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Want a fantastical dildo in the shape of a unicorn horn or tentacle? This is your last chance. [Edit, years later: another company makes unicorn horns now, and you can probably find a tentacle on Etsy.]

It appears that Maine-based Whipspider Rubberworks is dead. SheVibe tried to place a re-stock order with them last April, and haven’t heard from them since. Whipspider’s Etsy store is empty and they haven’t posted on Facebook or Twitter since March. I emailed them but have not heard back. It is looking grim. [Edit: their site is gone now, too.]

Whipspider Rubberworks Tentacle dildoThis is really upsetting because there is no other company quite like Whipspider. Their 100% silicone designs are colorful, whimsical, and incredibly detailed. You can tell that a lot of love goes into them — which makes sense, as they’re just a tiny 3-friend operation.

Whipspider made the gorgeous Jellyfish, which I love, the Tentacle, which I hate (my never-to-be-finished review consisted solely of these lines: “The Jellyfish works because liberties were taken with the subject animal to make the sex toy version compatible with the human body. The Tentacle, though, will fulfill only your fantasies of being teased mercilessly by a sea creature”), the Mantoy, which I’m indifferent about, and the Screw, which I like but haven’t used a ton.

They even made things that didn’t make much damn sense, like vibrating beetles and orchids. But that was Whipspider — they went out on a limb didn’t follow anybody’s rules.

Whipspider Mantoy, Sara the Playing Mantis, Island Explorer, Wave, Screw, Unicorn, Slender Tentacle, Ghost

SheVibe, to my knowledge, is the only online store that still carries Whipspider (other than Whipspider’s own site, which I have no experience with and which has an expired security certificate…), so if there’s one you’ve been wanting, you best be picking it up now. You can’t have the last Ghost because, uh, I bought it.

I hope that I’m wrong, and perhaps Whipspider will get a second wind like Jollies did. But I’m not counting on it. This much radio silence does not bode well.

It’s so sad to see such a wonderful, creative company joining the ranks of other fallen sex toy manufacturers such as Ophoria, Papaya Toys, Phallix, and Penetralia. I guess, when you’re around as long as I’ve been, this is destined to happen. But it still fucking sucks.

  • If someone was gonna beat me to the last Ghost, I’m glad it was you.

  • Jillian Boyd

    It does suck to see them go. I like a bit of creativity in sex toys, and Whipspider had that in spades. It didn’t always work, mind, but still.

  • Crap, what a shame! I’d been eye-balling the Jellyfish and Ghost for ages (there is something about the skeleton’s modest little pudendum pose that cracks me up), but always chickened out as I’m still relatively new to toys and especially texture. Still, this makes me sad, their toys are so lovely. 🙁

  • Cha

    I just googled Phallix…looks like they’re still around or back from the dead!

  • Heaven

    Wow that sucks I was hoping to get one of the unicorn and the tentacle. Oh well that really sucks big time. Thanks for this post.

  • Oh, this makes me so sad. I don’t have a Jellyfish yet. I do have the Tentacle, and although I *mostly* had positive feelings for it, it drove me nuts that the texture goes sideways. I really just love the uniqueness.

  • Sincerely Yours, N

    I have the big Tentacle and really wanted both the little one and the Jellyfish, but I guess it won’t ever happen. Oh well. It’s a shame to see them go, but I hope they resurface eventually.

  • Mandie

    I first purchased the regular sized tentacle, because of how intriguing and beautiful it was. I can count the number of times on one hand I’ve used it, because it is not very practical (for me) and the place I ordered it from had them all made hollowed out (i.e room for the bullet). If I had found their website, I would have ordered it directly from there. I ordered a unicorn horn a year later. It’s sad they poofed off of existence. There were so creative and they sent you a really kick ass sticker for ordering from them.

  • Sarah

    Oh MAN this makes me want a little tentacle!
    …Add that to the list of things I never thought I’d say.

  • Robin McClanahan

    I only just discovered them. Today. From this post. ;( I’m feeling oddly bereft that I can never have the tentacle.

  • Stabbin Robots

    OH GOD. I have been lusting after the Tentacle for EVER but never bought it for some reason. NOOOoOOooooOOooOOO!

  • Sarah

    I just bought a Jellyfish from their website. I can’t face the thought of possibly never having a jellyfish in my vagina. 🙁

    I did it through paypal so I can contest if they never send it… we shall see what happens.

  • They exist, barely, but NOBODY stocks them.

  • Intothebox

    I was going to do the same thing, but couldn’t get up the nerve. Be sure to let us know what happens! Have you heard from them yet?

  • BlackOrchid

    Must be fabulous to have sex toy “insider knowledge”. #jealous

  • This makes me sad.

  • Sarah

    No luck yet. Nothing besides an automatic order confirmation.

  • Annamarie

    So sad! I always wanted some of their toys, just never got around to it. They were one of the most creative silicone manufacturers!

  • Ridley

    There’s Bad Dragon, if you’re into a great array of uniquely shaped sex toys– including a tentacle! I’m a faithful buyer from there; I love that you’re able to totally customize your toy (color/firmness/choice of size), and as a lesbian I appreciate that there’s a decent number of toys that aren’t necessarily penis-based. My one complaint would probably be that there aren’t any anal-specific toys, though a good number of the toys they have are anal-friendly.

  • Robin McClanahan

    I’d love to hear an update of your experience with this situation, when time permits. I’ve been holding onto shreds of hope that they’re still around so I can get a tentacle. And maybe a ghost. And a jellyfish. Have you heard from them at all?

  • Sarah

    I think it’s safe to say they are indeed dead. I’m in the process of disputing the charge.

  • Robin McClanahan

    Thanks so much for the update. I’m really sorry that this didn’t work out for you.

  • These toys look really great! Sad to see they are no longer on offer.

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