Sneak peek at the new Tantus Curve

Sneak peek at the new Tantus Curve

As a graduation present to myself, I ordered two dildos from Tantus’ closeout section: the Twist and the Acute (at amazing prices, by the way). Imagine my surprise when I opened my package from Tantus to discover not two, but three dildos! Acute (blush), Twist, Curve Inside there was a message about the third dildo, a brand new and unreleased Tantus dildo called the Curve. It is coming out in June, which is apparently right around the corner, though it doesn’t feel like it. Metis Black, the president of Tantus, added it to my package out of the kindness of her heart. I’m pretty speechless, so instead of blabbing about it, I’m going to just show off this awesome new . . . read more

The spirit of sex bloggers

It’s been snowing like mad out here, and my Christmas festivities have been delayed for a few days. Today was going to be just another day… until I checked my inbox and saw the best surprise ever: someone bought me the Fascinator Throe off my gift registry. I was amazed. I posted my plea just last night, late last night, and hadn’t even tweeted about the entry. I figured it wouldn’t get much traffic anyway, as a lot of people are busy celebrating the holidays. And, needless to say, I doubted anyone was willing to fork over $85 just for me. But yet again, I am floored by the unwaveringly compassionate and giving spirit of sex bloggers. I think this . . . read more

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