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Will Write for Dildos: How and Why Companies and Reviewers Should Work Together

Panelists: Epiphora (blogger/reviewer), Jenna Clark (marketing coordinator at Tantus), Lorax of Sex (blogger/reviewer), Krista Arendsen (social media marketing executive at Lovehoney US)

Always relevant:

Companies that know how to use Twitter properly: Early to Bed, TantusTool Shed Toys, Smitten Kitten, Come As You Are

Toys not to request when you first approach a company: njoy Eleven, Fun Factory Stronic Eins

This article is a lie: “How To Make $39,000 By Testing Sex Toys At Home

Sample email to company:

Hello! My name is [name], and I run a sex toy review blog at [URL]. [reason you like the company], and I was wondering if you ever send out any products for review. [reason you are cool, ex: I’ve been reviewing for 3 years; I’m very quick at turning around reviews; my reviews are thorough; my readership is big]. I’m particularly interested in trying the [toy name], but I’m open to other products as well. Is this a possibility at all? Either way, thank you for your time!

The sorts of redonk emails I receive, offering me janky shit, “free content,” or better yet, “exposure.” Don’t go for it, guys.

Examples of good sex toy reviews:

Never agree to let a company “proofread” your review. Here’s why. Also relevant: can online reviewers be sued for defamation?

Toys I requested knowing I’d hate themJopen Intensity, PicoBong KikiSynergy Pleasure System, iVibe Massager phone app

Examples of painfully indifferent reviews (they are boring as fuck, no?): Love Style Glass Lotus, NobEssence Delve

Companies with good affiliate programs: Early to BedCrystal DelightsLELOGoodVibesLovehoney USLovehoney UKSexToyFleshlight (see a longer list of programs to join here)

Believe it or not, this negative review totally resulted in sales: Lovehoney Flash

Why I’ll throw a tantrum if you send me a pink toy.

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