Sex toy sales, deals, and promos


Sex toy sales, deals, and promos

Rabidly researched and continually updated, this page rounds up the best sex toy sales and deals of the moment from my favorite shops and manufacturers. Follow me on Twitter for real-time sale alerts.

Ongoing coupon codes:

I always have Epiphora-specific coupon codes for you! Use code EPIPHORA to get:

Asterisks represent the sites that tend to have the best, ever-changing deals.

Sex toy shops:

Sex toy manufacturers:



I am hopelessly enamored by SheVibe, where not only are they sweethearts, but they constantly have incredible deals and promos available for your consumption! Check out my landing page for my top toy picks there. Here’s the latest:

Summer clearance at SheVibe with up to 40% off!

SheVibe's clearance section has great deals on sex toys!

It’s always worth checking out SheVibe’s hot deals & promos page. You can often find really great deals there! Check out current sales, or scroll down for clearance items.

Lovehoney (UK, US, Australia, and beyond!)

Get 15% off sitewide at Lovehoney!

Lovehoney is the premiere international sex toy retailer! Because I love you, you can always get 15% off your order at Lovehoney. Get the discount automatically by visiting my landing page (which also lists my favorite toys!), or input the code EPIPHORA here. Those links should take you to the Lovehoney site closest to your location, but if not, try these: UK, USCanada, EUAustralia, New ZealandGermany, and France.

Lovehoney’s deals change so often and are so numerous that it’s hard for me to keep up with them here. SO, click on this banner to see what’s kicking currently:

Sales at Lovehoney

Only on Lovehoney US and UK, check out their additional sale page, with up to 75% off, all with free shipping, and Lovehoney UK’s Deal of the Day which changes — you guessed it — daily.

Come As You Are (Canada)

Fabulous Canadian indie sex shop Come As You Are has a sale section on their site. You can subscribe to their email newsletter to get free Canadian shipping. (P.S. find a list of my favorite toys available on CAYA right here!)

Peepshow Toys

Get 10% off at Peepshow Toys with code EPIPHORA

You can also always get 10% off sitewide at Peepshow Toys with code EPIPHORA. Also, visit Peepshow Toys’ “hot deals” page to see their current sale(s!)

I’m really into Peepshow’s curated selection; they stock a lot of my favorite things including the limited edition Splendid Piph, my two favorite Hitachi attachments, the LELO Ella, Leaf Life, and the NobEssence Seduction and Romp.

Spectrum Boutique

Spectrum Boutique — 10% off with code EPIPHORA

Spectrum Boutique is a hip, modern Detroit-based online sex shop dedicated to body-safe toys and radical inclusion. With a curated selection of products (they stock many of my favorite things!) and a refreshing lack of gendered language, their site is a haven of sex-positivity.

Get 10% off your order at Spectrum Boutique with code EPIPHORA.

Early to Bed

Early to Bed — 10% off with code EPIPHORA

You can always get 10% off at indie sex shop Early to Bed with code EPIPHORA. See my top picks from them right here. Early to Bed stocks some great stuff you can’t find most places, like the Flutter AttachmentStone Egg, and Bro Sleeve 2.0.

Good Vibes

$20 off orders over $99 at Good Vibes and Babeland thru 9/16!

GoodVibes sales & deals

You can always check GoodVibes’ sales and deals section for goodies. Need some suggestions for what to get? These are my favorite toys.


$20 off orders over $99 at Babeland and Good Vibes thru 9/16!

Babeland has a sales page that they update regularly. Get up to 70% off staff picks, clearance items, and more! Wondering what to get? Check out my favorites.

Smitten Kitten

Smitten Kitten

Do you love progressive, indie sex shops? Get 20% off your order at Minneapolis-based Smitten Kitten with code HEYEPIPHORA. Free shipping on orders $75+! Feminist to the core and fiercely committed to body-safe toys and accessibility, the selection at Smitten Kitten is incredible. See my toy picks right here.


25%+ off specific sex products in Stockroom's Deal of the Day

Stockroom’s ever-changing Deal of the Day is sort of like Woot! for sex toys. They also have a clearance section worth visiting!


Tantus Grab Bag: super discounted silicone sex toys!

Tantus has a fun Grab Bag section, where you can get highly-discounted toys in surprise (and unique!) colors. Current standouts? The Ripple Small ($27), a fantastic introduction to anal beads.

While you’re at it, check out this list of my favorite Tantus toys!


15% off at LELO with code 15EPIPHORA

Whenever you want, get 15% off sitewide at LELO with code 15EPIPHORA. My all-time fave is the Mona 2 (my review). I also love the Mia 2 (my review), Siri 2 (my review), and the Luna Beads (my review). More of my faves are compiled here.

Crystal Delights

Labor day special! 30% off your order at Crystal Delights, plus a free Mystery Box toy with orders over $75, through 9/2 with code CDAA19S.

$15 off Epiphora's Exclusive Twist or Star Delight glass dildos at Crystal Delights

Do you, as I do, love swanky yet functional glass dildos? Then you should pick up the beautimous Epiphora’s Exclusive Star Delight or Epiphora’s Exclusive Twist with glacier blue aqua Swarovski crystal (a color not currently used in any Crystal Delights toys), $15 off with code EECD! These gorgeous dildos are two of the best I’ve ever tried, and definitely my favorite glass dildos.

Use code EECD to get $15 off either of these dildos!

Fun Factory

Get 10% off your purchase at Fun Factory with code EPIPHORA!

What should you get? Well, my landing page at Fun Factory has the details. I loooove the Stronic G and Surf, as evidenced in my reviews of ’em. Their Bootie is my all-time favorite silicone anal plug, I enjoy the odd sensations of the Bouncer and B Ball Uno, and the Tiger G5 and Big Boss G5 are impressively powerful vibrators for your money. Fun Factory also makes menstrual cups, which I reviewed here.


Get 5% off We-Vibe toys with code EPIPHORA

Get 5% off your order on their website anytime with code EPIPHORA!

We-Vibe makes bomb-ass vibrators such as the tiny but mighty Tango (my review), all-around great Touch (my review), ergonomic rabbit Nova (my thoughts), versatile G-spottin’ Rave (my review), and hands-free orgasm-inducing Pleasure Mates (my review).


Buy 2 Fleshlight sleeves, get one free!

Fleshlight is having a buy 2, get 1 free sale on their original (pink) sleeves! That’s three sleeves for $99! Go to this page to choose your orifices and internal textures!


10% off at Sliquid with code EPIPHORA

Sliquid is my favorite lube BY FAR. Get 10% off your order in their shop with code EPIPHORA.

Twisted Monk

$10 off orders over $75 at Twisted Monk with code EPIPHORA

Twisted Monk is the the most trusted name in bondage rope. They make classic hemp rope, as well as exotic ropes such as bamboo, silk, cotton, SPARKLE, and electro-conductive. Their site is a wonderland of rope kits, accessories, and educational materials. I love their Curiosity Candles for wax play, too. Get $10 off orders $75+ with code EPIPHORA.

Twisted Monk Color of the Month bondage rope

Also, visit this page on Twisted Monk’s site to see their special limited edition rope, including Color of the Month! It’s always beautiful and once it’s gone each month, it’s gone forever.

Dame Products

Get 10% off at Dame with code EPIPHORA

Get 10% off at Dame with code EPIPHORA.


SelfDelve fruit- and vegetable-shaped sex toys and more!

Might I interest you in a fruit- or vegetable-shaped sex toy? That’s the domain of German company SelfDelve. They make 100% silicone dildos shaped like corn, bananas, picklescarrots, cucumberseggplants, and asparagus, and more. Some of their toys even use thermochromic pigments, so they change color with temperature. See this in action on a banana dildo here.

Use code EPIPHORA for 5% off your order at SelfDelve.

Hole Punch Toys

Get free U.S. shipping at Hole Punch Toys with code EPIPHORA

Get free U.S. shipping at Hole Punch Toys with code EPIPHORA.

This little operation in Saint Paul, Minnesota, makes hand-poured silicone sex toys in fantastical shapes, such as carrot and radish butt plugs, popsicle dildosice cream anal toysrocket ship strap-ons, and even a dildo shaped like a wine bottle. I reviewed their stuff here, crowning the Ass Cram Cone my favorite (for vag cramming).

Split Peaches

Split Peaches

Need a dildo shaped like a unicorn horn? Split Peaches has you covered! This little USA-based operation makes platinum cure silicone toys in an array of shapes, textures, and colors. Get 15% off your order with code EPIPHORA.

LuzArte (formerly Jollies)

Get 15% off at LuzArte (formerly Jollies) with code EPIPHORA

LuzArte is the manufacturer of amazing Jollies toys like the Jollet. Use code EPIPHORA at check-out to get 15% off your entire order from their store, which offers dildos with custom items embedded in them (!!!) as well as bath products and silicone cannabis accessories.

Gorge Ohwell (maker of the cheeseburger ball gag)

Get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA at Gorge Ohwell, makers of the glorious Silencing Slider cheeseburger ball gag.


Free lube with purchase at Minna with code EPIPHORA

In the market for an Ola, Limon, or kGoal? Get free organic lube with your purchase at Minna with code EPIPHORA.

Web hosting

If you’re looking to start up a sex blog (or any type of blog or website), I highly recommend my host, DreamHost! They’re cool with adult content, have great support, plus they offer free privacy protection with any domain! I use their robust DreamPress service, which also includes automatic daily back-ups and a faster server.

25% off HostGator hosting with coupon code HEYEPIPHORA

HostGator is a good budget option, and they also allow adult content. You can always get 25% off HostGator hosting with coupon code HEYEPIPHORA.

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