Write me a postcard


Did you acquire a toy that I recommended and love it? Did you fail to heed my advice on a terrible toy only to realize you should have? Then you are eligible to write a blurb for my Postcards from the Peanut Gallery feature!

Postcards from the Peanut Gallery is the only feature on my site that could be considered “guest posting.” As such, I am very picky about what I’ll accept for it. Be forewarned, sending me a Postcard does not guarantee that I will publish it.

If you do decide to undertake this mission, I’ve come up with a few tips you should follow:

  • Limit yourself to less than 350 words, plz.
  • You don’t need to describe the toy or its functions (I already did that in my review) — just tell about your experience with it.
  • If you particularly agree or disagree with something I wrote in my review, do tell!
  • If you’ve found an interesting way to use the toy that I didn’t mention in my review, do tell!
  • Don’t violate these rules, OR ELSE.
  • I would love a photo of your toy if you can take one.
  • Let me know which name you’d like me to refer to you as, your pronouns, and if you want me to link to your site (if you have one), send me the URL.

And of course, check out the other Postcards from a Peanut Gallery for an example of what makes the cut.

Send your postcards to hey.epiphora [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

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