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Let me teach you The Business of Blogging About Sex!

I have a proposition for you, peeps. If you’ve ever wanted to start a sex blog, or take your current sex blog to a higher level of awesome…

The Business of Blogging About Sex

…let me teach you how! This October, I’m teaming up with expert sex writer JoEllen Notte (Redhead Bedhead) for a four-week interactive online class on the business of blogging about sex! We will spill all the insider secrets we’ve amassed in our decade of combined experience sex blogging. Having turned our one-time hobbies into profitable online businesses, we have our share of triumphs and horror stories — and we’re champing at the bit to share them with you.

I taught a version of this class last year with Lauren Marie Fleming, and it was a rousing success. Attendees said very nice things afterward, such as “this course was worth every red cent” and “I learnt more about myself, and my writing, doing this four week course, than I did in my entire first semester of University.” I fucking loved teaching and interacting with the students, and I can’t wait to do it again.

Early bird pricing ($80 off!) ends in just one week, on July 15th, and space is limited, so I suggest you sign up as soon as you can. Payment plans are available through the end of July; email me at hey.epiphora [at] for details.

We’ll tackle new topics each week, such as how to set up your site, pinpoint your niche, publish captivating content, obtain products for review, build a loyal following, use social media to your advantage, and much more. Since dildos can’t pay your bills, we’ll also spend a week discussing avenues for blog monetization, including affiliate links, banner advertising, and sponsored posts.

30+ guest instructors for The Business of Blogging About Sex!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. In addition to instruction and personalized feedback from JoEllen and I, students will be treated to tidbits of advice from over 30 successful industry leaders, including Tristan Taormino, Erika MoenRachel Kramer Bussel, Jiz Lee, Sunny Megatron, Sinclair Sexsmith, Emily Nagoski, Metis BlackCharlie Glickman, Joan Price, Elle Chase (Lady Cheeky), Cara Sutra, Dangerous Lilly, and Girly Juice. Holy shit. I’m so pumped.

There will also be a photography tutorial and critique from ace blog photographer Penny of Penny For Your (Dirty) Thoughts, plus two private video hangouts with JoEllen and I, where you’ll meet our pets and we’ll answer all your blogging questions with brutal honesty.

It’s going to be the best, okay? You should enroll.

Remember: payment plans are only available through the end of July! Go go go!

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  1. I know at least two of these people are light skinned people of color, but you know exclusion (even if it’s not purposefully) of darker skinned people of color within the sex industry is a Thing, right?
    It’d be cool to feel represented, even marginally, while I consider whether or not I spend hundreds of dollars on something provided by people who try to regularly be conscientious of skewed dynamics (also in regards to the sex industry and lgbtqi minorities).

  2. You are right. The lack of visibility of POC in the sex industry is problematic, and we should have known better. The guest instructors listed were the ones who had committed when the site went live, but we are still reaching out to more. If there is anyone in particular who you’d love to see in the lineup, we’re all ears. No matter what, we’re going to make this right. We are sorry.

  3. I’m starting a sex blog, I saw this on Redhead Bedhead’s page, and considered signing up, but I’ve already got a lot of the “how to set up your blog” stuff covered. Do you think it would still be a good idea for me to take this class? I presume so, since you wrote, “or take your current sex blog to a higher level of awesome.”

  4. Absolutely! The setting up is really only a small portion of the first week of class. After that, we get straight into niche honing, about page writing, and much more nitty-gritty stuff like engaging writing, monetization, social media awesomeness, and tons of other topics. The full schedule has a better list.

    In the previous version of the class, we had students who already had blogs and they found the class content incredibly useful. Right now there are several people signed up for this iteration that already have blogs, which is really exciting to me!

  5. This looks great! I am thinking about starting a blog myself. I am wondering though, will there be set times for each event that I have to be present online for? If so, I might not be able to participate, as much as I would love to. I work nights and sleep late in the morning so that will affect my ability to “attend” an online class at a specific time. I looked at the full schedule and there are no times listed, I hope that means it is flexible, I could easily do this during my days off and over weekends. It would be a big help if you could clarify this a bit before I sign up. Thanks Epiphora!

  6. Nah, there won’t really be set times. You will have about 4 days to read the week’s course material and complete the assignment. Course work will come out each week on Monday and assignments will be due on Friday. The interaction with classmates is done via comments on the class website itself, on your own time — but generally on the weekends after assignments are submitted.

    The video hangouts are live, but they’ll be earlier in the day. If you can’t attend those, you could submit questions in advance and the hangouts will also be available after the fact.

    I hope you can enroll!

  7. I can’t even express how much I wish I could take this class! But senior year of college and lack of funding really doesn’t make it possible this time around. Maybe eventually!!

  8. We are currently very close to a full class — just a few spots left! I will update this post (and the Be A Sex Blogger website) when we’re full, yes.

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