A decade of sex blogging

How my job as a sex toy reviewer changed my life — and what it taught me about masturbation, sex, friendship, and intimacy.

The cliché is true — it feels like just yesterday and like forever ago. This week marks 10 years since I first published a review of a sex toy on the internet.

It was fall 2007, my junior year of college. That summer, I’d moved out of the dorms and into my first apartment. I was 20 years old, almost 21. If you’d asked me what my career was going to be, I would’ve hesitated and posited, “…writer? I hope?” A cautious optimism underneath which lied a practical fear. A fear that I could never make a living with writing, that I’d end up in an office job, probably, and that the only skill I’d spent my life cultivating would eventually be relegated to a hobby. It was just a matter of when.

But life doesn’t always go the way you think it will, even if you have little perception of how it will.

When you go to college, “sex blogger” isn’t exactly presented as a potential career option. I majored in English, having scant other abilities aside from writing. Bless my liberal arts education, though, which forced me to take Gender Studies classes. I came alive in those classes. I became a different person — a better, more aware person. I wrote a paper about sex toy usage. I shot a low-budget sex ed video for a feminist theory course.1 For a big research project, I remember driving all around town asking sex shops if they stocked various porn DVDs. I was looking for films that had won Feminist Porn Awards, which I then meticulously analyzed for markers of degradation and intimacy.

It was with this budding interest in sexuality that I stumbled upon a call for toy reviewers on a retailer’s website. A total fluke, but the timing was right. It sounded like a fun diversion from the tedium of academia, a good way to experience sex toys without having to pay for them, and a more relaxed form of writing than the stuffy papers I was churning out. I signed up.

My vagina wasn’t as all-knowing then as it is now. In fact, it knew very little. Growing up, I got my orgasms from the bathtub faucet, then a few questionable sex toys. I remember the sense of scandal I felt as I went to my college mailroom to pick up my first real vibrator. I hadn’t had penetrative sex yet, and wouldn’t for several months more. Although I’d been dating my boyfriend for over two years, I had been brainwashed by abstinence-only sex ed. I was overly scared about getting pregnant, concerned it was going to hurt.

Like anyone new to sex toys, I bought into myths that quickly proved false. That wooden toys would give me splinters, that everything needed to vibrate in order to be worthwhile. I made excuses for arguably shitty products. I thought toxic toys weren’t a big deal. Once, embarrassingly, I complained that a glass dildo felt uncomfortable when I used it UNDERWATER. I referred to my genitals as my “pussy” because I felt like that was expected of me.

Basically, I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.

But do any of us, really, at the beginning of anything? I’ve waffled on whether to count that year of reviews pre-blog, never sure whether I’ve been doing this for 9 years now or 10, but you know what? That year mattered. As bad as those reviews are, they were necessary. They were inevitable, unavoidable. I cringe at them now, but there’s a certain adorable cluelessness within them.

As I reviewed more and more, I began pondering the idea of starting my own blog. I’d always figured sex blogging wasn’t for me — I didn’t have hot sex stories to share with the world; my writing does not aim to titillate. But maybe I could do it my way? Focus on straightforward reviews of sex toys?

I’ll try it, I thought. See how it goes.

Just a hobby: the early years

I started my blog in fall 2008. I connected with a few companies who were willing to send me toys for review and procrastinated from my homework by masturbating. I filled my purple toybox with vibrators. I made online friends and watched porn with them. All the while I wrote into the abyss, about futuristic cock ringspornstars and politics, sex toy shamingmansplainers.

Me at a coffee shop, just a couple months after I started reviewing.
Working in bed, surrounded by cats.

Blogging wasn’t paying the bills, but I never thought it would. I made a grand total of $3.99 in my first year, from affiliate links in my reviews. About a penny per day.

While blogging gave me an outlet for my writing and my opinions, sex toys were teaching me what my body was capable of. After many months of painful penetration, my steadfast dedication to reviewing insertable toys was paying off. The G-spot, that fabled thing, actually existed. One night, as I was testing a dildo with a unique flat tip, a new sensation began to develop in my body. I felt like I needed to pee.

Without the internet and my immersion in the sex toy world, I would not have known what to do with that feeling. I would’ve ignored it, probably, or attempted to stave it off. Instead, I knew it was a precursor to squirting. I thrust harder with the dildo, and sure enough: I gushed all over the towel under me.

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my G-spot.

Sex toy reviewing pushed me, challenged me, encouraged me to venture outside my comfort zone. I tried anal play, kegel exercise, cock rings, all kinds of sex toy materials. I tested no-name toys and toys with cult followings. At that time, USB rechargeability was a new phenomenon, big sex toy manufacturers were just discovering silicone, and the Hitachi Magic Wand didn’t make sense to me. I watched porn that I wasn’t into and found other stuff that was hot as fuck.

Most notably, I conquered my largest dildo yet. My vagina had made great progress.

Sex toys taking over my desk, as I attempted to organize them. 2010.

Around this time, my few industry connections led me to meet with two local women who were opening a sex shop in my city. I pretended my minuscule blog was evidence of my qualifications, and they… believed me. I was hired part-time, despite having zero retail experience. I was their first employee.

It still seemed odd that anyone knew about my blog, let alone cared. But somehow they did. Sex educator Tristan Taormino came to town to teach and asked to have breakfast with me, wanting to hire me to handle her social media. I’ll never forget standing outside the restaurant at the end of our meeting. “You’re so much nicer in person!” she exclaimed.

I felt immeasurably complimented. Online, I could be myself. Just as honest and snarky as I truly am. I’m an introvert, and as a kid I was often described as “shy” — a word that masked my feisty, opinionated nature. Unlike in life, where I’d fumble over my words, online I could take my time and hone my phrasing. It was validating. It felt like home.

My blog was evolving, too, even if I couldn’t see it. In January of 2012, I looked back at my income spreadsheet from the previous year and realized something remarkable: I was making money with this gig. Not an astronomical amount, but enough to cover living expenses and food each month.

Could I do this… as a career?

The coming out era

My parents still didn’t know I was a sex blogger. I swear, it made sense at the time. Back when blogging was solely a hobby, it didn’t seem necessary to tell them. Besides, I feared my mom’s overzealous snooping. Part of me bought into our sex-negative culture, and I was convinced I didn’t want her reading intimate details about my vagina.

But I needed to tell them. So I finally built up the courage to do it.

Being completely honest with my parents gave me the confidence to put myself out there even more. In 2013 I traveled alone for the first time in my life, all the way to the east coast for a sexuality conference. I met people who, up until that moment, had only existed online. I introduced myself as Epiphora. I chatted with the man who made the best G-spot dildo, the woman behind one of my favorite companies. Having no idea what I looked like, many people told me they “pictured [me] goth,” which still cracks me up.

It was terrifying and it was wonderful.

Meeting people scared me, so I taught myself to do it anyway. At conferences, I perfected the art of luring strangers to my hotel room with promises of wine and camaraderie. Simply being in a hotel room with other sex bloggers was a revelation. It was like seeing old friends, even with folks I’d never met. We stayed up so late laughing and bonding. Sleep would mean less time with these amazing people; I couldn’t justify it.

Can I live in this moment forever? Girly Juice, Red Hot Suz, and I composing a tweet. Photo by Rae.
Can I live in this moment forever? Kate, Suz, and I composing a tweet. Photo by Rae.

My second conference was an even bigger turning point. I presented a panel to a standing-room-only crowd. I awkwardly ate sushi next to one of my favorite pornstars. After watching a riotous sex storytelling show, I hitched a ride home with none other than the legendary Midori. (I would’ve never had the balls to ask normally, but I was desperate not to get stranded in downtown LA.)

It all felt like a dream I’d stumbled into.

But it wasn’t a dream. I’d earned it. I’d written 500 blog posts, for god’s sake. There was rarely a day when I didn’t work on my blog. Over the years I’d become more business-minded: selling advertising on my site, utilizing affiliate links faithfully, promoting sales. The numbers couldn’t lie: 80% of my income came from my blog, and now it was exceeding my baseline cost of living by quite a lot. Sex blogging had become my job. My job job.

I was leveling up my sex toy experience, too. I began having more orgasms per masturbation session, laughing in the face of my refractory period. I learned more about my preferences — my clit is a lefty, I hate rabbit vibes, I prefer glossy silicone over matte. Rumbly vibrations are the best and straddling toys is the worst. “Couples” toys are almost always a mistake. The Hitachi is actually awesome.

Circle of laptops at #dildoholiday, with sex toys and cat in the middle.

Meanwhile, my circle of sex blogger friends was growing exponentially. Now I even had friends in my city. They’d come over to my apartment, drink rum mixed with orange juice, ride my Sybian, and talk shit about sex toy companies with me. We started taking short vacations together, filling our days with productive blog writing, photo-taking, and toy testing, and our nights with games, laughs, and bad sex documentaries. #dildoholiday became a tradition.

When the next conference rolled around, my friends and I decided to organize a small sex party. It was perfect timing, because I had my eye on a very cute fellow blogger named Aerie. In that hotel room, in front of our friends, we had sex for the first time. Playful, sweet, awkward, perfect sex.

Afterward, the whole room applauded us and one of my friends said, “um, I have something to tell you… I think you’re gay.”

Community, connection, and opening up

I’ve always been queer, but there were many years where that part of me fell by the wayside. It wasn’t on purpose — I started dating my boyfriend when I was still in high school, and monogamy was the default. But he knew I was attracted to everyone, and he knew I craved more diverse sexual experiences. After 8 years together, we decided to open our relationship.

Holding Aerie's hand at a restaurant in Las Vegas.

Aerie and I started dating and exploring together. It was like learning how to have sex all over again. Their vulva, and majestic labia, entranced me. Their fingers on my clit and against my G-spot were magical. I discovered how much I love dildo blowjobs, the sound and the view. I finally put my harness to good use. We traveled to AVN together, getting a taste of the ridiculous Vegas show we’d heard so much about.

Somehow, I came upon this thing called “financial security.” In 2014, thanks in large part to my blog’s success, my boyfriend and I bought a house. After 7 years of toiling at my desk in the living room of my apartment, I finally had the office of my dreams — and a closet dedicated to my sex toy collection.

With each toy, and each post, I evolved. I discovered hands-free orgasms and lube dispensers and allowed someone to control my vibrator from across the country. I bought a better camera and taught myself how to use it. I funneled my rage into posts about body-shaming marketingvibrating teddy bears, G-spot misinformation. Turns out, the Hitachi is life-changing… but “couples” toys are still a mistake.

I now fully believed in my work — and saw it as work. My writing was published in a book and I started teaching an online class for aspiring sex bloggers. Then, one night after I filmed my 2015 April Fool’s video, I was taking some selfies and looking cute when I spontaneously decided to put my face on the internet. There wasn’t much fanfare, nor did I want any. It was simple: anonymity was no longer serving me.

Table of dildos and laptops at #dildoholiday in Oregon.

That year marked the most epic #dildoholiday thus far, as a handful of sex bloggers rented a house on the Oregon coast. We taught each other blogging skills, blew our own glass dildos, ate pizza while making fun of Fifty Shades, and accumulated enough inside jokes to last a lifetime.

It was like any normal friend hangout, except for all the porn watching, side-by-side masturbating, pubic hair comparing, sex toy sharing, and late-night fingering.

Nothing about it felt weird. In fact, it felt revolutionary.

So when my co-workers invited me to a sex party the next year, I had precedent. I found myself in a circle of people, going around the room describing our desires, playing consent-based Spin the Lube Bottle. That night, I fisted someone for the first time, and it was one of the most incredible sexual experiences of my life. “You are a miracle!” I exclaimed as my entire hand disappeared into their vagina.

We all felt it that night: the transformative power of fucking your friends. We gave our group a name — the femme sex coven — and our parties have become a fixture of my sex life. Together, we are modeling radical consent, body positivity, and vulnerability. Eye contact. Cuddles and reassurance. Soft kisses and hard smacks. We are redefining the boundaries of friendship. We are showing each other unconditional love.

All roads lead to dildos

What would have been the trajectory of my life, if not for sex blogging? Who would I have been? I don’t have the faintest idea, and there’s no use guessing. This job has impacted everything, from my relationship to masturbation and sex to my bank account to the company I keep.

Outtake from my header image photoshoot. Sex toys all over my Throe.

After 10 years and a collection of over 600 toys, my vagina has become all-powerful and proudly picky. I know what I like and what I don’t — no more boring rod dildos for me, no more strapless strap-ons, no vibration patterns. Give me a goddamn G-spot curve or some texture, at least. Give me a good, simple vibrator. Don’t try to dictate when I can have my orgasms. Stop bugging my cervix. And for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t claim your sex toy is “the first ____” when it is definitely not. I’m too jaded for that shit.

Chowder making my life hard, as per usual.

As tough as this job can be, it is a job I carved out entirely for myself — and I’m proud to tell people what I do. I test sex toys and write about it, and somehow the world trusts my opinions enough to buy stuff, and somehow that earns me a comfortable living. I work from home, in pajama pants with a cat on my lap. I’m writing. I’m making money writing. The thing I thought impossible.

Sex blogging taught me to trust my opinions — and my body. And it brought me to all of you.

Every single person who has ever emailed me or messaged me on social media to thank me. Every person who has recognized me and said hello. My parents, whose pride in my blog continues to astonish and humble me. My friends, mentors, heroes. I can’t possibly name all the people who’ve influenced my journey as a blogger, and I realize what an enormous gift that is. So many times I’ve laughed until my cheeks hurt, until I cried, putting my head on the shoulder of the person next to me — a friend I would not have if not for this.

Thank you all.

  1. I’m still impressed with myself for convincing my professor that was a worthwhile final project.

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  1. As a long-time reader, I love this post so much. Congratulations on the milestone and the success! You’ve taught me so much and I blog today because of you. Thank you for being you. <3

  2. Very inspiring. Makes me want to take your class to learn your secrets. It’s oddly reassuring that despite your straightforward, no-nonsense attitude on your blog, that you started out shy. I’ve been reading on and off for some time. I think since around 2012-ish. I think I found you after they-who-shall-not-be-named crashed for the final time.

  3. I have followed you for a few years now. You have really shown me how to open up sexually and for that I am thankful. I am still learning, the ingrained shit our families fill us with is hard to throw off completely but I am getting there. The fact that your posts are so bloody hilarious is just another reason to love you!

  4. Congratulations on ten years of reviewing! My how the industry has changed over our years. I wish I had your positive attitude about my earliest reviews! I hate mine SO much. Can you imagine how different sex toys will be in 10 years? Will blogs still be relevant? It seems like a world I can’t imagine. Have loved seeing your life over the years and look forward to more!

  5. Ha, well, I think my early reviews are terrible but I also cut myself some slack because I knew nothing — both about toys themselves and about writing a good sex toy review.

  6. This was fantastic to read:)
    You really are an inspiration! Way to go and keep at it, I hope one day you will be a household name!

  7. The cupcake butt plug actually isn’t discontinued! The shop has been open on Etsy for a bit now!

    Also, happy ten years! Here’s to many more!

  8. Thanks Epiphora. Yours was one of the first blogs I encountered after I started buying sex toys about five months ago. I have mentioned your blog on toxic sex toys in my rave about wise sex toy bloggers and linked to you on Pinterest and Twitter. I loved reading how you started and progressed, and stuff about what you learned along the way. Happy Anniversary and keep on blogging for years to come!
    PS I love your feline friend “helping” you blog.
    Indie x

  9. You changed my life and helped me find myself in more ways than one. I will always be grateful to you, and look up to you as a role model. Thank you for being an awesome person all these years. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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  11. I can warmly recommend the class. I’m taking it now, in the middle of an incredibly stressful time of my life, and in addition to learning tons of useful stuff that I had not even realized is important, I can feel the support and camaraderie from both the teachers and my classmates helping me keep afloat. Epiphora and JoEllen rock! <3

  12. Congrats on ten years! Thank you for sharing all this… I love your blog, and you’re fucking inspiring. That is all. 😉

  13. Sharing in your antics, even as a passive reader, is exciting. I could never tire of hearing your perspective. When I get notification that you have a new post up. I’m here. Here’s to your 10 year anniversary and I hope you have 10 more!

  14. I’m merely, just one, of the undoubtable multitude of lives your work, here on this blog, has touched. It’s hard to sum up in the space of a comment how much your little corner of the internet has impacted my life. I found Hey Epiphora during a time of my life when things weren’t exactly the best. I knew I could always come here to take my mind off of the daily struggles. From there grew a desire to have a platform of my very own to reach out to other folks that may be struggling in their own way. Anyway, thanks for the laughs, the advice, and the inspiration!

  15. I started following a few years ago. I bought a couple toys based on your recommendations and love them, I’ve directed people to the blog when they’re looking for a toy, I learned about my body and toxic toys and it’s all because of your blog. Still haven’t squirted, but maybe it’ll happen once I grab the Pure Wand?

  16. Me: 57-years old, by appearance southern white male from a rural background.

    You: Someone whose word on sex toys is taken as gospel. Human sexuality has been a primary avocation for over 38 years now, and you are one of no more than 3 folks who review sex toys that I’m willing to just believe. Thank you.

  17. Jesus, is it ten years already?! Congratulations, Chick (and please, for the love of good dildos slow that time right down…)!
    Sapphic Sybian snogs,
    Mia x

  18. Thank you for all your testing and sharing and your story. You definitely made an impact on my life. Even though I haven’t really been active in the sex toy reviewing community in the last several years (so much life happened), you taught me so much about being a reviewer and I still value those lessons and use my tools of critical evaluation often. Because I found someone who inspired me to wholly embrace my interest in reviewing and exploring a world outside my own, I know myself so much better than before. And like you, my vag knows what it likes and won’t be bothered with the time-wasting of things I know I won’t like. And, after all this time, when I’m in the market for something new, I still return to your blog during my research phase of toy shopping. Thanks for all you’ve done and all you will do down the road!

  19. You ROCK! A friend showed me your blog back in 2012 and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. You’ve got an wonderful writing style and a flare for social media that makes your work a joy to read. I’m glad we have you to count on as someone who will challenge the status quo of the industry and always stand up for what you believe in! I for one can’t wait to see where you go from here! xoxo

  20. You’re awesome, thanks for all the work you put in helping us broaden our horizons. One of my closest friends directed me here and ever since then I’ve taken to sharing your blog every chance I get with friends, strangers, even ended up directing my sister here. It made for a pretty neat bonding experience and couldn’t have happened at a better time, right as she was getting into her first serious relationship (her partner is great and they are sickeningly cute together).
    I hope that I’ll be able to take your course on Sex Blogging sometime in the near future. Congratulations on a great run so far, looking forward to more. 😀

  21. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since you’ve been writing! I have to say, your blog helped me discover a passion for the sex toy industry, and if I didn’t have my day job, I would be tempted to try and either work for one of these companies (looking at you, She-Vibe, you’re about an hour away) or maybe starting my own business. One day maybe… current career would Not Allow this to occur unfortunately.

  22. I stumbled across you during a random google search for reviews on… I can’t even remember now. But I was immediately captivated by your wit, and started reading more and more of your reviews. Now it’s been years, and I can’t imagine my life without all the things I’ve discovered through you. Happy 10th sweetie. Here’s to the next 10.

  23. Thank you for running such an amazing blog. Your dedication and passion makes this such an enjoyable blog to come to. You’ve helped me so much over the years.

  24. I just started this journey in my country, Italy: it’s fun but it gets hard too sometimes. But with fiery examples as you and your girlfriends I feel less alone and a part of a great world-wide community. Congrats for your 10th anniversary!

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  29. This is a pretty awesome milestone! Congrats on doing such an awesome job for such a significant amount of time!

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  32. Just so many things your reviews have taught me…I couldn’t list them all!
    Most recently you’ve helped me in the direction of trowing away pads for periods…which I hope to do as soon as possible! Thanks again!

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    Mind you, that’s just products I bought. I’ve learned so much from reading your reviews, and gotten a lot of laughs. If I’m bored I tend to go back and read old reviews where you just tear into something terrible. It’s a great way to cheer myself up. So, congrats on 10 years and thanks for all the entertainment you’ve provided me in the time I’ve read your blog.

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  38. Dear Epiphora,

    I don’t know where my vagina would be without you. Well, I know where it would be anatomically, but not in terms of pleasure and satisfaction. Thank you so much from the bottom of my G-spot (which definitely does exist) for all of the cervix poking and various other genital discomforts (torture?) you have endured in vain for the sake of our orgasms.

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    I’ve been reading you for 2 years now, enjoying your funy, touching, nuanced, witty writing, and I’m loving the journey.
    Best memory? don’t know for sure but I was soooo happy to see the picture of all your bloody toys from a bleeding masturbation session, yay periode sex!!
    Very much hope to be there for the next decade 😉

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  46. Like all the greats, you make it look easy. Yet, the sheer thoroughness, descriptive quality, and just plain HUMANITY in your posts prove that it is not. Even though I feel the need to keep a lot of this close to the vest in my life, I’m so grateful to and inspired by your willingness to be open and generous where we usually hold back!

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  52. Thank you Epiphora, for all that you do. As someone who works in the adult industry as well, I know how complicated it can be to sometimes get the right information across without coming across as a know it all. But you do it so effortlessly, in a way everyone can comprehend and this matters. I am a trainer at my current position and I also have been teaching advanced sexual education seminars for a local college for a few years now. I recommend your blog to new employees and students because your information is honest, reliable, and consistent. For anything new that has come in, I look to you as one of my first resources and I trust your opinions. I reference you and I am grateful for the ability to do so. So keep on keepin on because a lot of us look forward to reading your blog!

  53. I don’t know how thoughtful this comment is, but I think what made me stick around this site after I first got here is because the way you write is just so engaging! Not only have I learned a lot, but you’re always entertaining about it all, and I never, ever get enough of your cats. 😀

  54. I’m so impressed at how much you’ve managed to achieve with this blog over ten years. I love it even more because you stuck at doing something that’s so far from a traditional job, and you made it work so so well. I’m trying to do a similar thing with art, and it gives me hope to see your work and your success. To another ten years!

  55. Wow, what a great 10 years you have of growth and an amazing blog! I’m astounded by the amount of sex toys you have.!

  56. Your posts have always had the right combination of thoughtful, social justice-minded analysis, technical knowledge, and incisive Real Talk (which is why your negative reviews are SO. MUCH. fun to read). Since I started reading, I’ve come out in various ways and transitioned, and as my identity and body have shifted, I’ve kept returning to read up on your opinions. =D

  57. Your photography (and dildo closet) are inspirations to me and your journey through all of this gives me so much hope. I’ve experienced my own similar paths in the sex toy world as well as learning about my own desires both in sexual terms and my relationships, and sometimes I feel very alone about it. You even inspired me to try to start writing again! It’s been a slow road, but I couldn’t have done it without you.

  58. Congratulations on 10 years! I’ve enjoyed getting to know your blog since I discovered it a few weeks ago. The stuff you write about sex toys is awesome, but the way you’ve built a career as a writer is equally awesome!

  59. Congrats on a decade! 1 decade ago, I was learning to sew on a machine and planning my future fashion line. Now I’m a geologist. Crazy how fast time moves!

  60. I come from a very sex-shaming, don’t-ask-don’t-tell, “don’t even THINK about it until you are married, then HAVE AT IT but don’t let on that you are”, masturbators-go-to-hell culture. When I got married, I suddenly realized how much I LOVE sex! But I was ashamed of it. Slowly, over the years, I have become more comfortable with my body and its needs, though I feel like I still have a long way to go. I just found your blog today (from someone sharing your giveaway) and have already read a bunch of reviews. I’m excited to say that this blog will be helping me reach the next step in my journey to having the sex life I want and feeling great about it! Thanks for all you do!

  61. This post is incredible and empowering–and that’s what your name has become synonymous with for so many people: empowerment.

  62. I read this in my inbox when it was first posted, but I gotta say, the cat pics add a whole ‘nother layer of charm. Congrats!

  63. Someone I’m no longer friends with linked me to you in roughly 2012 because I was looking for butt plugs that weren’t black. I’ve spent a lot of nights going through your backlogs and just reading all the information I can wrap my brain around because I’m a black hole for new knowledge. I wish I could write like you or just be as brave as you by sex blogging in general. Keep being awesome~

  64. I’m currently in the process of figuring out where I’m going with my life, both job-wise and everything else wise a couple years after college, and reading about you finding your way hit me really hard tonight. I’m currently in the middle of the interview process with a company for a job that is about a hundred miles outside my comfort zone but which I think might be really good? It’s pretty different from the path you took, but it’s really inspiring to be reminded that it’s possible to make stuff work even when it’s scary. Thank you again?

  65. Boy this was a journey of a read (and now to read the dozen or so linked posts I opened in others tabs)

  66. I love that you followed a passion and created a really neat job for yourself. I found myself super impressed with the idea of hiding tiny dildos and having Boris present that challenge- (I haven’t had a chance to look yet but) its a really fun challenge and must have been quite a lot of work. I appreciate your scientific rigor and tendency for strong feelings about toys. When I’m not just impulse buying, I appreciate consulting your wisdom and clever phrasing.

  67. This filled me with a lot of feelings. It’s been so great to see the industry change and develop, and seeing what you have to say about the weird and wild new things that are being invented!

  68. I’ve only stumbled across this blog about 2-3 years ago. Since then, I have more than quadrupled the amount of toys I own thanks to your reviews! I can’t imagine what my closet would look like had I found this 10 years ago….

  69. Reading your reflections always fills me with this sort of warm tingly feeling. It’s weird that I’ve followed your blog for so long! I’m not even sure when I started, but I’m really glad I did. You’ve changed the sex toy industry for the better in so many ways, and I can’t wait until you’re making your next anniversary post. Many more!

  70. It’s great to hear how far you’ve come, and I hope you keep blogging for years to come! I know this blog has been invaluable to me in exploring my sexuality, and I’m sure it has been to other people as well. Keep up the good work!

  71. My favourite thing is you talking about your old reviews and how far you’ve come on your vagina journey because honestly, #Relatable

  72. Reading this entry took me a good two hours clicking through most of your links, but that’s not a complaint! I enjoyed this journey from sex toy virgin/newb to connoisseur. Your blog is a go to resource for not only me, but my husband too. Thank you!

  73. Quite the journey. Congratulations on 10 years and best wishes for next 10 plus. I said somewhere else and will say it again, thanks.

  74. I’ve bought a good few toys based on your reviews (and many more on the wishlist!) and I can safely say they all changed my life for the better. Thanks for what you do.

  75. I just discovered you blog, but it already means so much to me! Keep it up, change people’s sex lives 🙂

  76. I’ve been quietly following your blog for a couple of years now. It’s such a useful and affirming resource for me, and I wish I was brave enough to recommend it to others more often. Thank you!

  77. Huge congrats on a decade of helping people be better informed and (in my case) more confident in the sex toy game. I used to be embarrassed about even talking about things like this, but now I’m more confident than ever, and have even referred some other people your way to help them make better sex toy decisions (read: to not buy crappy jelly products! Ick!). You rock Piph!

  78. Hi ! 😀
    I’m discovering you through this giveaway contest, it’s a great blog you have here, glad i found it ! ^^

  79. It’s been so much fun reading along with your testing (and it’s super fun when you hate something!) Thanks for everything!

  80. This is probably my favourite post of yours you’ve ever made. It’s really awesome seeing how far you’ve come, and it makes me feel hopeful about my future.

  81. I’ve been reading your blog for 5 years now and you have truly taught me so much about the world of toys and have brought the njoy purewand into my life (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) as well as the Mona2 and the Tantus Splash. My vagina thanks you immensely.

  82. This is amazing. I just discovered you, and am very, very new to sex toys. I’ve never even used any, although I would like to. I’m excited to go through and see what you’ve done!

  83. What I really enjoy about your blog is how easily your humour and sarcasm flow through the reviews. Many sex blogs, though generally informative, tend to be very dry. It’s not surprising if many people’s writing becomes rote and dry doing so many sex toy reviews (particularly because so many toys are pretty samey).

    However, I have never skimmed through your posts. They exude so much personality and craftsmanship that it’s a joy to get updates in my inbox. You show an additional passion to this work, with your writing skill uplifting the core content you put out.‎

  84. You were one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when I started my job at a local sex+ store. You are a blog I tots suggest to customers looking for good review sites.

  85. echoing former classmate and fellow blogger Backwoods Bedroom’s sentiments. you’ve been such an incredible inspiration during some of the more difficult times of my life. thank you for your commitment to this blog.

  86. So many years so many toys… so many fails. I just hope my vag isnt dead inside from all the wrong toys Ive been using

  87. This is my first time even reading of your blogs! and you definitely have a different eye for product review. keep it up! You seem to have came so far and gave a lot of insight to many people

  88. You have impacted my life in way more ways than I can pontificate on. I will always have a special place for you in my heart, and your recommendations have been the guiding force for what I have tried to put in my vagina. Your posts are always welcome in my inbox and readers, and I love the fact that you take on toxic toys and help educate – that is so needed and I have so much respect for you because of it! Also, as a fellow pansexual, poly female, I love your posts in general, especially about Aerie/coming out, etc.

    I only wish I had the support system/friend group that you have, because I desperately need more sex positive folks in my life (and my local munches SUCK). However, I will quit fangirling and summarize this with a few short words: You are amazing, and keep on keeping on!

  89. Just finding your site, and I’m a bit in awe. Lots of good stuff here. I know what I’ll be reading for the next week!

  90. Thank you for letting us be a part of this and for being such an important part of my own sexual journey!

  91. I don’t remember how long ago it was that I found this blog. I just know that my mom linked me to a site about toxic sex toys, and I somehow found my way here. Your humor, your rightful indignation, and your honesty is what made me keep reading. I probably said this last year, but you’re still the only blog I read and definitely the only one I read every post of. Around my house, you are known by name. I don’t even have to say “that sex toy blogger.” Just “Piph” works.

    Thank you again for all the hard work you’ve put into this blog and into the sex toy industry in general. Because of people like you, companies aren’t able to get away with the bullshit they used to. Pthalate free material is so much more commonplace, and it’s really because of bloggers busting their asses to make sure that we’re safe.

  92. Your story is wonderful, and I’m probably a little bit jealous of you! The idea of getting to make a living doing what you love, and being inspired to do so in college, reading how it changed your life, makes me smile. I wish you another decade of success (and another, and another, and so on.)

  93. I’m just discovering your blog, but I’m swallowing it whole daily. My life in bdsm and polyamory is in full swing and I love playing with people, but with your blog I’m starting to explore playing with toys. A new metamour suggested your blog and I’m enjoying the new sense of self discovery. Keep up the great work!

  94. So, on some level I knew that this takes a TON of work. (By “this” I mean sex blogging/reviewing, more specifically how you do it.) And in my small way, I’ve experienced it, too, but reading about your journey over ten years, really highlighted the amount of work, energy, passion and perseverance that have been infused into this space you’ve created. And, you’ve set the standard in many ways. It’s incredibly daunting and inspiring in equal measure.

  95. This was such an amazing read, thank you so much for sharing yourself and your journey with us! It would be easy, in a way, for you just to post reviews, but instead you invite us into your life and make this about so much more than just the review <3

  96. I didn’t know how it all started, but I am glad you got that major, because you write really really well, in a way that keeps your readers asking for more.

  97. HAPPY TEN YEARS! You’ve been writing about sex toys longer than I’ve been having sex. I’ve recommended your blog to everyone I’ve ever banged. I hope your wisdom will guide us all for many years to come xxx

  98. Thanks for all the work you do and keeping it honest and down to earth. You’re really an inspiration to me <3

  99. Love this blog. I’ve been reading for 7 years and I reccomend products based on reviews and I often try new products and see how my experience is similar or different than the review! Thanks so much for all of the time and resources you put in this blog for readers like me!

  100. Congratulations on 10 years of success! I’ve been a follower for 5 years and sad I’ve missed out on the first 5! Here’s to another 10!

  101. Congratulations on 10 years! It’s charming to see your growth over the posts, and it’s so helpful that you keep up the old old posts for those of us that are not in the same place yet

  102. I love the reassurance that the unexpected will happen and that you don’t always need to know 100% where your life is leading because it’s going to take you down weird roads. I’m currently in university and it’s very comforting. It’s hard and it’s stressful — but god, graduating and making my decisions after that? That’s going to be even harder and stressfuller. Reading this? It probably wasn’t your intentional, but I found it ridiculously reassuring. Thank you.

  103. I only discovered your blog about two years ago but in that short time it has been so helpful. Such a source information and support. It help give me the confidence to really explore in a way that I’d been reluctant to do before and I thank you for that.

  104. I’ve only followed your blog for a few years so far, but I’m hoping that it’ll continue for many more. It’s probably one of the few blogs where I read every word of every post!

  105. I found your blog at the best possible time in my life. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my own sexuality since I began following you.

  106. I’ve been with you for 5ish years now and I’m so glad I have been! You’ve done so much for my self-confidence and the good of my ladybits!

  107. congratulations on 10 years and what sounds like an incredible journey! thank you for sharing your life and knowledge with us.

  108. I hope you know how much your healthy attitude towards the human body, partnered sex in all shapes and forms, and diddlin’ the skittle (or whatever parts one has) have positively affected me and all your readers.

    Cheers to 10 more years of judging toys with your discerning vagina and writing about it!

  109. You’ve accomplished more in ten years than most people can say they’ve done in their entire lifetime. I’m sure you’re responsible for a myriad of self-loving, confident, shameless women on this planet and for that, I thank you. I have always admired and appreciated your honesty. Happy anniversary!

  110. You led me to my first high end vibrator. You were the first sex blogger I can across that I actually enjoyed reading. I loved that you were down to earth and not trying to titilate or throwing the word “pussy” around constantly.

  111. Your blog was one of my first references on sex toys, back when I found out those existed. To be honest, I didn’t know there were more than just dildos back then (my sex education wasn’t bad as in I knew what contraceptives were and such, but sex for pleasure? never mentioned). The cute cat and overall approachable reviews (as in I could tell it was really a person and not someone a company paid to review their product) are huge factors on why I didn’t close it right away (one computer in the living room was not the ideal setup for a teenager trying to sneakily learn about sex toys).

    I’m really grateful to finding your blog, especially when I did it. I’m still not that experienced with sex toys (ended up failing highschool twice and only went to college in 2015, and no way in hell I’d buy anything when my parents could find it), but your blog makes it WAY easier in picking which toy to get (can’t get many, no money or were to hide them… hope to change both those things soon). So really, thanks for turning your hobby into your job! 😉

  112. As a nonbinary trans person dating another trans person, I really really REALLY appreciate your dedication to gender neutral language and recommending things to people with certain genitals and preferences, instead of just flattening us all down to “women” and “men”. It really means the world to me. And I feel like it’s made a big difference when it comes to my willingness to try toys (and sex acts!), and just the process of getting to know my body better to know what toys to get has made me appreciate it so much more. As someone who used to curse my vagina (and unthinkingly include my vulva in that), and who now unabashedly loves my vulva (even if I’m still not keen on that uterus and its wiles), thank you so much for being inclusive and informative. For ten years! Woo!

  113. I love this blog post, the way you articulate your journey the past 10 years, discovering yourself while carving out a name in this industry. I don’t think many can say they do this in their careers! Very glad for you 🙂

  114. Your blog has been very useful to me over the years so I’m glad that you decided to start it. I can’t personally really imagine doing something that involves so much self-motivation and networking as a job, haha, so I salute you.

  115. Continually awed and gratified to get to watch your journey and incredible success with this work from a distance. Thank you for 10 years of insightful, dedicated, and hilarious writing.

  116. Every time I see your posts or just think about your website, a flow of sex positive giddy energy comes over me. It is just makes happy when I think that such an awesome and warm and snarky place exists on the internet and in the world!

  117. Congrats on 10 years! I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time; I admire your mission and vision and omg, the reviews! SO helpful.

  118. It is so crazy reading about things that seem like just yesterday be things from your past. It’s been wonderful and informative to follow you over the years and it means even more now knowing how it all began and developed. I am inspired seeing how you developed the absolute perfect niche for yourself.

  119. Is that a NY Toy Collective pink-lemonade-colored dildo in the top picture, because I have one just like it and it’s by far, one of my favorites. A good choice for a “Happy Anniversary!”

  120. when i was looking for information for my first sex toy, this blog was an invaluable resource. thanks so much!!!

  121. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! And this giveaway is unprecedented – you’ve changed my sex life and so many others’ too!

  122. Congrats for 10 years! What an amazing journey! I cant wait to sit and watch the years to come 🙂

  123. I have lost count of how many friends I’ve sent your way, never feeling ashamed, and always feeling proud to share the humour and wisdom your posts always have.

  124. Happy ten years! It’s been a pleasure and a joy following you for the past 3? 4? I’m glad I found you and your discerning vagina. I’ve learned a lot and my own vagina has benefitted. Cheers.

  125. I’m not gonna lie this comment is for the contest entry. I did read the post though, and now I have 3 more articles read because my interest got peaked by embedded links.

  126. I’ve only followed your blog for a year or so, but I’m gonna level with you. Your blogging style – straightforward, punchy, yet avoiding the sleazy sort of recommendations that some other sex toy bloggers use – is what got me to move away from the bargain-basement sex toys and believe that the nicer toys are worth using. If nothing else, it’s provided a great deal of highly-appreciated birthday presents. (DILDOS FOR EVERYONE!)

  127. You’re great! (and your cats too) …your reviews always make me laugh. I just wish you posted some more reviews of films, I enjoyed the ones you suggested!

  128. I’ve been reading your blog since 2010, I think. I really respect your opinions and even though everyone’s body responds differently to any given toy, I honestly won’t buy something if you think it’s trash. I’m so glad there are bloggers like you out there calling out shitty, sexist marketing and unsafe materials and just being very blunt about whether or not something is worth your time and/or money. It’s refreshing that you’re not here to blow smoke up anyone’s ass (or vagina, I guess, lol). Thank you so much for doing this important work!!!

    Also, I just gotta say…

    “I remember the sense of scandal I felt as I went to my college mailroom to pick up my first real vibrator.”

    Wasn’t it terrifying??? It felt so subversive and also like somehow everyone could see through the nondescript cardboard packaging and they would KNOW. And then about five years ago I ordered a Mona (THE GOAT!!!) and had that sent to my mom’s house, which was also a little anxiety inducing.

  129. I’m so glad you started this journey, so that we can all start our own journeys with you as a guide!

  130. Can I just say I love all the cat pics!? XD Thank you for all you do. I don’t think my life would be the same without your blog.

  131. It’s amazing and inspiring reading your journey. Thank you so much for sharing everything you have with your readers and looking forward to what will come in the next 10 years 🙂

  132. We plan to dig much further into your reviews as we try to grow our own collection and find our likes and dislikes. This is such an amazing resource. Thanks for being strong enough to put it out there.

  133. This was a very interesting read! (Over 600 toys, fisting, I’m so overwhelmed!) but in a good way. I think it’s wonderful that you shared this journey. I felt like I had taken it with you from the detailed descriptions. (I’m still stuck on over 600 toys.. I thought I was special for having two lol!) I’m not an expert on the sex industry, I’ve only done one internship but it is always an industry that has interested me and helped me how to care for myself sexually. I had never known how many things I was doing wrong and how many harmful ideas I had absorbed until people like you shared your knowledge and made it easy for people like me to be more open minded. I appreciate it very much that you found a way to educate people in a non traditional way and you are also doing what you love. Keep up the good work!

  134. Congrats on 10 years! Some of the toys I read that you experienced looked amazing. I also did read the ones that sucked. You are trooper for getting through those. I especially remember the spiky vibrator one. I use to have that one thinking it would feel awesome. I was so wrong, had to throw it away. I laughed when I saw you didn’t like it either. One toy you might want to try is called Iroha Yuki. It is amazing clit vibe with a bit of a nub for some slight penetration. It’s my new favorite toy! Cheers!

  135. I’ve been reading your blog since my freshman year of college in 2010. I don’t read every post, but I have read a lot of them. I have no idea how I ever stumbled across your blog in the first place, but it had a huge impact on me. I didn’t have a single sex toy at the time, now I have a small handful. You opened up the world of sex toys to me and saved me from ever buying a gross jelly toy.

    Thank you for writing this blog and being snarky and hilarious.

  136. I remember years ago when I bought my first toy – just googling for something affordable with discreet packaging (and the resulting great time when it was never delivered and they claimed they had indeed shipped it…). The info here on reputable sellers and body safe toys and maintenance is so important and I wish I’d found it back then. I always recommend this blog to friends when they’re shopping or have questions.

  137. This was so well-written! I relate a lot to what you said about taking gender studies course in school, and how that opened up a whole new world for me and made me a better person. I’ve often been the source of advice for friends when it comes to all things sex and sex toys, even though I’m not as experienced as many of them in the sex area. I think you’ve just convinced me to sign up for your online class. Happy Anniversary!

  138. What a journey!

    I’ve been riding this wave with you since late 2009 and it’s amazing how far you’ve come. You diligence and dedication are incomparable!

    Thank you!

  139. Love this page and your reviews soooo much! I’ve been loyally following for only half those years, but it’s been great! Can’t wait for the next 10 🙂

    Also, it’s nice to see everyone starts somewhere, some of those early posts are quite something! Glad you settled on the style and such that you did though, it’s really awesome!

  140. I love the fact that you are a fantastic snark (I love reading your reviews of bad sex toys) and that you’ve opened so many poeple’s eyes (not just mine) about toys, and about their quality and content. You are awesome.

  141. 10 years already? Wow, that’s a Long time. It was really an interesting read to see how you got to where you are now. I can totally relate to your younger self, going to college and studying English literature, without even imagining doing what you do now. Personally, I’m still studying, not entirely sure if I’ll really do what I’m training to do right now. It will be interesting to see where fate leads me to…

  142. You are an amazing person. Just as a whole an amazing person and your blog is the main reason I have such an active and enjoyable singles sex live! I have and always will appreciate what you have done and what you are doing.

    However, I think the main thing I got from your 10 years was a sense of hope. Not about or for my sex life but for my personal. It is so inspiring to hear how you got to where you are because that means there is still hope for chasing dreams. Because of you I want to the East con, meet a bunch of amazing people and now am able to write semi professionally. Your 10 year reflection gives me even more hope that some day I’ll be able to turn that semi into a full time career! Thank you <3

  143. It’s so pleasant to see someone with true passion and great writing chops find a stable career. As a writer and aspiring author– epic fantasy, not sex toys, though there is more crossover than you might think– I always love to hear when people achieve stability through their passion.Keep up the great work!

  144. I’ve owned 2 cheap, shitty vibrators for the past… I dunno, 4? 5? .. years, paired with zero skill and almost zero interest in sex/masturbation of any kind. I kept trying to get into it, would end up confused and unfulfilled, and wondering whether or not I enjoyed any of it, whether what I was feeling felt good or not, and whether that was an orgasm or not. In the past few months I became totally inspired again by an article about Women in Sex Tech and long story short, bought a few cheap Chinese knock-off toys from Amazon (not knowing it at the time), did some research, discovered some amazing bloggers, an amazing community, and learned more about sex toys than I thought there was to know!

    I feel like I’ve finally been armed with useful information about sex toys, and like I’m finally starting off my sexual health journey on the right foot (after floundering for years). It’s been so cool to read about your journey over the past decade; inspiring, in a way, like the article that got me back into all this in the first place. I love hearing about where you are now and how your path has changed your life in ways you had never expected — in a way, I hope something similar happens to me, and that in 10 years, I’ll have my own growth and changes to reflect on.

    Here’s hoping!

  145. I read this entire post on my phone as soon as it popped up a few days back and almost cried as I remembered so many of these moments. I hadn’t realized just how long I’ve been following your blog. I also immediately watched that attached video as well, and it… Not gonna lie, that made me envy what an incredible circle of friends you’ve developed.

    While I’m relatively outgoing and my committed (non-physically-sexual) relationship is open to me possibly finding anything from a casual fling to a friend with benefits to a secondary partner… I find it hard to put myself out there. At all. I’m gender non-conforming but appear too feminine to apparently be attractive to those I typically find most attractive in turn. I face a lot of disbelief and judgment around me, so it’s made me more introverted sexually than ever before in my life. I’ve never had a safe space to explore my queertastic self with someone else… so while there’s a lot of pain tied up in that mess, it’s made following your blog and your own sexual evolution (and REVOLUTION) all the more satisfying.

    So… in my first really vulnerable comment on your blog… I just wanted to tearfully say thank you. You’ve always readily responded when I’ve managed to unlurk long enough to shoot you a quick question via e-mail, and that kind of devotion to your readers is truly touching. Congratulations on this huge milestone, Piph. <3

  146. My husband actually asked me earlier today if he could order a plug for me. I sent him links to 4 of your reviews. Your FAQ has been bookmarked for referencing often 😀

  147. You have helped several times with loneliness, teachings…and have made my husband and I closer than ever.

  148. My husband is all into the toys but I get uncomfortable using toys with him even after all these years but I think most of it has to do with the surgery I had on my back. After my surgery I lost a lot of my sex drive and I don’t know how to get it back. And my name is Amanda not Colby that’s just the name on my email lol

  149. Happy 10 Years! Your blog has helped me choose quality toys for a long time now. So important in my line of work. Keep up the great work.

  150. It’s crazy to see how far you’ve come laid out like this, despite being there (on the internet and involved with that company) for most of it. If anyone had told me that any of us would have made a career of this, I would have laughed my ass off. And here you are doing it. How amazing is that? Congratulations on 10 years!

  151. I love reading about your personal journey with your blog, it gives me hope that no matter what my passion is I can make a life with it

  152. Started following 3 or 4 years ago…. And I really wish I could remember how I found you. I would thank that person a million times over! I love reading your honest and open reviews. I love that you don’t mind words on what is great, and what sucks… Or doesn’t suck when the case applies. You have really opens my sex toy universe!

  153. Thank you for having this blog. It’s taught me a lot and while I’m still going slow in learning about me and my body and my likes, I love that this is a resource I have. I think your journey is incredible and there’s a lot of aspects of you I admire and would like to someday make a part of me. And congratulations on 10 years!

  154. Me encantó conocer sobre tu vida estos 10 años. Sueño con que una empresa como We Vibe te contrate para diseñar una línea de vibradores, sin patrones y con todo tu conocimiento acumulado en estos años. Sería la bomba!

  155. Your femme sex coven notion gives me new #goals to aspire to, and I almost cried with joy reading through your 10 years of self-discovery and tireless work. It gives me new hope that I can make a positive impact with my own porn. Thank you for giving me hope as an introvert that I can also form meaningful connections with my community and with my fellow indie pornstars.

  156. I can’t say how much your blog has helped me over the years. From helping me come out of my shell in the bedroom, to keeping me and my vag away from toxic materials. I love reading every review and the jack off journals are always fun to read. I’ll be sticking around for as long as you keep writing!

  157. If I could give you a toy to review for every time I quoted/cited you in “normal” conversation, you would be in the dildos instead of vice versa. You were the first queer poly role model that I ever had, and the first reviewer I ever found (before! my first sex toy, I ended up with Sliquid, and one of those battery operated Fun Factory toys a few years ago) and the fact that I keep finding out how cool you are beyond that (#staysexyanddon’tgetmurdered) makes me so happy to have stumbled upon you and the rest of the snarky, standup babes of the sex blogger coven. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts <3

  158. I am so curious: were the homemade glass dildos worth using? You know so well what serves you, and what constitutes a good toy or a bad toy. So, is it something worth using, or more for sitting on a desk in the sunshine?

  159. Oh my gosh, it was so wonderful to read your journey from scared and not knowing much of anything about toys to self assured and in charge! Great job and keep it up.

  160. Reading the story about you telling your parents about your blog was so incredible. I read this one first, so I knew it turned out okay, but I still felt so much second hand anxiety for you for the sheer awkwardness of it. Your parents seem pretty cool, Epiphora.

  161. Sex blogging is not where you think you’ll wind up!! So true! And yet…and yet. What a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  162. Congratulations again on this, BTW! I know I commented previously but I was very sleepy and didn’t get to wish you a proper congratulations! You are amazing at what you do and you’re so inspiring! You’ve helped me become more comfortable with toys and my sexuality, which I will always be grateful for! Here’s to 10 more years (and more, for however long you wish!)

  163. I read much more about sex toys than buy them, but the few that I do end up buying are based on your recommendations. So, a big Thank You to your work for the past ten years!

  164. i’ve been following this blog for about two years now. im so happy to hear that you’re continuing to do what you love. i hope theres another 10 years in the future. (for the blog, not in general…)

  165. Thank you for all you do and share. You are a constant inspiration and give me hope for exploring more. Congratulations on 10 years!!

  166. I don’t remember how I found this blog but I am so grateful that I did. Thanks for all your years of hard work. Its been amazing reading about your journey as a blogger and a person. I hope to be reading this blog for many, many, many years to come!

  167. Congrats on your blogiversary! This has been my go-to site when I need an opinion I can trust. It’s really inspiring to see how your blog – and you! – have evolved over time, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

  168. Without your blog, I would not have known about which materials are body safe and non-porous. I admire your thoroughness.

  169. I’m so glad that folks like you have the opportunity and support to put good info out there for the rest of us!

  170. As I’ve said in another comment, this giveaway has given me the opportunity to actually look through your website. Thank you so much for existing, for blogging, and for Boris’ Spy Mission, which is giving me that extra bit of incentive to look around and educate myself.

  171. I feel like I have had a similar journey with the magic wand, from ??? to omgyes.

    I wish, often, I had been as brave as you have been, to follow my thoughts and passions about healthy sexuality and educating others. Your blog is both my go-to and an inspiration for me. Thank you.

  172. You know, I never expected a toy review blog to open so many avenues for me and get me talking more openly and candidly about sex, but it has! Congrats on 10 years!

  173. Congratulations! You are one of those people carrying forward openness and happiness about who we are.

  174. Happy anniversary! I’m so excited I’ve found your blog, it’s always very nice to see that somewhere in the world there are people with common interests, like sex toys, long-term relations with people of all sexes, cats and so much more! You look real, genuine, and thank you for talking about your position on so many things! I definitely keep reading and enjoying it!

  175. Like you, I’m a 40+ year old male who has come to rely on Epiphora’s knowledge. I have red Epiphora’s articles and reviews to help in the selecting of toys for my partner and I over the years. Nice to hear there are other guys out there interested in the knowledge and not just ‘creeping’ the site.

  176. Your comment on “squirting” reminded me of jumping right out of bed thinking I had to pee only to later find out I was having a g-spot orgasm.

  177. I can’t believe that you have come so far and have struck with your passion. I admire you for doing what you want and even though you only made $3.99 your first year, you are doing awesome now. You go girl!!

  178. I’ve been following your blog for the past couple years, and I have to tell you that’s it’s opened my world. Your reviews have made me laugh. Your adventures with various toys has honestly helped me discern what toys to avoid and what awesome toys to give a chance to that I normally would not. It impresses me that you’ve been doing this for so long. I think it’s wonderful. Thank you for all you put your vagina through. 😉

  179. I’ve loved following your journey and recommending you to friends. Your sense of humor is the best and it’s been great seeing another queer (I’m bisexual, you’re pansexual, so we’re a lot alike!) polyamorous woman representing our communities. You’re so candid and helpful–I’ve said hi on a couple live streams and you seem so friendly. If you ever have an event in Boston, we would love to have you out east.

  180. I discovered your blog relatively recently (within the past year), but every post I read links me to at least 5 old posts, that I open in tabs, then spend way more time reading than I intended to! I love your thoughtful reviews, which unlike some are actually helpful because you really go in depth to the specific pros and cons of each toy, as opposed to “this is great and buzzes a lot woo go buy it!”. I really appreciate your focus on safety and the good (or not so good) business practices of toy companies. I love reading your personal stories and experiences as well… it’s great to read older posts and learn about your journey and how far you’ve come! Epiphora, you rock!

  181. I actually used to favor one of the worst things for me – a piece of junk toy from Spencers because it had this little bit of a curve at the tip. Couldn’t tell you why then, but being full and having my g-spot stimulated, that was what it was doing for me. Since coming across your blog, I’ve delved so much deeper into much better toys, have chucked everything that ever did the ‘bad silicone melt’ trick, and now I couldn’t live without Tantus (big fan of Mark and Adam O2), Njoy (that pure wand though), and I’m much more discerning about the toys I pick up.

    Thank you for all of your hard (tee hee) work. I trust your opinion over so many others (I also hate rabbits, my clit’s just too elitist on how it likes to be dealt with).

  182. Honestly one of my friends shared your give away post on social media, and I came here to check it out and also see what you had to say, and honestly I’m just really glad I did, I’ve been reading posts and reviews and they’re very well written and give all the right info

  183. It’s so great to read the whole story! Thank you so much for being an inspiration and mentor.

  184. I love your openess, and directness. I am the kind of person who’s attracted to their friends as well, but many in my circle are not as comfortable with that level of intimacy, more’s the pity.

  185. I felt emotional reading this, thinking about the days of “that retailer’s” website, and how funny it is that something so garbage can bring so many people together. Also, how could that have been TEN years ago? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was getting some buzzy plastic vibrator as an assignment?

  186. Damn, I think the only thing I’ve ever done for ten years straight is breathing. I just came out to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked right now XD

    I would know literally nothing about sex toys if not for you – I mean LITERALLY literally. I would know they exist and nothing else. If there is any doubt about how literal that “literally” is…I legit did not even know how butt plugs were shaped and pictured something like the plug in a bathtub drain. I am no longer puzzled by the fact that there are people who use these things lol

  187. oh man. i’ve been reading your blog for years, now. i think i started around the time AAG was winding down.

    i feel like i’ve grown up with you, almost. it’s weird, but i’m so proud of you. you’re an inspiration in deciding you want to Do A Thing And Actually Doing it.

  188. At first when I read this post, I couldn’t imagine doing something for 10 years, then I realized that I am almost there with my current job. 7 years and counting. I wish I had the guts to go after doing something that I actually enjoyed as much as you do this blog. Not that I don’t enjoy my job, it just gets repetitive sometimes. I can really tell how much effort and love you put into the blog posts you produce. You are a true writer and the fact that you write about something I like to read about is a huge plus in my book. Thanks for 10 years.

  189. Congratulations on 10 years! You can tell the quality of this blog and that you really put time into it!

  190. How has it been ten years? I swear it can’t have been that long, can it? Watching you grow into a veritable sex toy reviewing/activist superstar has been awesome. <3

  191. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! I found your blog a few years after you started it when I was googling if anyone else was disappointed by the hitachi. Reading your first review of the hitachi was so affirming to me at the time because the wand just didn’t work for me. Before I bought my hitachi, which was my first toy, I struggled to orgasm at all and read recommendations from sex educators online that said the hitachi guaranteed fast, strong orgasms. Well imagine my disappointment and the feelings of inadequacy that developed when that “guarantee” did not apply to me. By reading your blog, and the other blogs I found through your site, I learned I was not sexually broken if a popular/legendary toy does not work for me, and realized that trial and error with different types of toys is a process that should be enjoyable and stress-free. I could say so much more, but I’ll stop here. Congrats again, and I am excited to keep reading.

  192. I’ve just discovered this blog, but cannot wait to read all of your posts and learn more! Happy anniversary and keep fighting the good fight.

  193. I love your writing style and have been recommending your blog to my friends. I would think that after 10 years of reviewing toys, it’d get a bit mundane, but it definitely does not seem that way with you. I feel like your dedication to your craft makes you extremely relatable because of how meticulous and thorough you are.

  194. Wow! I did not know the full history of your blog, but I am floored by your incredible journey! Congrats on 10 magical years, and I wish you success for as long as you want it!

  195. Hard to believe it’s already been a decade! I first found you probably 5 years ago, when I was but a baby queer looking for information.

  196. Ha, I also used the bathtub faucet (from as early as 6 years old) and I remember my absolute horror the first time I had heard of “glass dildos”. I guess we’ve both come a long way, huh? Thanks so much for spreading your knowledge with all of us.

  197. I don’t mean to be a total fangirl, but you’re absolute #goals. I majored in English – but also education so I’d have a real job. I doubt I could ever make a living as a writer, even though I love writing and am good at it. Well, the technical aspects. I blog only as a hobby because I like that, too. I’d review sex toys if nobody read my reviews, which I’m pretty sure people really don’t. I might have one loyal follower. I have no idea what I’m doing sex blogging anyway. I know nothing about branding and marketing. I’m not great on social media. I have a very mediocre, straight, monogamous sex life. I have difficulty reaching orgasm and have never squirted, even though I desperately want to. My G-spot and I aren’t close because I just don’t get it. I’m G-spot illiterate, but that’s not my G-spot’s fault. I’m not into erotica. I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

    I really admire you because I know how much hard work it took to get you where you are. If I want to be serious about being a professional sex blogger, then it can’t be just a hobby. Perhaps someday I’ll feel like I can devote more time to my blog. I have a truly decent collection, which I never imagined when I bought my first hard plastic vibrator for $25. Maybe blogging as a hobby will have to be good enough, but blogs like yours give me a reason not to quit.

  198. I started reading your blog a few years before I was hired at my first job, which happened after years of battling depression and multiple anxiety disorders. Between the sex-positivity here and the confidence boost from finally having a job, I’ve learned a lot about myself (sexually and non-sexually). I feel like I’m standing on the cusp of something amazing and I’m excited to see what that is.

    Here’s to many more years of expanding our horizons!

  199. I’m so glad you wrote this! I started reading your blog regularly only recently after stumbling upon it over and over for a while, so it was great to read the older posts you linked to also 🙂

  200. Wow I didn’t realize how deep this post would get (no pun intended). What a beautiful recap of your awesome blog and life.

  201. It’s been a wild ride, I’ve become more confident in my sexuality and lifestyle thanks to you, know that your work is making a huge difference!

  202. I love your ballsy and unapologetic approach when it comes to blogging. Nothing is off limits! You answer questions that people are secretly thinking but are too afraid to ask. You answer questions that people don’t KNOW they should be asking. There are a lot of folks that don’t feel “normal”. I love seeing someone comment “this is so me!” or “I thought I was the only one”. You empower people to become their best sexual selves by literally taking their pleasure into their own hands. Thank you for continuing to be a reliable source of sexual literacy, entertainment and unadulterated honesty.

  203. congratulation on your 10years of blogging! just discovered your blog and can’t wait to get to find amazing toys that would work for me and my partners..

  204. Thanks for doing the “hard” work of testing these toys out and providing honest recommendations on them.

  205. As somebody who’s still figuring out how to work up the courage to make money writing and doing stuff I’m passionate about: this is genuinely inspiring.

    As somebody who’s learned a TON because of this blog and is happier and more confident for it, all I can say is thank you!

  206. Can I have your life?? From the sex parties to the making a living writing about sex toys you have the life I wish I did. You do such an amazing job talking about tous and life and sex in general. I’m in awe

  207. Can’t believe you are at 10 years!!! I’ve been selling sex toys for 7 and I always take your recommendations into consideration when selling. You also insprired me to get a randy! You are the greatest! Cheers to ten more years!

  208. I think you don’t realized how brave you are. I mean it, in our society nowadays, sex is such a taboo that it’s difficult for people to be honest about their experiences and you can be so honest and snarky and godness, so different from what I thought sex bloggers could be. So, really, I only have thank you to say to you and that I will be still be here to keep being impressed by your reviews.

  209. As someone new to the world of sex toys, all I can say is that I’m so very glad you are my guiding hands. I came across your blog a couple months ago after googling about that silly eggplant emoji vibrator. I was reading in incognito mode, in the middle of the night, curled up on my couch, with that air of secrecy that only comes through some sense of shame. And I devoured your articles. You write with a frankness and a level of professionalism (and snark!) about sex toys that I’d never really come by before. And so I always find myself coming back to your blog not only because I know I can trust your word, but because you are a role model in being so unabashedly open and sex-positive and anti-bullshit. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  210. You’ve been a wealth of information, either through detailed posts, links in your newsletter, or through finding and reading other blogs through your site. I feel like I would be far less comfortable in my own skin and in my relationships if I hadn’t found this blog back in 2010. Thank you for all your hard work. I always look forward to the next post!

  211. My wife wouldn’t stop talking about this blog and I’m glad she didn’t. It has completely changed booth of our outlooks on sex toys. THANK YOU!!!

  212. So, I already talked about this in my other comment on the contest post, but I really appreciate your approach to sex toy reviewing(no nonsense, fun). It has definitely helped me be less inhibited about sex/toys. Thanks for your honest and thoughtful reviews( I am a hyper researcher, so I overthink every purchase).

  213. My vagina has never been healthier or happier after paying attention to the toxicity of toys! Seriously I keep discovering more with every new post I read as well. Sex and your sexuality should all be comfortable and oh how you’ve helped in multiple ways without that.

  214. Heres to 10 more years of hilarious sex antics mingled in with your serious sex positive educational content!

  215. Fascinating story! I’m endlessly grateful for blogs like yours. You help to peel away the layers of shame and confusion around sexuaity and desire for other women. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading a sex blog I can actually relate to, it’s empowering and enlightening.

  216. Thank you for not only all the toy reviews, but for normalizing a consensual non-mongamous relationship without feeling the need to break into tons of explanatory commas. It feels warm and fuzzy to be able to just…read about your relationships without having a ton of Non-Mon 101 stuff thrown into the meat of the article. It just—is!

  217. I think it’s really kind of amazing (and very touching) that this blog started out small and grew into something that has affected so many people so positively. Reading the comments on the decade celebration posts really gives you a sense of just how many people had their lives improved in some way. Sex in our society is shoved under, to the side, or away, so it’s incredibly important to have honest and educational resources like this blog available to anyone who seeks them out.

  218. Reading this is the literal best. Finding something you love and being able to make it into something even bigger than you thought possible is just incredible – the fact that it’s helped you pay the bills is even better 😉

    Congrats on 10 years and here’s to … uh… lots more!

  219. This blog means more to me than I could ever express. I LITERALLY got my first instertable toy and my first good vibe because of the posts on this blog. Thank you Epiphora.

  220. I still remember when I first started following your blog a few years back. I was looking for good suggestions for what I should buy as my first sex toy, and wound up here. Ended up buying myself a Mona a few hours later. Best. Decision. Ever.

  221. So much to say… Probably the biggest impact your blog has had on my life is that after stumbling across your post about Aerie, I clicked through to their blog, read about their experiences being nonbinary, and started to realize… it turns out I am too! Which might explain why I love reading about your experiences putting things in your vagina, even things like menstrual cups that I’ll never be able to use. (The rest, hopefully someday.)
    That’s not all, though. I think I want to be a sex toy reviewer too. Yes, I’ve read your posts about how it’s not just getting paid to masturbate. I still want to. I think (or at least hope) that I’ll be able to provide reviews from a unique perspective, between my analytical nature and curiosity about human interaction with art (CS/game design major) and my experiences as a kinda-female person in a “male” body.
    Also, I’m impressed at how much you weren’t kidding about the Pure Wand; my only problem with it is that now I feel kinda disappointed using anything else. Your review describes it in a way that’s too good to be true; it is, but then it’s true anyway by the power of… I dunno, love? Engineering? Parentheses? And it’s great to know that it’ll be with me my whole life, no matter what shape my body ends up, and that I also have the power to share this pleasure with anyone I love. I don’t know how I’m going to end up reviewing it other than “read Piph’s post, read these other posts; yes, it’s that good, go buy it already. No, really.”
    One last thing: I’m also from Portland! I’m in college now, but I’ll be back over winter break; It would be an amazing honor to meet you, and if you happen to be teaching your sex blogging class during a window where I could attend I’d

    absolutely sign up.

    (… also, I guess I’m posting this from a Disqus profile with my real name. If anyone who knows me is reading this, well, I’ve been kinda wanting to “come out” about my interest in sex toys anyway, and if you’re on this site already hopefully you don’t have a problem with that.)

  222. I feel like I’ve grown with you! I remember when a friend recommended you to me in college and it’s been 5 years of regularly checking in with you. Rooting for you during jack-off journals, learning how to squirt, when you first met Aerie… I’m rooting for you and your black whole of a vagina. Also, every sex toy I have ever bought, I’ve checked in for your recommendation first.

  223. I’m so grateful for your reviews! A lot of the toys I buy are not cheap, and it’s so important for me to read your reviews before I buy to see if it works for me. Of course we’re not clones so it’s not foolproof, but definitely better than buying blind. Plus, you’re such fun to read, it’s hardly a chore.

  224. I’m hoping you are blogging for at least another 10 years 🙂 your blog is very informative and the one i refer my step-kids to when they have sex toy questions that their mom and i can’t answer, or they need/want more in depth answers.

  225. I’m not going to lie, I was on the line about whether or not I should become a reviewer. But some of your posts convinced me how important it is to inform people about the ins and outs of this industry, especially since it’s unregulated, and even though it’s not always easy or fun, I feel like I’m doing something important.

  226. thank you for existing, yer posts are always super entertaining to read. i feel honoured that my life went down the very specific path that would lead me to your blog <3

  227. I just wanted to say – you made me discover my love for sex toys and it has brought so much joy in my life. In my blogging, of course, but more importantly in my own sexual expression and in my partnered sex life. I mostly owe the fact that I’ve only had positive sexual experiences to my wonderful girlfriend, of course, but I also owe it a bit to you, for being one of the people to teach me that fun, kinky, considerate sex is the best. So thank you!

  228. I’ve been keeping track of this blog for like a year and a half, even though I’m too broke to buy any of the good toys. Someday.

  229. I may not have been here for all ten years but I’ve been around for the last three or so and each year has been a huge one for all of us. You’ve been a shining light in the sexual health and happiness world and a huge resource for so many people. I constantly use you as a reference for showing others the importance of body safe toys and I like to think our forces combined have saved many an orifice!

  230. I can’t remember when I first started following you or how I stumbled across your blog (Tumblr is to blame somehow followin sure), but you are the only source I trust for sex toy reviews. Even though we don’t share exactly the same taste, your discussion of rumbly vs buzzy in vibrators is invaluable.

  231. Thank you for this, for inspiring me to say to myself “I too can one day grow up to be a sex blogger” and for everything you have taught me about how to stay true to both writing and myself! I loved everything about this post – how hard it was at the beginning, your experience of coming out as a sex blogger, and how you grew into who you are today. For years I have followed you and loved your writing and it is wonderful to read about your decade journey and truly admire everything you do.

  232. 10 years running a blog is highly commendable! I have an abandoned astrology blog that was only active for about 2 years, maybe. I can only imagine where it and I would be had I stuck with it. Congratulations!

  233. Thank you Epiphora for making us a better, safer store! You help us avoid ineffective stock, and make sure our customers leave with the right information. We appreciate your work. We’ve been reading for 3 years now, and we’re more excited for this anniversary every year! Happy Blogiversary <3

  234. Your blog was one of the first that inspired me to even start down this road and it has led to some discoveries I don’t think I would have ever made about myself. I cannot wait to see what you do over the next 10 years.

  235. As you know I am a big fan of your work. I have become more aware of pronoun usage and also now use the word vulva. I love reading about your experiences with non-monogamy and it has allowed me to begin to explore it myself. You are also one of the bloggers who inspired me to go to Woodhull and experience it. I had never felt more at home than I did there, and of course I got to meet you! I love you and I can’t wait to see what comes next in your adventures!

  236. Happy anniversary! As a brand new reader, I’m amazed an amuse and inspired by your blog so far. Thanks for opening up and being vulnerable, being funny and serious all at once, the way sex is supposed to be.

  237. Again, I’ve commented on this one for the giveaway. I’ll thank you again, though – you’ve taught me a lot about body-safe sex toys and helped me understand what I should and shouldn’t put up with in a toy.

  238. Piph, I might actually cry. I’ve been weighing up the idea of saying ‘fuck it’ to my current existence that’s hurting me, flipping the table and dedicating my life to the things I really care about. And I think reading this has pushed me a little further towards that scary yet very attractive alternative. Thank you so much for ten years of service, and for being brave and choosing to go after this, even when it wasn’t a Thing yet. I hope it continues to bring you all the joy in the world <3

  239. Your reviews have really helped me embrace my sexuality and make informed purchases. Even when I’m not looking to buy a toy, I read your reviews because they’re hilarious. Thank you for offering such a wonderful and welcoming corner of the internet.

  240. I think I stumbled into your blog in like 2010, shortly after getting a tumblr, discovering Crash Pad Series, and seeking info on toys since there wasn’t a shop anywhere near Jackson WY. Since then, I haven’t once bought a toy without seeing what you had to say about it. Congratulations on 10 years and making a life of what you love=)

  241. Congratulations dear! If you ever “retire” from this I hope you have the best party! Will your “end of life” estate sale be your toys?? That just sounds fantastic! You could pre plan “Golden Tickets” like Willy Wonka, so only the creme de la creme of your friends and family get an invite. <3 Hehe. Its late…. my brain is going to some strange places.

  242. Hey Epiphora… This blog is awesome. Definitely has upped my (already increasing) interest in using toys both by myself and with partner(s). So stoked to find a place with so many resources – trustworthy reviews, sexy stories, links to and info on awesome and ethical porn. Heck yes! This is what I’ve been looking for for such a long time.

  243. Wow, reading this made me so emotional. Seeing it happen to you over time is so different to reading it all laid out like this. So much of what you talk about is stuff so dearly important to me that I rarely see, I’m so happy you are out here talking about it with the audience you deserve.

  244. Your blog is amazing and you are amazing. I’m so glad that you’re here and that the good you have put into the world is coming back to you. 🙂

  245. You helped me buy my first sex toy! And my second sex toy! And undoubtedly many other sex toys to come. Thanks for answering all my dumb questions. Having your blog in my life expands my worldview and is also always good for a laugh.

  246. 1. Again, I super super love hearing about your tastes evolving. Wish I’d had access to this stuff when I was a teenager thinking penetration would never be for me.

    2. Love love love when you talk about your partners. I love dildos + romance.

    3. Congratulations. Here’s to many, many more years of fun and profitable blogging. As many as you want – I wouldn’t want to lock you into this if you ever want to move on. Though I hope you don’t, at least not for a long while.

  247. It’s nice to see that the body safe-only adult store you work at is doing well. I never really liked how the store near me had a huge wall of toys made of PVC and other questionable materials while the body safe ones were pretty much only Top Shelf items. Now that I know there are lots of sites that only sell body safe toys (that I can also get a discount at!) I’ve never had to go back!

  248. Wtf your journey is so bananas and beautiful it’s literally brought tears to my eyes. Just. Thank you for everything, and here’s to many more.

  249. It’s hard to find good information on sex toys – I’ve been following your blog since before I started buying sex toys and I don’t think I would have been brave enough to explore the way I have without your reviews! They helped me spend my money wisely and find some real delight in my purchases. Thank you!

  250. Your reviews have helped me get past all the weird barriers about sexuality and sex that growing up in a super Asian created. You were the first sex toy blog that I started looking at and continue to be the only one I read on an ongoing basis because of the humor and objectivity all combined into one

  251. To see how far along you’ve come from your humble beginnings to the present day is just…Wow. Wow! I always wondered how things really first started for you, how it all turned into what it is today. You’ve definitely made your mark when it comes to the sex reviewing/blogging scene and you’re one of the only places I trust to tell it to me straight what could be good and what isn’t as remarkable when it comes to toys and everything to do with them. And reading your blog also helped me to spot toxic toys! My partner almost used a toy that I’m very, very glad didn’t make it anywhere near their skin, bluh! I wouldn’t have known without you, so thank you for everything you’ve shown all of us, and thank you for not letting anything get in your way of this job you really enjoy!

  252. High five for actually keeping it up despite how hard it was to get started. What you do has probably saved us, your readers, so much sexual frustration and fails. And more importantly educated and highlighted the importance of a happy and HEALTHY sex life.

  253. Reading the timeline of your journey is incredible, thank you for your perseverance through the struggles and guiding us on our own journeys in exploring our own sexuality!

  254. That’s a fantastic adventure! I’m glad this has worked out so well for you — it sounds like you’ve met some *incredible* people and formed amazing friendships. I found your blog when trying to decide on a specific toy, but I’ve had so much fun reading your reviews that I’ve spent *hours* browsing things that have no bearing on what I was looking for or even want or have any use for!

  255. I can’t begin to express how much this blog has taught me about sex safety, pleasure, and my own sexuality (or how many times I have included it as recommended reading for my friends interested in toys).

  256. Thank you for showing one can make a living doing something unconventional – you give me bravery to believe I can, too. Congratulations on a decade of snarkiness and discovering the black hole that is your vagina! 😉

  257. Your story is so inspiring and really says a lot about both perseverance and following your passion. Sure, it’s about sex toys, but you’ve made that successful and you’ve proved that it’s a genuine job- marketing, writing, and managing your blog is impressive af! Plus, I adore all the beautiful photos you’ve put so much effort into. (And the cat photo bombs are even better!). Thanks for being a great role model in sex, body positivity, career, and life 🙂

  258. Epiphora, you introduced me to proper toy storage, that the industry isn’t regulated, and told me that the weird smell off some dildos really isn’t right (no matter what retailers have tried to tell me). Thank you for leading me through this journey to become a responsible sex toy consumer!

  259. What an amazing journey! I found your story remarkable and such a good example of living on your own terms! Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  260. This blog is becoming a sort of a beacon for me– What sex could, potentially, be one day. Due to feelings of fear, mistrust, and general lethargy, I haven’t had sex in years. I’ve only had orgasms by my own hand since 2013. But reading this post (in particular the friendly sex parties section) gives me new hope that I’ll be able to get out there and start trusting others with my body again. And that means a whole lot to me. So, thank you so much, for all the wonderful things you do!

  261. You’re my go-to person when someone asks me for toy recommendations, and congrats for making it a decade!

  262. I don’t know where I’d be without your guidance in the sex toy world. I’ve never trusted anyone’s opinions quite like I’ve trusted yours. And I will always continue to recommend my friends and acquaintances come to your blog whenever a topic arises that I know you’d be the one to trust.
    Happy ten years!

  263. Your journey is actually really inspiring. I love that you carved out a job and have made yourself pretty indespensible in it. I love reading your reviews and take you advice and comments into consideration when looking for toys. Thank you for ten years and here’s to many more 🙂

  264. It’s so awesome that we live in an age where its not only okay, but sustainable to be a sex blogger! Thanks for providing a decade of insight!

  265. Happy anniversary, Epiphora!! You’ve helped me and so many others learn about sexual health and enjoyment, and I’m forever grateful.

  266. I am so grateful for the candid way you share your life with us. Being able to learn about sex toys and polyamory and the power of female friendship has helped me evolve into a more true version of myself. xo

  267. You’re one of the few reviewers I find that seems to speak the same sex toy language as me. I’m so glad your journey has led here – congrats on ten years!

  268. Happy anniversary! My wife and I have learned so much since we started reading your blog years ago, and your recommendations have resulted in a lot of new fun toys for us. To another 10 years!

  269. Thank you for all the time and effort and love and parts of your life that you’ve shared with us! (And thanks to your college for its Gender Studies class, too ;p)

  270. I just started following you. I hope I learn something that can make sex exciting again as I’m bored with my sex life. not that it’s always been this way or that I’m a prude. I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with your blog. congrats on your success

  271. Congratulations! I don’t know how you keep up with all the different features you have on here, but I appreciate it.

  272. Because of the give away event, I started to follow your blogs, although it’s not a long time, I can see your opinion which is not biased at all! And it’s really helpful! Thank you!

  273. Your blog is one of the first I ever started following and I thank you very much for a superbly written one at that! Here’s to another 10+ years!! Thanks!!

  274. Who wouldn’t love to have your job? Me myself I could go without the writing part of it, I am not good at writing. But I am a great speaker and could tell anyone MY pros and cons about any sex toy! And wow, you must have tons of fun! You are like an idol to me! Keep it up! Let’s go another 10++++!

  275. We shouldn’t have taboo over such a great thing as sex or intimacy. Instead we should learn to be more open, to know ourselves better and our partner in crimes too. You’re fantastic to talk so open about the things everyone should be aware of.

  276. I got excited realising that this was the fourth blogiversary post I’ve read, because it means I’ve had four wonderful years of being influenced by the endless wisdom that is Epiphora. I’m so grateful for this blog, and also for the ‘blogs I devour’ section; they’ve educated me in all the best ways

    Thank you, Epiphora, for being the source of my growth, for your tireless work, and for making my toybox so goddamn spectacular

  277. I’ve only been reading for about two years, but I can say that I have become a very avid reader. I have found a lot of comfort in how inclusive you are in many ways (sexual orietation, gender expression, experience, etc.) in your writing. I used to be very self-conscious about my inexperiencedness, having never had a partner before and not really knowing how I identify both sexually and through gender, but I firmly believe that your blog has helped me come to terms with this and explore things on my own. Not to mention that you’re hilarious and honest which is so amazingly communicated through all you’re writings! I can easily say you are the top blogger I read religiously. Every one of your entries is not only educational and informative (though they are very much so both of those things), but completely entertaining. Thank you so much for bringing me so much information and so many laughs over the years! 😀 <3

  278. 10 years! and still going! congrats 🙂 Awesome reviews and very informative. Thank you very much for the information on dangerous toys, it was very useful and important information to learn.

  279. Congratulations on a WHOLE DECADE OF DOING THIS. Holy fuck. Your blog has been a friend of my genitals’ since like … 2009? 2010? Wow. I will confidently turn my nose up at any toy you don’t explicitly put your name behind forevermore. <3

  280. Congratulations! And thank you for all the awesome posts and information and reading and everything!

  281. I have loved watching your blog’s development over the last few years. From life-saving reviews to personal advice to an honest look at queer poly relationships, you’ve been so incredibly helpful to me. I look forward to many more years of snark and zero-tolerance for bullshit. <3

  282. happy anniversary!!! so glad the internet world has you! you have helped me gain more knowledge with toys and you helped me learn to embrace my sexuality! no shame! 🙂

  283. As someone who is flailing trying to find how to make my life ‘matter’ in the long run, this post inspires me to dare to both dream big and to accept that niche doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazingly positive influence on many people’s lives!!

  284. We’re glad you stuck it out at that first year. You’ve made it possible for so many people to understand such a misunderstood subject and accept their bodies as not conforming to the porn standard.

  285. Following your blog and twitter is what encouraged me to start my blog and even though it’s still a little budding baby blog. I have so much appreciation for you and everything you do. Thank you!

  286. Congrats on 10 years. Your reviews are very useful to me and have led to me purchasing my first not terrible sex toy in years. Your push to be inclusive in your reviews is also something I find very valuable; as a transman I like seeing reviews where toys aren’t just viewed as being solely for cisgender women. Your pushes against companies with shitty practices and refusal to compromise your standards are good to see, as well.

    Thanks for everything and here’s to another 10 years.

  287. Much love for the help this past year. I’ve had a lot of issues with self care especially in the sex department, but this blog helped me take less shit and expect more from both toy companies and partners. Plus, it helped me out in accepting I was polyamorous, which is amazing to me.

  288. It’s incredible to read your whole story up to now, because you started out at about the age I am now. And you made something of yourself, by yourself. It’s seriously incredible and I aspire to be as successful some day.

  289. It’s pretty crazy to know you’ve been doing this for 10 years!! Sites like yours have been incredibly informative and helpful for me; heck, I even did a presentation in a college sexualities class about toxic sex toys, something I never would have known about if not for you and your peers. Keep up the great work!

  290. I haven’t watched the journey as it unfolded, since I’ve only recently come to the blog, but I have to say, nothing quite illustrates the difference between the early ‘hobby’ years and more recent ones like the “Terrible sex toys I used to lust after” post…

  291. I’ve been following you for a couple years now, and always look forward getting the email telling em you’ve made a new post. Congrats on 10 years. Keep it up, because you’re the only sex toy blogger I look to before making a purchase.

  292. As I posted in my other comment I made mostly just to enter the contest, although that makes it’s sentiment no less true, I’m only recently starting to embrace my sexy side. It’s helpful to read your story about “coming out” as someone passionate about sex.

  293. Ok, spin the lube bottle made me giggle like nothing else 😛 But on a more serious note, thank you, for everything. Thank you for showing people that sex toys are a normal thing and nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you for showing us that it´s ok to have these conversations with our partner and hopefully if both parties are comfortable with it, to try it out together. Thank you for showing us that it´s absolutely fine if something does not work the way you hoped it would. I have a complicated body, the way to success with me is a level of intensity most women would probably run away from while screaming bloody murder. You´re a big part of me accepting it for what it is and learning step by step not to be ashamed of it and doing my best not to be too frustrated with it. Thank you for showing me that owning toys it not a bad thing and for giving me the courage to have a very open talk about it with my partner – turns out he´s quite open and supportive of this. Thank you for having the courage to discover who you are, what you like and to experiment, and thank you for sharing it with us and guiding us on the first steps of that journey!

  294. Happy anniversary! It’s awesome that you started with a simple hobby and were able to turn it into a career and a community. Having always been a shy girl myself, I’m pretty inspired seeing how you’ve carved this space out for yourself that’s so honest, open, and influential. It’s great just reading the other comments here and seeing firsthand how many people have enjoyed the last 10 years with you. Here’s to the next 10!

  295. Your journey as a sex blogger is so inspiring and can be modeled to any other profession. It takes time, patience, perseverance, and pushing yourself past your limits and insecurities. Never sacrifice your ideals and integrity and you’ll end up loving your job that much more. I applaud your journey as a sex blogger and your fight to stop the ignorance seen so often when it comes to the topic of sex. Congrats on a wonderful decade of hard work!

  296. This post means a lot because as someone in college struggling to find a way to make a living doing something I love, it is a reminder that even if the method is unconventional, it can be done.

  297. As someone who has struggled to figure out a future career, its inspiring to read your journey from unsure student to confident blogger. I hope I can find a job that suits me as well as this one has you.

  298. I really love your attitude about your vagina, the boastful bravado about its ability, its strength, its experience. It’s such a nice and radical difference from the normative view of vaginas as delicate things which are best when inexperienced.

  299. Please never stop enlightening the world about the wonderful (and not so wonderful) array of sex toys out there. You are a goddamn hero.

  300. I think it’s fascinating to read about your journey to sex blogging! It makes me feel like absolutely anything is possible. Your style is truly one of a kind and keeps me coming back! You make me laugh and use my brain. Instead of mindlessly wandering into a sex shop and buying whatever looks good or what I can afford, because of you I have a more discerning eye and would never buy anything (in a store or online) without checking first to see if you’ve reviewed it. I think my favorite thing to read about, of everything I’ve read over the years, is dildo holiday. I feel pretty envious and wish I had friends like all of you! I wish I knew more sex positive people in “real life.”

    Also, I must add that you take the best pictures EVER!!! You’re so thoughtful and artistic.

  301. Amazing to read about your journey! I aspire to have such a collection of toys one day, and delve into that world as much as I want to. Keep up the awesome work and congrats!

  302. I have been reading your blog for many years. It has helped educate me in innumerable ways and has had a hand in my continually developing hobby of sex toy collecting and obsessive reading. It is inspiring to read your coming out stories as I’ve been struggling with similar things. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve been able to turn this into your full career and I wish you all the best! (Have been considering your blogging class of late as well.) Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

  303. As a fairly long-time blog follower, it’s been really awesome to see all your evolutions and successes unfold in real time. You honestly do do some great work here, along with helping to unpack the stigma surrounding sex toys in general, and it’s fantastic to see that getting rewarded.

  304. An amazing journey you have taken us all on. Thank you for all the advise, congrats, and here’s to the next ten years!

  305. I’ve been reading your blog for a good few years now — thank you so much, you’re honestly the only sex blogger who I really regularly follow, and I enjoy everything you write. Thank you for being so inclusive and honest in your reviews and just a really all around awesome person.

  306. Riveting, as always. My favorite part is that you’re gay.

    No, seriously. Because with that, coupled alongside the world of sex blogging, you found your community. Community is the most precious thing in this rotten world. Especially community that embraces and encourages you to explore your sexuality. That resonated with me a lot.

  307. Congrats on the 10 years! I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now and have learned so much from your reviews, guides, etc. I did a lot of research before getting my first toy, and I’m glad your blog was there to help with that. Here’s to many more years!

  308. Can’t believe it’s been this long already and I’ve only been lurki- reading your blog for 8 years. Wish you more great success for the next 10+ years!

  309. Your words, on relationships, communication and consent are so meaningful to me. I love the reviews, and will always listen to you for my purchases, but the way you don’t judge regular people, include the whole Rainbow Alphabet, make me feel safer, and gives me permission to really question myself, explore myself (hehehe) and be unashamedly me.

  310. Congratulations Epiphora! I read this and was so moved that I read the whole thing aloud to my husband lol I’ve followed your blog for a couple of years now and you’ve really inspired me to explore who I am. I was raised in an extremely sexually-repressed household, so this journey has been life changing. Thank you for your honesty and your fearlessness. You’re pretty much my hero <3

  311. I just want to say thank you for doing what you do! Finding this blog years ago changed my masturbatory life. Thru you I was able to figure out why I always got a burning sensation from cheap dildos! Before reading your blog, I didn’t even know that body safe toys were a thing. Now I’m a proud owner of several Tantus items, a Mona 2, and a We-vibe Tango!! My orgasms sing your praises! Seriously… Great job you’ve done here. Congratulations and I hope you continue doing this important and enjoyable work for many years to cum. 😉

  312. I don’t think I could buy a sex toy now without checking to see what you said about it. Thanks for the valuable resource. (And your sex parties with your friends make me very jealous that I don’t have any friends like that. 😉

  313. it’s been incredible to watch this blog grow, to watch you grow as a writer and as a human. there really are no other blogs that i follow like i do this one, it’s just a staple of my life. your story truly is hopeful, to anyone who is struggling to find a path.

  314. It’s wonderful to know how meaningful this blog has been for you and how much you have grown and found yourself along with your followers. I honest-to-goodness hope you’ll be 60 yrs old and reviewing the newest VR interactive porn and sex androids here with the same snark and enthusiasm!

  315. Seeing your journey all together in one post like this is so impressive. From cats in bed to toys covering everything, you have definitely grown into your space well. I didn’t really ever give sex toys much thought beyond storefronts and reviews to check if the materials are cheap or not until I found this blog. There is literally SO much to learn from you about the body, the toys, and life in general and I love that. Talk about a lifestyle blog! *heart eyes*

  316. I’ve been following you for about 2 years now, and am also now trying to carve my path in sex educator/dancer and stuff like this makes me believe I can if I put in the hard work. Also been the first year i’ve ever orgasmed so….great milestones for us both 😛

  317. Oh this is such a wonderful write up. I’ve followed you for a long time and I’ve enjoyed growing along with you on our own respective sexual paths. I wish you absolutely all the best and I look forward to you continuing this work that’s so vital.

  318. Congratulations! Your site and writing have both entertained and informed me for years. I am now proud to be snobbish for sex toys but pre-piph I knew nothing about motor quality, toxic materials, or shops such as she vibe and tantus. I rave about it to pretty much who ever will listen! Thank you so much for putting years into this work!

  319. I just found your website (through the giveaway) but it looks so interesting and i cant wait to read and look at what you have

  320. Ah… this post is the kind of happiness that makes me pace around mid-reading because I’m just too excited. I’m so glad everything has worked out, even well enough that anon is… non! ☆ I always get a kick out of reading about your sex blogger friends; it’s such an inspiring connection.

  321. I’m actually fairly new to your blog but it is really comforting for me as someone who is jut now accepting her sexual desires and has always been told anything sexuality related was bad and wrong. To see someone so confortable in their life, career, body, and sexuality it makes me feel better because as much as I hate it I still sometimes feel like this is something wrong of me.

  322. so glad I found this in time to enter in the giveaway and send to a person I’m starting to see more frequently to start a conversation about how to integrate sex toys into our sex life!

  323. Congratulations! What you’ve built in this blog is an incredible amount of work, and I’m so glad that it’s paid off. It sounds like building a living out of writing, blogging, and sex toys hasn’t been the easiest road, but I think it’s incredible that you’ve done it (it’s pretty goddamn inspirational).

    I think I only found your blog 2-3 years ago, but it has played a key role in my own experience of sexuality… Reading your reviews, diaries, and descriptions of vaginal preferences — in tones across the spectrum of sincerity and snark — has made me more comfortable with sex as a concept and an experience. I haven’t made the plunge of picking up any products for myself, but if/when I do, I’ll be sure to check here for the best advice, and maybe a few laughs.

    You clearly put a lot of effort, research, and thought in your work, and it shows. Thank you for sharing what you do, and I wish you all the best going forward.

  324. It’s inspiring to see the evolution of your blog and your own sexuality all laid out in one post! It’s also humbling–by reading this I realized how much I still have to learn about my own body.

  325. The sex toy industry is this whole weird world full of drama and hilarity I never would have found out about without your blog. So thank you for teaching me that not every LELO toy is a good LELO toy, and that celebrity Oscar grab bags are always filled with gimmicky garbage. I’ve enjoyed every moment of reading about it all.

    Oh, and P.S.: as another person struggling with penetration, your black hole post is aspirational. I’m hoping someday I’ll finally be able enjoy that Pure Wand that’s jammed in the back of my closet. (Bad first toy decision. Very bad.)

  326. I’m sure it’s a cliché by now to call this “inspiring”, but I suppose clichés are a thing for a reason! I myself am at that weird stage of not knowing what’s going to happen with my life, but I’ve lately started forming ties with the people who comprise the fantasy silicone sex toy community (and even selling some of my own designs to stores!) and it’s really encouraging to read that this community might last and grow into something lifelong, as it did for you.

    (and as a side-note – our discord IS semi-public! 😉 )

  327. 10 years are an amazing accomplishment! You have so much work to be proud of. I have followed you for quiet some time, and hopefully you will still be going strong in the next ten year!

  328. 10 years are an amazing accomplishment! You have so much work to be proud
    of. I have followed you for quiet some time, and hopefully you will
    still be going strong in the next ten year.

  329. 10 years is impressive. i tried blogging once. it got old super quick and i gave up lol

    so grats to you on being passionate about it!

  330. I had honestly never heard of you a month ago, but now I’ve read a fair chunk of your reviews and my browser defaults to “shevibe” after just two letters.

  331. I only saw this site because a kinky friend was like, “Hey look, giveaways!” and while I usually just enter and leave, your site’s got my number. You’ve got a great personality and I would honestly trust your reviews with my life. Thanks for helping me find a christmas list that I could never give my mother!

  332. Your blog has been enriching my and my wifes sex and masturbation life for years nor, I only regret I did not find your page even earlier. Keep up the wonderful work! The world needs people like you!

  333. One of the best feelings in the world is feeling GOOD at something, feeling like an expert. The hard work you’ve put into this blog is a great reminder that sticking with something for so many years is the way to achieve that. It’s awe-inspiring what these past 10 years have brought you and brought your readers. I look forward to everything that is still yet to come.

  334. Your progress over your ten years of blogging is very inspiring and interesting to read (and see in action) – congratulations, and really excited to read more from you!!

  335. I’ve learned so much from the past year or so of reading your blog!! I love that there are still so many posts of yours that I have yet to read. Your writing is snarky and honest and often hilarious. This blog is truly a gem. I always check your blog before I buy a toy to see if you’ve reviewed it. Keep doing what you’re doing! Here’s to more!

  336. Good thing you had your own apartment when you started. My friend lived in a dorm and got hell from housemates when her roommate discovered her dildos.

  337. Congrats on 10 years! I’ve been reading your blog for 3 years now, and you truly changed my outlook on sex and sex toys. And it’s thanks to you that I can now recommend all my friends here, to decide on new toys! Keep on doing you, and congratulations! <3

  338. This is such an amazing life trajectory! I’m so jealous of your relationships with your friends, and all your sexy toy parties/orgies. You’re so lucky and knowledgeable! The snark certainly does help. 😛

  339. I have been following your blog since 2011, and reading about your #dildoholidays and meeting Aerie helped me be more open in my own life.

  340. An excellent summary of your past 10 years. Makes you really appreciate how far you’ve come. Congratulations on your tenure! You have much to be proud about. Hear’s to having a voice in the sex-positive and sex toy industry.

  341. It’s been a true pleasure reading your blog for around half of that decade. Thank you for everything. I can’t wait to see what comes out of the next 10!

  342. Reading your blog fulfills the part of me that just wants to have totally straight-forward and graphically descriptive conversations about sex with a best friend. Thank you for all the information I could ever hope to learn about the world of sex toys!

  343. I really admire what you do! Your dedication over a decade to reviewing the best (and the worst!) toys out there…you’ve gone through a lot for the greater good. You’ve saved me from purchasing toys with godawful glitches (Lelo SmartWand) and introduced me to awesome companies (HolePunch Toys, Shevibe), and I hope that you continue to provide your pithy insights for years to come.

  344. I love your dedication to making sex toys better and safer. Your reviews are honest and hilarious, and reading your blog has made me so much more confident in my own experimentations. I’m so glad you’ve found this little niche and I wish you all the best. Congrats on 10 years!

  345. Your blog is like the one thing I actually read as you release updates. I love your writing and sense of humor. I’m so happy to see you hit ten years! Here’s to ten more!

  346. You are a badass. I’m kind of in awe of you. I’m not that much younger than you, but you have come so far and broke out of that “shy” persona. I wish I could be half as confident about my life as you are about yours. (Also… I did NOT know you could make dildos at Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio! I go to Lincoln City every year and have always wanted to go to that shop just to blow something basic, but now that I know you can make dildos there, I’m definitely doing it!)

  347. I’ve been reading your blog for five years. Always, always, I learn something new. I am moved infinitely curious when you talk about sex and intimacy with your friends and partners, and would love to hear more about your experiences with non-monogamy (as more of the focus rather than as a side effect of your blogging? Even though I know the two are very much linked?). At any rate, it has been a pleasure to watch you and your blog grow and change, and I wish you many more years of doing what you love. Thank you for your work. <3

  348. I found your blog four or five years ago and I have learned so much from it. I don’t even think of picking out a sex toy without checking to see if you have a review out on it.

  349. Ten years is an accomplishment for a 9-5 job. Even harder on with a more ‘typical’ small business. And then you go and not only run a very successful site, but also help others in your field with classes and dildoholidays. Putting aside that the work you do is informative and inclusive in a field which is frequently not, you are a shining example of what a great writer, and mentor, truly is.

  350. We all know the story: girl grows up in a sexually-repressed household but she’s got a lot of Questions and Feelings (and internet), girl goes to college, girl decides to buy a vibrator but has no idea what she’s doing so she goes to the internet, girl finds an amazing sex toy review blog, girl becomes a fan, girl opens up and further embraces her sexuality, girl keeps coming back to blog for 5-6 years, girl is now queer kinky twentysomething nerd who’s loving herself more every day but still has big sparkly dreams of a walk-in toy closet. Classic. But really, thank you for so much and congratulations on 10 years of pervy magic! <3

  351. Started reading your blog 7 years ago, a little skeptical that sex toys could really be as magical and mind-opening as you made them seem. 7 years and 10 different “best purchase I’ve made in my life” experiences later, I take your word as gospel and your story as inspiration. You and everything you do are wonderful, please never stop.

  352. congratulations on your success, your gifts to us are very much appreciated. you are the light in the darkness, the shining night to carry us into the sunset. you are amazing and im happy to have followed your journey and will follow you through many more.

  353. I can honestly say you are the reason behind most of my toy purchases and let’s say you have yet to let me down! Thank you and your body for all the hard work of testing everything out for us!

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