The Shit List: sex toy companies you should avoid like the plague

You already know which sex toy shops and manufacturers I support. Here are the ones I don’t.


If a retailer isn’t on this list, are they safe to shop with? Not necessarily, since I can’t keep track of the scads of sketchy retailers. Your best best is to purchase from one of the shops I trust. — Yeah, I said it. There are a lot of reasons not to shop on Amazon for sex toys. If you purchase from a trusted sex toy retailer instead, you’re ensured good customer service from good people and I get a much higher percentage of the sale. If you value the work I do, I would appreciate it. — Historically unethical. They treat their employees like shit and fire them suddenly, try to weasel their way out of giving rewards they promised to customers, have zero regard for privacy, and quite possibly send out used sex toys. Their laundry list of fuck-ups goes back to at least 2007. Read my 9,000-word screed about them for all the details.


If a sex toy maker isn’t on this list, does that mean they’re ethical? Sadly, no. I’m bad at keeping this list updated, and it’s hard to know when a sex toy company veers from “ugh” into “avoid like the plague.”

Pipedream — This is one of the biggest sex toy manufacturers in existence, but the only one which has demonstrated a complete lack of class. Their “Fuck Me Silly” line is super misogynist and racist, and they think that is how men want it. They ripped off njoy’s amazing toy designs and cast them in sketchier materials. They made light of sex crimes with their JLaw sex doll. Here’s a thorough run-down of why Pipedream sucks.

Satisfyer — The owner is a misogynist. Receipts forthcoming.

Shiri Zinn — Has tried to censor reviews to fit their nonsensical and sex-negative standards. Likes to threaten people with lawsuits. Unless you absolutely must have their cupcake-shaped vibrator, this’ll be an easy one.

Velvet Nest — At least 7 people have ordered from this company and never received anything. The company doesn’t respond to emails, leaving customers to open PayPal disputes to get their money back. Artemisia wrote about her experience with them.