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Ask Piph #8

Body-safe ball gags, lube worries, blogging breakthrough moments, gold dildos, and period blood!

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I’ve been on the search for a gold silicone dildo for a while and I can’t seem to find one. I just wanna pretend I’m getting plowed by Apollo, is that so much to ask?

Oh, they are hard to come by! I’m only aware of two that come pre-made: the special edition gold Vixen Leo which is sold only at Babeland (I liiiike the Leo), and the Godemiche Adam.

Otherwise, Vamp makes custom designs, including glittery toys, and there are dildo-makers on Etsy who could probably mix you the gold of your dreams.

What would you say were the biggest eureka moments you had on your way to becoming a professional blogger?

This "SPEAKER" badge made me feel very legit

Overall, it’s been less big breakthrough moments and more of a gradual “oh shit, I could do this… this could be my job,” but it was pretty surreal when someone first paid me to place an advertisement. It was a hideous pink widgetized ad, but still! I didn’t realize that could happen!

A few years later I divided my yearly income by 12 and saw that I was making enough money from the blog to pay for rent and food each month. That was a powerful realization that really motivated me to keep blogging.

From there, it was time to tell my parents about my work, and I continue to be astounded by their unflinching support and lack of embarrassment about everything. I started attending and speaking at conferences, which made me feel more important and more confident. Plus, I met other bloggers! We’ve become close friends and one even became my partner. Having friends who understand you makes a weird job like sex blogging a lot less lonely.

Oh, and I was published, which was a lifelong dream of mine.

My approach to reviewing has evolved, too. One big thing I realized was that I can’t take any toys for review if I feel indifferent about them. Every time I’ve caved and taken something I wasn’t inordinately excited about, it made for a mediocre review. I’ve learned to put more time and thought into my reviews themselves, making sure they’re well-written and interesting rather than just fulfilling my obligation to write something. I’d like to think my blog is better for it!

Do you know where to get body-safe ball gags? Most of the ones I find online are made out of an unspecified rubber, which has me concerned.

Ball gags from Aslan, Tantus, and Gorge Ohwell (Cheeseburger)

Yeah, ew, no rubber in the mouth. Luckily, there are some excellent 100% silicone (flavorless!) options from AslanTantus, and GoodVibes. If you want something sillier, there’s the apple from SelfDelve. (Sadly, the Cheeseburger from Gorge Ohwell is no longer available.)

Pipedream makes a ball gag that is supposedly silicone, but who can trust those motherfuckers? They make a GLASS BALL GAG, after all. My teeth hurt just looking at it.

Oh boy. Amazon reviews are not the ones you want to trust when it comes to sex products. I looked it up, and while 68% of people gave the lube 5 stars, some were displeased. It appears there are two arguments going on:

Amazon review of Sliquid H2O lube, complaining it dries out "no matter if you use as vaginal lube or for manual stimulation of your man"
  1. It dries up, even for ~manual stimulation of your man~. Well, yeah. It’s water-based lube and it’s glycerin- and paraben-free. That’s just how it goes. If you want a longer-lasting lube you want either silicone1 or oil-based lube,2 or a hybrid like Sliquid Silk. But glycerin is an ingredient that gives other lubes their “glide,” hence people being mad that Sliquid doesn’t last as long as shittier ones like KY. Personally this does not bother me — I’d rather have body-safe ingredients — so I just add more lube when I need it and go about my business. (You can also add water to re-hydrate the lube.)
  2. It causes irritation. Sliquid H2O only has four ingredients besides water (same with Sliquid Sassy, the thicker version). It is one of the simplest water-based lubes on the market. However, it does have citric acid in it (a preservative they use instead of parabens) and sometimes, people have a reaction to that ingredient. With almost every lube on earth you’re going to find people whose bodies didn’t like it, but the likelihood of someone having a reaction to Sliquid H2O is pretty low.

If you want to be safe you could get some lube samples instead. A lot of shops sell sample packs, and Sliquid even makes their own Lube Cube samplers.

I’m wondering whether all toys are period appropriate. Can some stain? Is there a way to clean them that will get the stain out? Are there any toys you prefer or avoid when on your period?

My menstrual bloody hand holding the LELO Mona 2, with glass dildo in background

My cervix is more sensitive when I’m on my period, so I tend to gravitate toward softer insertable toys like the Mustang, if I use dildos at all. Usually I have a menstrual cup in and am too lazy to remove it, so I end up only using a clitoral vibe. I prefer strong ones that can reverberate through several layers (including pads and pantyliners), like the Magic Wand, Wahl, and Doxy. If I do decide to take off my pants, I make sure to put a Liberator Throe down first.

It’s my personal belief that consumers should insist upon non-porous sex toys, and period blood is one of the many reasons for that. Remember when I railed against the porous foam-like material used in the iGino?

So god forbid you use the iGino while on your period — the foam will be ruined. Sorry, woman, better go hide away in a cave somewhere until the world is ready for your repulsive self. I feel pretty strongly that if a sex toy cannot handle my uterine lining, it is not “what women want.” . . . I’m a modern woman, and I expect to be able to heavily soil my sex toys and then scrub them sparkling clean afterward.

Since almost all of my toys are non-porous, my period doesn’t really limit which toys I can use. With no pores, there can be no staining. If you stick to 100% silicone, glass, stainless steel, hard plastic, or sealed wood, your only concern will be whether you have to scrub harder because you let the blood dry up on the toys. But it will come off with simple soap and water, and it will leave nothing behind.

The only exception would be when the toy has crevasses that are impossible to clean (I use these fantastic Japanese point brushes to dig in crevasses), or parts that are made of other staining materials (such as the fabric string on the LELO Luna Beads — mine is perpetually off-white because I dared wear them while bleeding one time).

Sex toys made of porous materials such as jelly, rubber, and elastomer are the ones that can stain. Not always, as I found with this PVC dildo, but it is definitely possible. Porous materials can hold onto bacteria, colors, and smells, which is why I avoid them like the plague. If you stain a porous material, you can try soaking the toy in a 10% bleach, 90% water solution and then rinsing it thoroughly, but there are no guarantees. Mostly, you should replace that toy with something higher quality, or use it only with a condom.

  1. Not compatible with most silicone toys
  2. Not compatible with latex

Similarly-salacious material


  1. Is it weird that I feel a strange satisfaction in that picture of the bloody dildo? Sort of like “Oh good, it’s not just me that jacks off internally during my period and screw the mess, I need this.”

  2. Sliquid Sassy is my all time fav lube tbh. It’s a bit thicker than the H20, last pretty long imo, and can be used anally and with bigger toys without having to have another (thicker/cushiony) lube on hand. I also really liked Spunk’s Hybrid Lube when I tried it about 2 years ago but I personally find the white coloring of it to be really weird and it just didn’t last as long for me.

    Also: Dr.Bronners Liquid Castile Soap in peppermint is a godsend. Probably the only thing that isn’t bleach that gets ass stink out of silicone toys (cause even nonporous toys from Tantus is susceptible to the dreaded ass stink). It’s also great for menstruation stains!

  3. I’m a fan of boiling all toys that can be boiled – from time to time. Could you riddle me this: why, if the We Vibe attachments (the Pleasure Mates) are 100% silicone, can they not be boiled? I took your advice and got one to use as a what-the-Evi-should-have-been, but I’d like to be able to use it on a partner. I’m not sure I’m comfortable sharing it if a) it can’t be used with a condom; and b) it can’t be boiled.


  4. Dude, cast a gold dick from Exotic Erotics. They’re top of the market in indie pigment mixing

  5. Huh, interesting about the soap. I don’t want to have to keep any bleach in my house because of a nosy dog and the questioning my housemate will no doubt give me.

  6. I haven’t attempted to boil mine but where did you see the boil warning? Is it in the manual? I have to wonder if they apply the warnings over all their toys in case there are mechanical parts that could be destroyed.

  7. As much as I am wary of the quality of what they produce and the company itself, I have done a quick burn test on the pipedream fetish fantasy silicone ball gag – I’ll test the material a little more scientifically someday, but it does appear to be silicone and not something else or a mix of things.

    I opted for it over the others due to the fact the side pieces are silicone rather than feeding leather/pu through the centre of the ball (and unfortunately the tantus style causes me problems with jaw fatigue/cramping). On the other hand I have a feeling that I could perhaps bite through the silicone side pieces with this pipedream one which is potentially really bad too…

  8. I like Sliquid Sea. It’s a bit thicker than standard Sliquid so it’s better for anal play or very textured toys.

  9. Seconding this. One of EE’s human life casts in gold would be excellent. If you’re going for god-like proportions, pick Howard.

  10. Oh good 🙂 I figured/hoped that might be the case, otherwise there’d be something suspect about their material~

  11. 1. I now find myself wanting to add a gold dildo to my collection. Thanks. 😛

    2. Original non-silicone head Hitachi is the wooorst for periods (or if you’re me when your body plays that fun trick where you are so sure it’s done but oh wait, wait here’s some more blood and cramps too! My poor magic wand…). Seriously discussed this with friends. Between the damn groove on that head and the slight tdxture, ugh. Of course the original magic wand head tends to inevitably discolor and stain somehow no matter what eventually. But mine is a little bit pink… Rocks through clothes though, for sure. And I’m sure the new rechargeable one with the silicone head eliminates the stain problem altogether. Worth the extra bucks for that alone probably.

    3. Damn it do almost all the Sliquids have citric acid then? I still don’t know if it’s the citric acid or perhaps the aloe but I’ve got an absolutely massive damn bottle of Sliquid Organics and the hellish vulva burn it gives is alarming. I need to gift it to a friend or something because such a big bottle and I just thought for sure it would work but yep, I have to be the freak who flipping has a severe reaction to Sliquid. So meh, don’t go buying that massive bottle the first time, don’t do it. I’m still on a quest for the perfect lube.

  12. That’s good to know – the manual for the Dusk and Glow attachments specifically say “do not boil”. I figured I might bend that rule, but then watched one of Sunny’s review videos and she stressed that the attachments can’t be shared because they can’t be boiled…and I was kind of bummed.

    If you have a hotline to We-Vibe, ask them to update this information, willya? Mine was a gift, but I would have not bought it based on not being able to boil it.

  13. Yes, it’s in the manual for the each of the two attachments. The manuals only cover the attachment itself (Tango has a separate manual), so there was no ambiguity.

  14. I’m very sensitive to aloe but have had good luck with Sliquid Silk, which is the only Sliquid I’ve tried so far. My aloe lube experience was Aloe Cadabra, but I can’t even use aloe after a sunburn unless I want the burn to sting even more, lucky me. After that, now my boyfriend is sure to get my input before trying a new lube! Anyway, I’d say give one of the others a shot before writing off the entire Sliquid line. But maybe get a little bottle or a sample to be on the safe side. 🙂

  15. It does seem that all water-based and hybrid Sliquid lubes have citric acid in them; it’s their preservative. You might be reacting to the aloe, or one of the other natural additives in the Organics line, or the citric acid. If you want to try some good water-based lube devoid of citric acid or aloe, I’d suggest trying Hathor. It does have ascorbic acid, though, which can also be an irritant. Sounds like lube samples will be veeeery important for you!

  16. More accurately, she knows I prefer to avoid bleach for most applications, so she might wonder why I have it. And she’s generally nosy lol

  17. On the other hand, I have recently actually had to use bleach to clean some nasty stuff old stuff around the house, so that’s a thing (I get really paranoid about using things with strong fumes 🙁 )

  18. Yeah, generally an ACV solution is safer, but of course there are times when bleach is needed.

  19. I’m about 90% sure I’ve had problems with initial burning from some Sliquid varieties, too, so you’re not alone. FWIW, I’m pretty sure at least one of the problem formulations *was* either the regular Organics or the Organics gel. If you can get a sample pack or small bottle of the Sassy variety, my body seemed to be OK with that, so maybe it’d work for you?

    Based on my experience, I would say you *might* want to avoid Wicked’s Toy Lube as well. The ingredients are relatively body-safe for most people afaict, but it seems to be slightly irritating for my body in particular.

    Aloe Cadabra’s vanilla works fine for me but obviously if what you’re reacting to is the aloe that’s a NOOOOOOOO, and WaterSlide didn’t have a problem that I can recall as far as burning while using it but is thin enough to not be my preference consistency-wise.

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