Epiphora-approved sex toy shops

Sex-positive retailers that have earned my stamp of approval.

Dildos on display, courtesy of Early to Bed, one of my favorite indie sex shops.
Dildos on display, courtesy of Early to Bed, one of my favorite indie sex shops.

In the market for a new sex toy? Here are the retailers and manufacturers I trust. (And here are the places you should avoid like the plague.)

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Looking for incredible selection and excellent deals? SheVibe is the place for you! I love them in unnatural ways and they carry a ton of good stuff, including more obscure sex toy brands — such as SelfDelve, Crystal Delights, Hole Punch, Number One Laboratory (makers of the BJ Dildo), Pris Toys, and Funkit Toys  — that can be hard to find in other shops.

Visit my landing page for all my favorite toys in one place, and see their latest sales here.

Spectrum Boutique

Spectrum Boutique is a hip, modern Detroit-based online sex shop dedicated to body-safe toys and radical inclusion. With a curated selection of products (they stock a bunch of my favorite things, including the Jollet and Inclusion Harness!) and a refreshing lack of gendered language, their site is a haven of sex-positivity.

Get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.


Black- and trans-owned Enby is a brand new online sex shop focused on affirmation and pleasure for ALL. They stock sex toys, gender-affirming products, and “enby” swag and home goods, striving to create a more comfortable sex toy shopping experience for queer, trans, and non-binary people. 2% of proceeds are donated to a rotating list of underfunded organizations focused on improving the lives of queer/trans people of color.

Get 10% off your order at Enby with code EPIPHORA.


Shopping overseas? Lovehoney is the leader in the game, with locations in the U.S.Canada, EUAustralia, New ZealandGermany, and France. They are fast, discreet, and reliable.

Check out their latest deals and get 15% off your order by visiting my landing page or using coupon code EPIPHORA15.

Come As You Are

Shopping in Canada? I implore you, look no further than Come As You Are, one of Canada’s best indie sex shops! They have probably the biggest selection of Fuze toys around, along with handmade and unique products such as Lovecrafters silicone toys, Cannalife Botanicals, Sili Saddle, and tons o’ Canadian-made goodies.

My favorite things are listed right here, and here’s their sale section.

Early to Bed

Early to Bed is an adorable indie sex shop in Chicago run by one of the sweetest (and most hilarious) people I’ve met in the industry. They go the extra mile with their online store, shooting their own product photos and writing their own pros/cons for each toy. That’s passion, right there. Here are my favorite things that they carry.

Get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.

Peepshow Toys

Peepshow Toys is an online-only sex shop dedicated to body-safe toys. I’m really into their excellent sales and curated selection; they stock a lot of my favorite things including the limited edition Splendid Piph dildo, my two favorite Hitachi attachments, the LELO Ella, Leaf Life, and the NobEssence Seduction.

Get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.

Smitten Kitten

Do you love progressive, indie sex shops? Then you absolutely must support Minneapolis-based Smitten Kitten, whose owner was one of the first to speak out against toxic toys. Feminist to the core, Smitten Kitten’s selection includes unique products such as acrylic dildospronoun buttonsvaginal pain relief products, and small manufacturers such as Hole Punch Toys and Fuze.

Get 20% off your order with code HEYEPIPHORA.

She Bop

It’s the best little sex shop in Portland, Oregon: She Bop! Their selection is top-notch and quirky, including dildos and plugs from Portland Toy Company, a queer truth or dare game, and locally-made leather gear and stainless steel claws. Everything’s body-safe, and they have a section highlighting BIPOC Creators too!

Get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.

The Pleasure Garden is a lovely indie sex shop based in the UK. They offer a curated selection of the highest quality, body-safe sex toys and an inclusive online shopping experience.

Be sure to visit my page of favorite toys, and get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.

I have such love for Nikki Darling, a little online shop based in Australia. From the start, they’ve offered an approachable and gender-free shopping experience, with a catalog that is heavily influenced by bloggers’ opinions and, as they call it, “road-testing.” Imagine that! Owner Lauren is a gem, and can we talk about their adorable sex toy pins?!

Get 5% off your order with code EPIPHORA.


Independent feminist shop Passionfruit opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia in 1998, and they ship to both Australia and New Zealand! They’re known for their carefully-selected range of sex toys, lingerie, and bondage products, and I AGREE — they stock heaps of my faves.

Get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.

Betty's Toy Box

Betty’s Toy Box is a feminist and family-run online sex toy store. Each product has been hand-picked by founder and owner Carolyn Eagle for its quality, style and potential for pleasure. Betty’s offers a safe, fun, informative and sex-positive online shopping atmosphere. Check out my favorites list, and get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.

Naughty North

Calling all Canadians! Like its sister store Betty’s Toy Box, Naughty North is a feminist and family-run online sex toy store that offers a friendly, safe, informative, inclusive and sex positive-atmosphere. They stock a range of pleasure products suitable for every budget. Get 10% off your order with code EPIPHORA.


Babeland has street cred, and for good reason: they were one of the first feminist sex shops, and they’re picky about their toys (like me!). Here are my favorite things they stock. Be sure to visit their sales page while you’re there.

Good Vibrations

GoodVibes is a well-known shop that’s been around forever. Check out my favorite toys that they carry, and here’s what’s currently on sale.

Straight from the manufacturer

Get 10% off your order at Fun Factory with code EPIPHORA

Playful German company Fun Factory has been making high-quality silicone vibrators, dildos, anal toys, kegel balls, and more since 1996 — their coolest innovation being their pulsators, which thrust rather than vibrate (I loooove the Stronic G and Surf, as evidenced in my reviews), and the highly versatile Volta (the best clitoral toy they make, in my opinion).

Fun Factory’s Bootie is my all-time favorite silicone anal plug, I enjoy the odd sensations of the Bouncer and B Ball Uno, and the Tiger G5 and Big Boss G5 are impressively powerful vibrators for your money. They also make menstrual cups, which I reviewed here.

Get 10% off your purchase at Fun Factory with code EPIPHORA!


We-Vibe makes bomb-ass vibrators such as the tiny but mighty Tango X and Touch X (my review), versatile G-spottin’ Rave (my review), ergonomic rabbit Nova (my thoughts), excellent cock ring Pivot, and intuitive Wand. My favorite Womanizer model, by far, is the Pro40. Especially the attractive Lovehoney edition.

Get 5% off your order on We-Vibe with code WV-EPIPHORA, or Womanizer with code WMZ-EPIPHORA!


Tantus, makers of lovely 100% silicone dildos and plugs, has an AMAZING closeout section. Also check the Grab Bag, where you can get highly-discounted toys in surprise (and unique!) colors. My favorite Tantus toys are the Cush O2 (my review), Magma (my review), Echo (my review), and Ryder (my review). See more here! They even stock the Magic Wand Rechargeable and Doxy.

Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights makes gorgeous glass toys with Swarovski crystals in their bases. My favorite toys of theirs are the Crystal Twist (my review) and Star Delight (my review), but they also make beautiful butt plugs, some with fluffy animal tails, others with fantastically-colored tails. By shopping directly with them, you can customize your toy to your heart’s content and earn loyalty points toward future purchases.

Bonus: get 15% off with code EPIPHORA.


Luxury sex toy brand LELO is hit-and-miss, but their solid offerings include the Mona 2 (my gushing review), Siri 2 (my review), Tor 2 cock ring, and Luna Beads (my review). TOR

The Dame Kip — a pinpoint rechargeable vibe with rumbly vibrations — is one of my favorite bullet vibes, and I love their minty and long-lasting Arousal Serum. Get 10% off at Dame with code EPIPHORA.

If you like your dildos small batch and hand-crafted, you will love Portland Toy Company. Founded by a non-binary queer femme, all their silicone toys are individually cast, so no two are exactly alike. I love the intense Prism, designed to mimic the sensation of fisting, and their Jewel is an adorable introductory butt plug.


Lovense is known for making bluetooth remote-controlled long-distance toys such as the Lush, HushNora, and Max. Cam performers in particular love their toys, as they’re all tip-responsive and programmable.


Liberator makes what they call “bedroom adventure gear.” In layman’s terms, SEX FURNITURE. Their positioning pillows are amazing for propping up during sex; my favorite is the classic Wedge. They also make the lifesaving Fascinator Throw, a waterproof blanket. Squirters rejoice!

10% off at Sliquid with code EPIIPHORA10

Sliquid is my favorite lube BY FAR. Get 10% off your order in their shop with code EPIPHORA10.

Twisted Monk

Twisted Monk is the most trusted name in bondage rope. They make classic hemp rope, as well as exotic ropes such as bamboo, silk, cotton, SPARKLE, and electro-conductive. Their site is a wonderland of rope kits, accessories, and educational materials. I love their Curiosity Candles for wax play, too.

Get free U.S. shipping with code HEYEPIPHORA, and be sure to check out their ever-changing limited edition Color of the Month rope!


My boyfriend is IN LOVE with his Fleshlight. It’s the world’s most well-known penis sleeve for a reason: solid quality, luscious material, wide variety of internal textures. Build the exact one you want on Fleshlight’s site!


Tenga is a Japanese company known for their unique and well-loved penis strokers. They also produce toys for clits and vaginas in their soft and squeezable Iroha line. Get 15% off at Tenga with code EPIPHORA.

Split Peaches

Need a dildo shaped like a unicorn horn? Split Peaches has you covered! This little USA-based operation makes platinum cure silicone toys in an array of shapes, textures, and colors. Get 15% off your order with code EPIPHORA.


Might I interest you in a fruit- or vegetable-shaped sex toy? That’s the domain of German company SelfDelve. They make 100% silicone dildos shaped like corn, bananas, picklescarrots, cucumberseggplants, and asparagus, and more. Some of their toys even use thermochromic pigments, so they change color with temperature. See this in action on a banana dildo here.

Use code EPIPHORA for 5% off your order at SelfDelve.

Hole Punch Toys

This little operation in Saint Paul, Minnesota, makes hand-poured silicone sex toys in fantastical shapes, such as carrot and radish butt plugs, popsicle dildosice cream anal toysrocket ship strap-ons, and even a dildo shaped like a wine bottle. I reviewed their stuff here and here, crowning the Fluke and Ass Cram Cone my favorites (for vag cramming).

Get free U.S. shipping at Hole Punch Toys with code EPIPHORA.


LuzArte is the manufacturer of amazing Jollies toys like the Jollet. Use code EPIPHORA at check-out to get 15% off your entire order from their store, which offers dildos with custom items embedded in them (!!!) as well as bath products and silicone cannabis accessories.

Sex blog web hosting + resources


If you’re looking to start up a sex blog (or any type of blog or website really), I highly recommend my host, DreamHost, for your website hosting needs. They’re cool with adult content, have great support, and they give you free Who.is privacy protection with any domain! I use their robust DreamPress service, which also includes daily back-ups and a faster server.

Other tools I use and recommend:

  • ThemeForest and Themify — awesome sources of quality WordPress themes!
  • Quickbooks — a complete life-saver for keeping track of my blogging expenses
  • Moo — the spot for cute business cards
  • ThirstyAffiliates — WordPress plugin for creating cloaked/branded links
  • Relevanssi — WordPress plugin for customizing on-site search results
  • Mailchimp and Mailerlite — for sending email newsletters
  • Gleam — for creating fancy online giveaways