It’s like This American Life, but with orgasms.

Sex blogger field notes: audio journal. Cassette player lying in the grass, surrounded by sex toys and Epiphora-labeled cassette tapes.
Today I’m releasing exclusive tapes from last month’s masturbatory adventures. These are my intimate audio notes from out in the field — 31 days of squirting, porn-ogling, blogging, and all manner of indecent sex acts. Think of it as an aural captain’s log, or a very unusual podcast. It’s like This American Life, but with orgasms. These recordings take you inside my... Keep Reading

A guide to low-effort vibrators and comfort dildos for trying times.

Sex toys getting me through the pandemic
The pandemic has been a whole new time of giving-zero-fucks, and for me that’s looked like a sort of survivalist hedonism. I’ve been reaching for comfort sex toys, proven winners, rather than toys I’m indifferent toward or feel obligated to test. This is what I call “recreational masturbation,” and I need it. It’s my middle finger to capitalism — and a love... Keep Reading
The party would change my life, but I didn’t know it yet. I went to the wrong house at first. Google Maps failed me and I knocked on someone else’s door, dressed up and nervous, with a heavy bag of sex toys slung over my shoulder. When I peeked inside the front window, all I saw was an empty living room and a TV. No babes, no party. Amping myself up to go to a play party had already been […]... Keep Reading

Favorite sex toys EVER

I’ve put hundreds of things on/in/around my genitals, so it means a lot to make it here.

Greatest hits

I’m sure my writing teachers are very proud.

Jimmyjane Little Chroma on top of my blender.
The Jimmyjane Little Chroma is a scam. Not like your “friend” emailing you in distress because they’re stranded in London. Not like replying to a... Keep Reading
The Je Joue SaSi is a few years old now, but it’s still often touted as one of the most innovative sex toys on the... Keep Reading
Hot Octopuss Queen Bee oscillating rechargeable vibrator on a yellow polka dot plate.
Me, masturbating: uh, don’t mind me, I’m just over here jamming this ugly-ass hairbrush-lookin’ thing against my vulva in a feeble attempt to orgasm. And I’m... Keep Reading