Oh, you’d like to put a banner linking to me on your site? You are so sweet!

To add an image to your site, save the banner of your choice and upload it either to your server (preferable) or to an image hosting service (like TinyPic, although a lot of them have dumb rules against “adult content”). Then use the following HTML to insert it, replacing URL with the direct URL of the image file.

<a href=""><img src="URL" title="Hey Epiphora | Where sex toys go to be judged"></a>


150 x 150

125 x 125

100 x 100

125 x 75

125 x 75 (no slogan)

250 x 100

470 x 80

200 x 200

200 x 300

300 x 250

1027 x 678 (scales down well)

/* ]]> */