Jul 062017
Announcing the Amplified Voices Sex Blogger Scholarship!

Hi! Me again! Today I am using exclamation points a lot because I’m so excited to announce this thing! Remember how I’m teaching an online sex blogging class this fall with my good friend JoEllen Notte? WELL, thanks to several amazing companies, we are offering six individual scholarships to the class, which will be held online from September 1st through October 20th. Yes, six, thanks to the generosity of Early to BedFuzeWe-VibeDameCrystal Delights, and OhMiBod.

Our aim with this scholarship is to amplify the voices of people who have, in the past, been under-represented in sex blogging. [. . . read the rest]

Jun 292017
Review: Wish

There’s a common piece of sex advice, an old sex educator adage usually aimed at people wanting to please vulvas: “consistency is key, especially when someone is nearing orgasm. If your partner implores you not to stop, DEAR GOD DO NOT CHANGE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. NOW IS NOT THE TIME.”

You never want your partner to be that guy. But the We-Vibe Wish is that guy. The Wish is the guy who thinks this advice doesn’t apply to him, because he has this one technique that the ladies go wild for, that gives them screaming orgasms 100% of the time, and you just don’t know how good it could be unless he bestows his gifts upon you.  [. . . read the rest]

Jun 192017
The secret truth about sex toy reviewing

“Holy shit, you masturbate for a living?!”

This is how people often respond when I tell them what I do, and honestly, I can’t blame them. On the surface, “sex toy tester” sounds like a dream job. “You’re so lucky!” they exclaim. “You get paid to orgasm!” But this is an oversimplification — and it starts to get annoying after a while. Aside from dismissing all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a blog, it glosses over the aspects of this job that are less than idyllic.

While being a sex toy reviewer is definitely more fun than most jobs and has its fair share of perks,1 there are a number of drawbacks too. [. . . read the rest]

Jun 072017
Hell Yes: We-Vibe delves into cock rings and butt plugs

Progress is slow, yet quick.

I’ve had this sex blogging gig long enough to have been around when the first rechargeable cock ring was released, and while a handful more have cropped up throughout the years (oh and never forget the LELO Pino, more known for its sleazy marketing tactics than its functionality), there haven’t been a ton of new rechargeable rings.

Then suddenly, in a flurry, We-Vibe has released three new toys: the Pivot ($109), Verge ($119), and Ditto ($129). Two cock rings, one butt plug. All rechargeable. All app-responsive. Probably, knowing We-Vibe, all equipped with kickass rumbly motors?! [. . . read the rest]

Jun 012017
Sex toy news: a pint-sized Doxy and devil horn cervix ticklers

We-Vibe is making cock rings! And a butt plug! All of ’em are app-compatible, which makes a lot of sense for toys that get all up in your genitals’ business. Rumbly vibrations, too, I bet. Gooood.

How truly majestic is this new uncut dildo from New York Toy Collective? And I thought Carter was beefy — this toy is 2.5″ in diameter! In keeping with their “let’s name sex toys after people” theme, it is called… Leroy. Yeah. Well.

I’m having some conflicted feelings about the Womanizer 2GO. I’m not a lipstick person at all, but the idea of a smaller, less potato-shaped Womanizer does appeal to me. [. . . read the rest]

May 222017
Calling aspiring sex bloggers: my online class is back!

Do you dream of becoming a sex blogger — or becoming a better sex blogger? Like the idea of an intensive online class to kick your ass into gear? Prefer pajama pants to actual pants?

Perfect, because I’m teaching my popular online sex blogging group class again this fall, with my good friend and expert sex writer JoEllen Notte! We’re offering early bird pricing of $100 off through the end of May (with payment plans available), and — get this — we’ve expanded it into a six-week long class! September 1st through October 20th, we’ll gather virtually with our students for six weeks of camaraderie and critique. [. . . read the rest]

May 092017
The Coming Out Interviews, pt. 1: Mom, I'm queer

I’ve had to come out to my parents more than once. When I was 14, I wrote them a letter confessing that I was in love with my female best friend. Almost exactly 5 years ago, I revealed that I was a sex blogger. Then, a little while later, I told them I was non-monogamous and introduced them to my girlfriend, Aerie. (My other partner is my boyfriend of 12 years.)

While some parents might begrudgingly acknowledge these identities, my parents go beyond that. My mom, in particular, is remarkable. She doesn’t realize how radical it is for her to embrace who I am with not just acceptance, but active encouragement and genuine love. [. . . read the rest]

Apr 282017
Review: Charged Positive and Vooom

Screaming O is not a high-end sex toy company, or at least they didn’t used to be. They’re more known for inexpensive cock rings, cheapo finger vibes, toys shaped like lipstick and mascara, the pussy snorkel, and the deeply unfortunate OBOB Battery-Operated Boyfriend — a vibrator that literally resembles a cartoon person with a winking emoticon face and crossed arms (more like Battery-Operated Mansplainer, am I right?).

All of this is to say, I’ve never willingly tried any Screaming O products until now. But they’ve also never made rechargeable toys until now. The times they are a-changin’, and now even pussy snorkel peddlers are dabbling in luxury toy-making. [. . . read the rest]

Apr 242017
Jack-off Journal #21

June 16, 2016

Gold-star multi-tasking today: I alternate between jacking off and watching just-released Big Brother cast interviews. (I have to form judgments on the contestants for a fantasy league I participate in, because I have quality taste in both television and extracurricular activities.)

I’m flipping between the LELO Siri 2, LELO Lily 2, and We-Vibe Touch in order to answer an email about how they compare… and you know, blasphemous as it is to say, the Lily 2 is a pretty solid toy. It has a much more robust motor than days of old, so it’s even a bit more powerful than the Touch — more vibration in my fingers, though. [. . . read the rest]

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