The coolest people I know live on the internet.

Want to expand your sex blog horizons? Good! You should! Below I’ve listed tons of awesome blogs, many of which include sex toy reviews, but I’m always keeping an eye out for more.

Bloggers around a big table, with their laptops out and surrounded by dildos.

Are you looking for…

…sex toy reviews from cis 1 men?

Bobby Box, The Big Gay Review, The Intellectual Homosexual, Obsession Rouge, Squirrelmunk, Unchaste Ray.

…sex blogs written by trans or gender non-conforming people?

Betty Butch (non-binary), Bex Talks Sex (trans guy), Dildoodler (non-binary), EROcentric (non-binary), Frost Toy Reviews (non-binary trans guy), I’m an Adult (genderfluid), Insert Trans Here (trans woman), Kade Cooks (video reviews from a trans man), Kelvin Sparks (intersex trans guy), Mason Luke (video reviews from a trans man), Mx.ed Reviews (non-binary/trans masc), Mx Nillin (non-binary), On Queer Street (genderqueer trans masc), The Palimpsex (genderqueer), Quenby (non-binary queer), Sugarbutch Chronicles (non-binary), Taylor J. Mace (non-binary), Trashy Femme Talks (non-binary), Witch of the Wands (non-binary demigirl).

…sex blogs written by people of color?

Adult Conversations, The Aqua Kink, Cara Thereon, Dildo or Dildon’t, Fairy Cake’s Land, Hot Mess Empress, Javay Da BAE (videos), Mollena, Mx.ed Reviews, theNotice (also a beauty blog), Sexology Bae, Shakira Scott, Super Smash Cache, Trashy Femme Talks, Unchaste Ray.

…sex toy guidance for folks with disabilities?

Andrew Gurza (who produces the Disability After Dark podcast), Arousibility, Being the Little Spoon, Betty Butch, Chronic Sex (with TONS of additional resources and links), Cripping Up Reviews, Girly Juice, Hedonish, Helen’s Toy Box, Nicole Guappone, theNotice, The Palimpsex, Sugarcunt Writes, and Taylor J. Mace.

…other prolific and trustworthy sex toy reviewers?

In addition to those listed already: Backwoods Bedroom, Girly Juice (who also writes tons of other fantastic content), The Ins and Outs with Erika Lynae (video reviews!) Miss Ruby Reviews, Phallophile Reviews, Princess Previews.

More blogs I enjoy

Retired blogs

These blogs haven’t been updated in a while, but I can’t bear to remove them from my blogroll. Their archives still hold many treasures!

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