Sep 242013

The essentials.In 15 hours, I will be touching down in Los Angeles for CatalystCon West. Yes, two days early. Shut it. This time, I’m on a panel, and hey, I just want to have some time to chill out before everything happens all at once. Last time went by far too quickly.

As you can see, I’m packing the essentials. Armed with more sweet business cards from MOO (some new designs since the first batch), I’m also bringing my copy of The Feminist Porn Book to have it signed, and my favorite travel toy, the Mona 2. You’ll be pleased (slash petrified) to know that I’ve found the perfect Epiphora-colored suitcase and nail polish.

I’m thrilled as fuck to be attending Tristan Taormino’s Sex Educator Boot Camp again this time (you can find me checking people in and then taking feverish notes on my laptop all day). I will also be at the shy/newbie meet-up, and I’m likely to attend “Toxic Toys: Beyond Phthalates,” “Talkin’ About a Revolution: Partnership Between Sex Educators and Adult Retailers,” and “Moral Panic.”

There are more new people to meet this time around. I’m especially excited about meeting Amanda Hess, Aerie, Penny, Krista, and who could forget: Danny Wylde. I might puke on him out of nervousness, but I will meet him nonetheless. No more of this mysterious camming shit.

Plus I get to hang with the gang of awesome people I already know and love: Lorax, Queeraschino Cherry, the Redhead Bedhead, CooperMetis, and Jenna. You guys!

I will try to tweet as much as I can, but judging by last time, don’t expect a lot. If you want to follow along with the tweets from my panel, the hashtag is #cconreview and the panel is taking place on Saturday at 2:40 p.m. Pacific. Don’t worry; we’ll also be taping and transcribing the panel afterward. [Update: you can read the panel transcript here!]

Are any of you going to be there Wednesday or Thursday? Wanna hang? Also, what am I supposed to say to the cheerful old men I’m bound to meet in the elevator, who see my official-looking badge and ask what I’m there for? I was so awkward last time. “Um, a conference…”

  • Ones

    I live nearby and i’m sure it would be fun to go, but aside from your presentation and maybe the ass panel…there’s just not enough i’d want to check out and that registration money could go to the purchase of a couple new toys!
    Not sure if you have transportation, but there’s a nearby busway that’ll take you to North Hollywood,Hollywood or Downtown in case you decide explore.

  • Hope

    I’ll be getting in Thursday night–would love to meet you at some point during the conference! More than once, your reviews have straight up helped me decide which toys to stock (and NOT stock) in my store, and I wish to shake your hand. /fangirl

  • Heaven

    Have a safe trip there and back. I hope you have fun as well. Spread all your knowledge.

  • I can’t wait to meet you either! I’ll be getting in sometime Thursday late afternoon or evening (I’m driving there) and would definitely love some pre-con hang out time. WOOO.

  • So jealous. Coming from Canada makes the price of flights absolutely fucking redonkulous! You’re gonna rock that panel and I’m so happy you’re transcribing it, I can’t wait to read it. Spread the good word.

  • Margit

    I wish I could go with you…Have a safe and fun trip!

  • I’m really looking forward to reading/watching the panel, so glad those who couldn’t be there don’t miss out entirely!

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