Sex in a Can

Hell Yes: Jack's Soda Sex in a Can

Hell Yes: Jack’s Soda Sex in a Can

These cuties would like you to drink their sodas, if you know what they mean… heh, heh… Even though my boyfriend wasn’t a huge fan of his Sex in a Can series Fleshlight — the Succu Dry — I’m still giggling like a schoolgirl over this new, gay-oriented Sex in a Can series, Jack’s Soda. It’s just so bright and playful! And campy; I mean, fruit sodas… for gay men. The “flavors” are Cherry Pop, Banana Cream, and Gape Soda. Oh yes, they went there. And the semen splatters seem oddly at home among the fruits… I think I’m in love with this series because it reminds me of silly childhood things, like smelly markers, xylophones, and Lisa Frank. That’s right . . . read more

Review: Succu Dry Fleshlight

Review: Succu Dry Fleshlight

Ever since the line of Sex in a Can Fleshlights came out, I’ve wanted to snag one for my boyfriend. I figured, since he loves his original Fleshlight, he’d clearly love a shrunken version. With teeth. And pale skin. And a fang-like texture on the inside. Yeah, I know. I was asking for it. The Succu Dry is shaped like an energy drink, but it certainly won’t pass for one — it’s bigger and, uh, has an intense vampire woman on the front. It says “1 pint” on it, but if it were actually a drink, it would be more like 20 or 22 ounces. It’s smaller than regular Fleshlights, of course, but due to the label, it’s far more . . . read more

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