Mar 112013

You guys, CatalystCon is happening. Like, really soon. In just a couple days, I will be traveling alone for the first time in my life, arriving in Washington D.C. and meeting people I’ve wanted to meet for years. It still has not hit me that this is about to happen.

Up until this week, there have only been a handful of people who could attest to me being a living, breathing human being (TristanLorax, Shanna, Redhead Bedhead, Tomboy Femme). That’s all about to change. After Catalyst, many people will be able to put a face with my name, which I think is good? Albeit slightly terrifying?

I’ve also never needed business cards before, so this was all new for me. I ordered from MOO and spent far too much time honing them. They came out pretty great, though, so if you see me at Catalyst, remind me to give you one (or let you pick one):

Guess who the most-represented toy company is? UH DUH, it’s Tantus. 30% of the cards have either the Cush O2, Echo, or Ryder on the front.

Like a loser, I’ve also acquired a business card holder from Etsy, stocked up on trail mix, protein bars, vegan jerky, and dry roasted edamame, and packed my cutest pajama pants (I’ve heard they’re required to play Dirty Bingo, and nobody has to utter the word “pajamas” to me twice).

I will definitely be tweeting as much as I can, using the hashtag #ccon as well as session-specific hashtags. The only sessions I know for sure I will be attending are Toxic Toys (#ccontoxictoys) and When To Give It Away and When To Charge For It (#cconcharge). Otherwise, you’ll just have to follow my tweets to find out where I go and what happens.

Now I’m going to resume worrying that I’m gonna do something wrong at the airport. Any last-second travel tips, guys? One thing’s for sure: my 1-quart ziplock is filled to the brim with creamer.

  • When I flew (for the first time and also by myself) to Seattle a few years ago, it was enough to put me off flying for good! Make sure you have already looked up the terminal maps; I went so far as to print them out. If it seems like you might miss a connecting flight, call the airline as soon as you possibly can, even before deplaning. Make sure any tickets and your ID is in an easily accessible place.
    Make sure you leave room and weight in your luggage for whatever goodies you may acquire at Catalyst.

    I didn’t have the funds to get new business cards. I’ll have to make do with the mini moo cards leftover from last year. Mine are not as elaborate as yours. I only ended up giving out a few during the last conferences, so I guess I didn’t peg it as “important” enough this year.

    I plan to attend those same two sessions. I at one point had it all worked out but everything pretty much is eclipsed by TOXIC TOYS FTW.

  • You two amuse me. Maybe it’s because I grew up flying, but I NEVER look at terminal maps, don’t bother calling if connections are iffy, etc. etc. I just go, do my thing, whatever. I dunno. Probably because I’ve been flying since I was 5. I feel like most people who travel get overly worried about the whole thing, probably because so much of it is out of your control. Hrh, that makes me wonder if bottoms make better travelers since we’re accustomed to that? hmm…

  • Whelp if you don’t like your primal strips, I’ll eat them. I love the daylights out of them. Curious why you went with those instead of real jerky if you don’t know you like them tho! My travel tip is don’t stress it too much. I know, I know, but seriously. It’s mostly out of your control, so just let it be. That’s all I’ve got, really. You’ll be fine.

  • Then I bow to your superior-ness 😉 I am simply not wired that way. Going blindly into situations ramps up my anxiety something fierce because my brain simply will not work quickly. Getting lost, for example, throws me for a major loop and immediate panic. I need to be prepared as much as possible. Yes, I likely do get overly worried when it may not be necessary, but…that’s just how I am. It is one of my any faults, I guess.

  • robin varni

    Congratulations on your first solo trip! I’m sure you’ll be fine, and once it is over you realize you can tackle anything.

    My little tips as an anxiety-prone person:

    Going through security – Wear slip on shoes, no belt, no clothes with hardware attached (studs, etc.). Count the number of trays you use. The easier you can go through the scanners, the easier it is to keep track of all your stuff when you’re alone and you won’t leave anything behind.

    Navigating airports – Airports are *always* under construction, so don’t worry if there are confusing detours or hidden signage. Give yourself plenty of time for departures and, on arrivals, just follow the herd to baggage claim.

    Have fun!

  • fire

    Your business cards are awesome (: Have fun!

  • aziajs

    I love your business cards! Can’t wait to see your tweets.

  • We’re all different. It takes me forever to get oriented on a map (if I succeed at all), but glancing around my surroundings and at signs? No problem.

  • This is going to be amazing! Have a great time-keep us posted, the cards look great, you sound prepared and ready. I can’t wait to hear/read all about it.

  • Good luck 🙂
    The cards look great.

  • Wicked Wahine

    I found something out recently, that you have the right to ask for any examination of your carry-ons & yourself, including a pat down, to be in private & you are allowed a witness if you want. And, if you don’t like what’s going on, you can request a supervisor at any time. So, just in case you have a big ole bag of sex toys or you feel like wearing a packer, you never need to worry about being publicly embarrassed by TSA workers. Now, I find it hilarious to have them open the bag of bigger than your head butt plugs, but not everyone will, so, at least you know your rights about going through the TSA check point.

  • Flying back and forth home to Australia regularly you’d think I’d know my way round airports but I almost ALWAYS end up asking for directions to connecting flight terminals.. My advice, don’t be afraid to ask someone where to go.. or you could be super organised like Lilly and print off a map, it’s probably a good idea. That and have some good reading material and a good ipod playlist, then sit back and relax!! Have fun, looking fwd to hearing all about it. You’ll no doubt leave a good impression with those cards.

  • THIS. I travel in basically jammies (a comfy shirt and yoga pants) because I don’t want to stress myself out with metal stuff and being searched. And also because I hate wearing pants like a normal person, and airlines frown on passengers going pantsless, for some reason.
    I also put almost everything in my luggage and just bring, like, a lip balm, wipes, and a book on the plane with me, to cut down on the “OMG DID I FORGET ANYTHING?!” because my brain doesn’t work sometimes.

    Just try to do whatever will make you comfortable. Because whatever it is you might get nervous about, it’s not a big deal, but it might feel like it is at the time.

    Also, if you get pulled aside to answer a question, don’t worry! And, if the person stares intently above your head, they’re probably just checking out your boobs in the overhead mirror, so don’t freak out and think there’s a spider, for some reason (sorry, Cuban official, for my spazz attack) :/

  • Kara_Sura

    So exceptionally jealous!! You’re going to have an absolute blast… and your cards are pretty epic. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    *Little side note, anytime you go out leave a copy of your business card either with the tip or where you were (bus, plane, cab, etc), you’d be surprised at how many more followers/viewers you get from that one little thing.

  • TheRedheadBedhead

    I used to fear flying and then this year I flew more than I had in the decade prior. Comfy clothes, know where your ID and stuff is and you’re good to go. Be forewarned, if you are towards the back of the plane (or just in the last boarding group) and have a small rolling bag they may end up taking it and checking it. Folks bring so much stuff on these days that the last few flights I was on ran out of room.

    Your cards are gorgeous and don’t feel too dorky, I also have a business card holder (from SheVibe- because, obviously). I’m trying to pack right now and having a weirdly hard time considering most of my clothing is in Portland right now (no cute jammies for me) I’m driving though so I’m basically treating my car as a giant suit case – 3 pair of boots? sure!

    Can’t wait to see you there- I’m also aiming for the two session you just mentioned. Remember when you were surprised by my hair? I think this time it will be more what you expected… it’s a little crazy.

  • Your cards look amazing! I am sure everything will be fine. Relax and enjoy the experience.

  • I was on the organic aisle and they were there and had a lot of protein, so I grabbed ’em.

  • I always opt out of the body-scanners, ask for a private freedom-grope, and put my phone on to record it as it happens. I generally don’t pack when I’m flying (one of the few times). I do pack all of my toys into bags labeled “DIRTY”, and have yet to have TSA mess with ’em.

  • I like ’em. I’ve got some that I’m bringing with me, along with regular jerky and a buncha other stuff. We can do like Halloween and trade our snacks with each other if we don’t like what we brought!

  • escorts

    out of them. Curious why you went with those instead of real jerky if you don’t know you like them tho! My travel tip is don’t stress it too much. I know, I know, but seriously. It’s mostly out of your

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