Obama will be president, and seven other awesome things

Image by Buchino.

Barack Obama will be our next president. I’m not a hugely political person, but I was worried all day and now I’m excited as fuck. I feel so lucky to be alive for this election and this presidency. I squealed inside when Obama said “gay” during his victory speech. Although other states have these ridiculous homophobic ballot measures passing, at least our next president isn’t homophobic.

And now onto things that will sound superficial in comparison, but hey…

  1. I am now reviewing sex toys and porn for XCritic. My first review, of AbbyWinters’s “Girls Who Lust,” is already up. I’ve found that porn takes a lot more time to review.
  2. Blogger Ansley Agnello is sending me a sample of Pure Passion arousal lube. Yes! I’ve heard such mixed reviews. I must know if it works for me. Plus, I really want to find an arousal lube that actually results in arousal.
  3. My boyfriend and I went to our local sex shop to buy a couple things, and came back with two flavors of System JO lube and a bullet vibe. Not sure if I’ll ever review them, since I have so much other stuff I have to review, but the lube is delicious and the vibe is decent.
  4. I will soon be reviewing toys for SexToy as well!
  5. Bo, the cock ring that LELO sent me, came in the mail last night.
  6. I will be receiving a wonderful For Your Nymphomation case of some sort in the mail! Excellent, as my toys are starting to really not fit in my current case.
  7. A very strange rabbit vibrator came to me. It’s Japanese, aqua blue, and came with a condom and a little jar of — I’m guessing, since there is no label — lube. I’m a little freaked out. The clit stimulator looks like an octopus tentacle.

So, as you can see, I’m swamped with toys. And I love it! Is it possible that I am biting off more than I can chew (especially with school quietly happening in the background)? Oh yes, but I don’t care. I love sex toys, I love reviewing, and I can’t turn down a good opportunity. Expect a lot of reviews soon!