something about the Cush that draws people it. Something that gives us tunnel vision.

Of course you’re probably laughing at me, thinking I have so many dildos in my possession that it doesn’t make sense that I could crave just one. And usually, I don’t. I use whatever I have to review, or I rummage through my drawers and find something that looks good. But the Cush calls to me, probably because it does something that many toys do not — it stimulates the front walls of my vagina. And, to my knowledge, it’s the first to do it with silicone.

The Cush calls to me, probably because it does something that many toys do not — it stimulates the front walls of my vagina.

For all the times that I cry out in my reviews, “DID HUMANS EVEN TEST THIS TOY,” I am relieved to find something so impeccably-designed. Its tapered head allows for effortless insertion (at least for me, but my vag is a champ), the ridge presses against the right spots internally, and the base is a chunky chunk. At 6.5″ insertable, the ridge sits just barely inside my vagina, and the formidable girth of 1.75″ in diameter — well, I always love that shit.

There were so many ways this ridge could’ve gone wrong. In fact, I’m convinced that any other design might have hurt me. It helps that the Cush is made of O2, Tantus’ signature dual-density silicone, so the outer translucent layer is squishy while the inner core remains rigid. This also ensures that the toy doesn’t flop around. It stands at attention and does what you tell it to do. It is a very compliant dildo.

Do not forget, either, that this dildo is named “Cush.” Not to be confused with “Koosh,” but just as awesome. It’s a fun word to say. And it’s a fun and addictive dildo to use, so it works out.

The Cush came to me in a box filled with about a thousand other toys, but it is easily one of my top three from that mix (along with the O2 Revolution and Max O2). Tantus actually tests its toys before running out and manufacturing them, and it shows. It’s as if the Cush knows exactly what my vagina wants.

Get the Cush O2 at TantusSheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, or Peepshow Toys.

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  1. Dude. I adore the Cush, and mine also has a terrible habit of disappearing! The last time it went missing, I found it two weeks later, tucked into the medicine cabinet in our 2nd bathroom. (I think I may have thrown it there in a ‘oh gods, company is going to be here any minute’ frenzy.)

    The dual density rocks…I agree that’s what makes those ridges awesome instead of a possibly painful experience. I think ridges+the squishy texture is what makes this one of my top 10 toys.

  2. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure I have any toys that stimulate the front wall of my vagina. Which is weird, since that area can get quite a lot of stimulation if you use, say, fingers instead of a toy.

  3. So, I still have a bit of a struggle on initial entry, though the taper combined with the pliability of the supersoft outer silicone do help with that. I’m so not a size queen, and if I go much longer than 3 weeks without having sex with Daddy it certainly takes a struggle even to get fleshcock into me. So there’s that. My vagina has super memory, and snaps shut like steel trap. Or something.

    BUT- it’s still hands-down the favourite not just of my Brother & his Papa now, but even my kinkier local friends, into such activities as dildo-hammering, have fallen in love with it. Even those who own it’s predecessor, the Tantus Deuce (which really, deuce is not just an unfortunate name, but awkward to write too).

  4. I agree with every sentence of this review. I keep a close eye on my Cush so it won’t run away on me, actually. My top 3 Tantus toys are the Cush, Revolution, and Luke, but Luke is basically Max but an inch shorter, which suits my vag just fine. That ridge, though, seriously. It is the love of my life.

  5. I have a Cush and I love it. I don’t crave it very often, because it can be a little big for me, but when I do want it, it’s AMAZING. Easily one of my favorites. And I was really worried about the ridge too, but it is very nice.

    I really want to try the Revolution one day!

  6. Not really. They each do different things. The Revolution is much more of a G-spotter; the Cush just stimulates the walls of my vagina.

  7. It depends on the toy, because some of them have a thicker core than others, but in general, VixSkin has more texture to it because it’s mostly used for realistic dildos. O2 is smoother. VixSkin also seems tackier to the touch. I like both, but I prefer the texture of VixSkin.

  8. Holy crap, mine disappears on a regular basis, too. I always find it in the strangest of places. Nice work on that one, Tantus.

  9. Of the O2 and the VixSkin, which would you say is softer, or squishier? And that first ridge on the Cush doesn’t hurt at all on insertion or withdrawal? The first dildo I bought has a ridge on it to make it look more like a penis, but that thing hurts so bad when pulling it out and even when putting it in because it’s like my vagina suddenly goes ‘pop’ over the ridge. The Cush looks a little more tapered, but it’s hard to tell from pictures.

  10. I picked up one of these not so long ago because it was on super-sale. I mean, it’s pink, which is why I got a deal on it, but somehow the pink of this one isn’t so bad. Maybe because this dildo is one of the best things I have ever put in my vag and/or butt. Thanks for this review convincing me to spend the money on this lovely creation. Also, reading this/the comments has terrified me that I will somehow lose mine. I haven’t had that issue yet, but now I’m sure it’s coming.

  11. I have yet to try the Cush but I have heard wonderful things. That is funny all there of you were looking for it around the same time. I think I will wait to move to get it I don’t want it missing while in process.

  12. VixSkin is squishier. And no, the ridge doesn’t hurt me, but my vagina is a champ. I’ve had toys with ridges in that location that did hurt me, but not this one.

  13. I absolutely love mine. I agree about the ridge! I hadn’t thought about it before but it’s that front stimulation that really sets it apart.

  14. I just got this thing! I think I prefer the texture on the Echo (more fun to clench around and the bottom ridge of the Cush can be kind of pokey if I’m not really turned on), but I feel like such a badass when I use it.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I read this review a few months back, when I went on a sex toy shopping spree for my wife and me. She’s always been something of a size queen so I wanted to get her something amazing, and this bad boy fills the bill, if you’ll forgive the expression.

    When I presented it to her, in the box, her eyes got as big as dinner plates and she shrank back from it in awe.

    I swear, she licked her lips in antici…..

    … Pation! She asks for it frequently, and, since I can only perform for a certain length of time, I am happy to oblige her.

    Definitely a fantastic addition to the toy box!

  16. I bought this on your recommendation and my first thought after using it was “holy shit this thing should be illegal”. I am a changed woman. Truly money well spent.

  17. I bought this on your recommendation and my first thought after using it was “holy shit this thing should be illegal”. I am a changed woman. Truly money well spent.

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