Best sex toy deals for Black Friday + Cyber Monday! (2023)

Fill your baskets and your holes. These are the best prices you'll find on sex toys all year!

Epiphora's Black Friday sex toy sales and deals!
Illustration by Addison Finch.
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updated 12/13!

Need more sex toys for your black holes? Behold, my epic guide to the best sex toy deals has arrived! If you’ve been waiting to buy the vibrator, dildo, or butt plug of your dreams, now’s your chance. These are the best prices and sweeping discounts you’ll find all year. I won’t make a big bang joke, I won’t make a big bang joke…

To keep you abreast, I have a detailed list of the lowest prices on my all-time favorite toys. And as always, I have exclusive codes you won’t find anywhere but here, giving you special discounts and free stuff, including a cute mug, a mystery glass toy, and a bottle of nice lube! Also, incredibly, a whole We-Vibe or Womanizer toy. Whoa!

Live outside the US?

I would never forget you! Click here to jump to international retailers. I have sweet deals from Lovehoney (worldwide), Come As You Are (Canada), and The Pleasure Garden (UK).

Table o’ contents (updated 12/13!)

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The best deals on my all-time faves!

Want to score the best prices on my all-time favorite toys? Here, the results of my freakishly detailed spreadsheet.

Magic Wand Rechargeable — still available as of 12/13!

A cordless version of the legendary powerhouse — my favorite quick orgasm tool.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is the most-used vibrator I own, and one that serves a vital purpose: guaranteed, extremely low-effort orgasms. It envelopes my vulva with powerful vibrations, whether I’m wearing pants or not. OH, AND IT LASTS 4.5 HOURS ON A CHARGE. (Read my review and my follow-up.)

njoy Pure Wand — still available as of 12/13!

A life-changing G-spotting dildo that makes me gush like a geyser.

njoy Pure Wand

Two spheres of extreme G-spot stimulation. One and a half pounds. The sex toy, the legend. This parenthesis-shaped stainless steel dildo altered my perception of sexual pleasure forever. I’ve still yet to find another toy that makes me squirt as effortlessly and intensely. (Read my review.)

Fun Factory Volta — still available as of 12/13!

A powerful, dual-tipped vibe that always satisfies.

Fun Factory Volta

I often crave the Volta specifically. It hits the spot in a way other toys don’t, with a robust motor and tantalizing sensations that vary depending on how the toy is held. Adaptable to a variety of genitals, this is the epitome of a versatile vibrator. It’s the best external vibe Fun Factory’s ever made. (Read my review and my follow-up.)

njoy Pure Plugs — still available as of 12/13!

Butt plug perfection. And I don’t use that word lightly.

njoy Pure Plugs

The Pure Plugs are flawless. They’re the best butt plugs I’ve ever tried. Stainless steel is a beautiful anal toy material, adding a sensation of weightiness that really enhances the pleasure. Secure as fuck, easy to remove, and available in 3 sizes. Put one in your ass, be astounded, THE END. (Read my review.)

We-Vibe Touch X + Tango X — still available as of 12/13!

The epitome of “small yet mighty.”

We-Vibe Touch X and Tango X

When it comes to petite clitoral vibes, We-Vibe has long been a frontrunner. With amazing motors and a host of upscale features, the Touch X and Tango X are some of the finest bullet vibes money can buy. Both are small enough to nestle in the palm and impressively powerful, with deliciously rumbly vibrations. Especially the Tango, d-d-dang. (Read my review.)

Liberator Wedge + Throw — still available as of 12/13!

Upgrade your sex life with a supportive pillow and waterproof blanket.

Liberator Wedge and Throw

Sex positions are infinitely better — and oh my god, easier — with the Wedge. With a core made of furniture-grade foam, it’s far more supportive and stable than a pile of pillows. The Throw, a magical waterproof blanket, is another staple. It’ll catch any liquid I throw (or squirt) at it. (Read my review.)

Fun Factory Stronics

Self-thrusting toys that pummel my G-spot with very little effort.

Fun Factory Stronic line: Surf, Real, Petite

The word “revolutionary” gets thrown around a lot in this industry, but Fun Factory’s Stronic line actually earned it. These near-silent toys stroke my G-spot like robotic lovers. And I barely have to do anything! So lazy. So good. I feel blessed to have experienced this technology in my lifetime. (Read my review.)

BMS Pillow Talk Sassy

If I had to recommend just one vibrator, it’d be this puppy.

BMS Pillow Talk Sassy

The Sassy is a diamond in the rough. It’s one of those rare vibrators I can recommend to almost anybody — which, as a sex toy reviewer, is basically the holy grail. We all deserve a vibrator of this caliber: rechargeable, versatile, highly adjustable, and super rumbly. It makes me wonder aloud, “how are you so good?” (Read my review.)

Satisfyer Pro 2

Comfort, satisfaction, and affordability collide.

Satisfyer Pro 2

In a universe jam-packed with air flow toys, I’ve found the Satisfyer Pro 2 to be one of the best. The price is unbeatable, for one, but it’s also well-designed, with a comfortable handle and a wide, rounded opening. The stimulation — a deep thrumming sensation — surpasses similar toys in both power and quality. (The Womanizer Classic and Premium feel even better, but they cost a lot more.)

Je Joue Mimi + Bullets

A powerful, pebble-shaped mini vibe + cute bullets with nice vibrations.

Je Joue Mimi, Vita, and G-Spot Bullet

Je Joue sure knows how to build a vibrator. The versatile Mimi is an exceptionally powerful external vibe, besting many bullets in the category, and its purr is undeniably satisfying. The Bullets, available in a few styles now, deliver Je Joue’s signature fluttery vibrations in whichever shape most appeals to you. (Read my review of the Mimi and my review of the Bullets.)

Magic Wand Mini

A portable version of the legend, and boy do I want to take it everywhere.

Magic Wand Mini

The Magic Wand Mini stole my heart pretty much immediately. It’s significantly smaller than the Magic Wand Rechargeable, but not too small to skimp on power. Plus, it doesn’t vibrate my hand, and it lasts decades (3.5 hours) on a charge. I reach for it a lot.

We-Vibe Rave 2

An incredible G-spotter, clitoral vibe, and long-distance toy — all in one.

We-Vibe Rave 2

It was love the moment I touched the Rave to my clit. This new second generation version ups the ante in all the best ways, adding significantly more rumbly power in addition to a softer silicone exterior and revamped controls. It has a phone app for long-distance play, but what really takes this toy to superstar level is its curved, asymmetrical shaft. It makes my G-spot sing. (Read my review.)

Uberrime Splendid

A perfectly-proportioned soft dildo. No notes.

The Splendid Piph

Oh my, this is a damn good dildo. The Splendid’s shape gives me everything my vagina needs with its sleek curve, bulbous head, and perfect length and girth. It’s so well-designed I had a special edition version made in my blog color! (Read my review.)

WOW Tech / We-Vibe Romp Hype

An astonishingly affordable, rumbly vibrator with extra reach.

WOW Tech / We-Vibe Romp Hype

Don’t be fooled by the Hype’s basic appearance. This vibrator is LEGIT. Rumbly, shockingly powerful, and absurdly inexpensive. I love it for external stimulation — the elongated shape helps me access my clit without reaching, and the firmness requires no extra pressure. Oh yeah, and it lasts 2.5 frickin’ hours on a charge! (Read my review.)

BMS Pillow Talk Racy

A wee little toy that kinda rules.

BMS Pillow Talk Racy

Like its larger counterpart, Sassy, the bullet-sized Racy rises above the competition for a few reasons: its accessible price, its nice vibrations, and its continuum of vibration intensities. Imagine not being confined to 3-5 settings! Other toys are flashier, but the Racy gets the job done well at an unbeatable price.

LELO Mona 2

Versatile as fuck, with a shape that fits between the labia like a dream.

LELO Mona 2

Here’s a long-time favorite of mine that is only worth buying during Black Friday when it doesn’t cost a fortune. The well-rounded Mona 2 feels awesome both internally and externally. Its wide range of vibration intensities suit my genitals’ any mood, and it holds a charge extremely well. (Read my review.)

PalmPower Extreme

An adjustable, super-powered wand to finish you off ASAP.

BMS PalmPower Extreme

Speaking of adjustable vibrations, here’s a WAND that has them! The PalmPower Extreme is ergonomically angled, lasts 2.4 hours on a charge, and brings the vibrations in a big way. It’s not quite Magic Wand Rechargeable intensity, but close, and the motor is satisfyingly rumbly. (Read my review.)

SheVibe — up to 25% off everything

BEST FOR: my favorite things and orders over $125, for stuff like the Magic Wand Rechargeable and much-loved brands such as Vixen, Uberrime, NY Toy Collective, Chakrubs, Crystal Delights, Pris Toys, SelfDelve, and Hole Punch.

15% off my favorites at SheVibe with code PIPHBF

SheVibe is my favorite online shop EVER. Ever ever ever. Not only is it run by amazing, supportive people, their selection is also super comprehensive and virtually unparalleled. It’s a one-stop-shopping locale for sure. As always, we set up an exclusive deal for you: 15% off my favorite items with code PIPHBF, no minimum order, through Monday 11/27 PST.

Otherwise, SheVibe has an escalating sale going on: the more you buy, the more you save!

  • 10% off orders $75+ and free US shipping with code SANTA
  • 15% off orders $100+ and free US shipping with code SANTA
  • 20% off orders $125+ and free US shipping with code SANTA
  • 25% off orders $350+ and free US shipping with code SANTA

As you can see, it’s best to spend over $125 to get the higher discount, so now’s the time to pick up a spendy but glorious toy such as the Magic Wand Rechargeable, Fun Factory Stronic, or Doxy Wand. If you get just a couple of my favorite things, you’ll probably enter the $125+ threshold. Like the Pure Wand + Throw for squirting magic, or Joque harness + Splendid for epic strap on play!

SheVibe has a very wide selection of Vixen, Liberator, NY Toy Collective, and Uberrime. They’re one of a few shops that stock less common brands such as Chakrubs, Pris Toys, SelfDelve, Hole Punch, Deep Fantasies, Phreak, Fuze, and Uncover Creations. Browse away!

Peepshow Toys — up to 55% off my faves + 20% off everything

BEST FOR: anyone wanting a sweeping discount, honestly. Nearly the best prices anywhere on many toys, including the Pure Wand, Sassy, Satisfyer Pro 2, Tango X and Touch X, and much more.

Exclusive Piph deals at Peepshow Toys

I went balls to the wall again with Peepshow Toys: we set up Epiphora-exclusive deals on a bunch of my favorites! The discounts are staggering — 25% off to 55% off, making these prices so good that few shops on this page can match them.

Hop on this, yo. It’s good shit. Through Wednesday 11/29 EST or while supplies last.

Peepshow Toys storewide savings

The cherry on top: there are storewide savings too! Get 20% off your entire purchase (or 25% off if you spend $325+) through Wednesday 11/29 EST. Check the blowout deals for deeper discounts and browse my favorites page for ideas.

Fun Factory US — 30% off + free lube + money back!

BEST FOR: a big-ass discount on all Fun Factory toys, such as the Stronics and Volta, plus a free bottle of lube and store credit!

30% off at Fun Factory + free lube!

Fun Factory makes some of my favorite toys on earth, and they rarely go on sale, so this is THE time to buy. Get 30% off at Fun Factory US through Wednesday 11/29, and earn up to $65 store credit to use for a later purchase!

For my peeps only, a sweet freebie: if you spend over $119 (after discount), use code PIPHBF23 to get a free 2oz bottle of Sutil Rich lube ($19 value). You must add the lube to your cart — then use code PIPHBF23 at check-out.

  • 30% off all Fun Factory toys
  • 10% off other brands (Liberator, Sliquid, Spareparts, Sutil, and Seagrape) when purchased with any Fun Factory toy
  • Up to $65 credit for a later order when you spend $125 or more!1
    • Spend $125, get $25 for later
    • Spend $175, get $45 for later
    • Spend $225, get $65 for later

What are my recommendations? Where to begin! I’m really into their recently-released Laya III, an ergonomic external vibe with thrummy vibrations. Also the Vim, a shockingly rumbly wand. I’m forever obsessed with the Volta, which is easily my favorite vibrator Fun Factory makes and now comes in a gorgeous sapphire blue.

The self-thrusting Stronic G, Stronic Surf, and Sundaze stroke my G-spot with incredible ease, and you know I am ALL ABOUT that life. The Bootie is my top silicone butt plug, I enjoy the odd sensations of the Bouncer, and the Tiger, Patchy Paul, and Big Boss are impressively powerful vibrators for your money. Fun Factory makes solid toys, man, damn.

Liberator — 25% off everything + free gifts — ongoing

BEST FOR: positioning pillows, sex blankets, and free gifts, oh my!

25% off sitewide at Liberator

Current deal: 25% off everything+ free gifts with code SEDUCE

Get 25% off sitewide at Liberator with code SEDUCE, plus free gifts and free shipping in the continental U.S. with orders over $75.

Liberator makes the lifesaving Fascinator Throw (also available in a mini size), an ingenious waterproof blanket. Squirters rejoice! If you need to prop yourself up better, during sex or (let’s be honest) otherwise, Liberator’s supportive and comfy positioning pillows are amazing; my favorite is the Wedge. Scoop up these sex enhancers at great prices!

Liberator sells a bunch of sex toys too, so BEHOLD:

Here are a few of the free gifts:

  • Free “I Masturbate” T-shirt with any Womanizer or We-Vibe purchase
  • Free choice of gift, including storage bags and toy pad, with orders over $249
  • Free LELO Tiani 2 with any LELO purchase over $89


Line of various country flags

Lovehoney (worldwide) — 15% off on top of sale prices — thru 12/5!

BEST FOR: amazing prices on We-Vibe and Womanizer, plus dirt cheap toybox staples.

Extra 15% off the up to 70% off sale at Lovehoney

Current deal: 15% off on top of sale prices, through 12/5

Popular worldwide sex toy shop Lovehoney is giving my peeps an additional 15% off their sale, which features products up to 70% off, through 12/5. Visit my landing page to receive the additional 15% off, or use code EPIPHORA15.

Most of the sale items are from We-Vibe, Womanizer, and Lovehoney. Thanks to this discount stacking, you can score the Tango X for $54 and the Touch X for $67. The Womanizer Pro40, a solid and well-designed air flow toy, is just $67. The bite-sized Starlet is $33, and the Womanizer Classic is $67. Lovehoney is the place to score special editions of these toys, such as the sexy black Nova 2 ($67).

Many of Lovehoney’s already-affordable products are now shockingly cheap — round out your toybox with the Booty Buddy ($11) and Supersex Glass Dildo Set ($20 for TWO DILDOS!).

Come As You Are (CA) — 25% off everything + free gift

BEST FOR: Canadians, eh, or Americans wanting to take advantage of the exchange rate, because holy shit.

25% off and a free gift at Come As You Are with code PIPHBF

Through Wednesday 11/29 EST, get a steep 25% off everything2 (and a free gift worth $15!) at fabulous Canadian indie sex shop Come As You Are with code PIPHBF. Did you know they’re a worker-owned co-operative?

My favorite toys are all listed here, and the exchange rate is such that if you’re an American, many toys are at their best price anywhere.3 For example!

Passionfruit (AU/NZ) — 35% off my faves

BEST FOR: Australians and New Zealanders with excellent taste.

35% off Epiphora's favorites at Passionfruit with code PIPHBF

You read correctly: 35% off! Independent feminist shop Passionfruit is known for their carefully-selected range of products, and I AGREE. They’re offering 25% off everything right now, through 11/27 AEST.

Then we struck an additional one-day-only deal: 35% off anything on my favorites page on Friday, 11/24 with code PIPHBF. Since they carry heaps of stuff I love, enjoy an incredible discount on wonderful toys like the Dame Kip, We-Vibe Rave 2, Fun Factory Volta, BMS Sassy, and many more.

The Pleasure Garden (UK) — 20% off everything

BEST FOR: my friends across the pond wishing to support a small biz.

20% off orders over £50 at The Pleasure Garden with code PIPHBF

The Pleasure Garden is an inclusive indie sex shop based in the UK. They stock a curated selection of high-quality, body-safe sex toys, and they ship worldwide. Use code PIPHBF for 20% off orders over £50, through Thursday 11/30 GMT. If you’re in the UK, shipping is free!

Grab one of my vetted picks, like the LELO Ella, Satisfyer Pro 2, Spareparts Joque harness, or anything else your heart and genitals desire.

Line of various country flags

Spectrum Boutique — 20% off my faves + up to 40% off top brands

BEST FOR: toys I love such as the Jollet, Romp Hype, Pris Toys Nova, Le Wand Arch, Tantus Magma, and BJ Dildo, and anything you want from top brands.

20% off my faves at Spectrum Boutique

Spectrum Boutique is a rad sex shop dedicated to body-safe toys and radical inclusion. Their curated selection is extremely on point, and you can get 20% off my favorites now through Wednesday 11/29 EST with code PIPHBF. No minimum purchase to get this discount — hell yes! Another reason to shop with Spectrum? Their loyalty program awards you points for every dollar spent.

They’re also slashing prices on a bazillion popular brands. Visit their sale page for all the included items, or check out their FAQ for specific details. Here are the notable brands on sale (my code won’t give an additional discount on these):

We-Vibe + Womanizer — up to 50% off + free high-end toy! — thru 12/4!

BEST FOR: a rad deal on We-Vibe and Womanizer toys. I mean, that’s obvious. But these companies make excellent stuff.

Up to 50% off + FREE We-Vibe toy with orders over $160

Current deal: up to 50% off + free high-end toy, through 12/4

Been wanting something from We-Vibe or Womanizer? Get up to 50% off their toys through Monday 12/4, with some pretty incredible free gifts:

  • Spend over $160 at We-Vibe and receive a FREE We-Vibe toy (you can see which one by visiting your cart) and a deck of Come Together Cards
  • Spend over $150 at Womanizer and receive a FREE Womanizer Starlet 2

We-Vibe makes many exceptional toys. The Tango X and Touch X are some of the rumbliest mini vibes out there, and the Rave 2 is a wonderfully versatile G-spottin’ toy with long-distance functionality. I’m also a fan of the Pivot cock ring and ergonomic rabbit vibe Nova 2.

Alert! We-Vibe still has the original Tango, and it’s only $39. If your main use for the Tango will be in other toys, like dildos and harnesses, the original is a much better choice.

Up to 50% off at Womanizer + FREE Womanizer Starlet 2 with orders over $150

Get up to 50% off at Womanizer through Monday 12/4, plus a FREE Womanizer Starlet 2 with orders over $150. Wow! That rules.

The Pro40 is my top pick because it strikes the best balance between size, shape, and price, and it’s only $69 in this sale! But if you want the latest and greatest, the Classic 2 and Premium 2 boast luxury features and optimized air flow stimulation.

Tantus — 45% off everything

BEST FOR: really cheap silicone dildos and butt plugs, such as the Magma ($29!), Acute ($23!), and Ryder ($21!).

45% off at Tantus

Silicone wonders can be yours with 45% off all Tanuts toys, Friday 11/24 through Sunday 11/26, with code BF45.4 It’s the perfect time to stock up on quality dildos and plugs that’ll last you a lifetime!

Tantus makes many things I love. My favorite anal toys are the Ryder, Neo, and Juice (all less than $21) and the Ripple Small ($17) is a lovely intro to anal beads. Some excellent Tantus dildos that have received my stamp of approval: Magma, Cush O2, Echo, Goddess, Acute, and Sport. The Super Soft C Ring ($7, yo) is also rad.

LELO — up to 60% off

BEST FOR: the lowest prices on LELO toys, especially the widely-loved Mona 2.

Up to 60% off at LELO

LELO’s offering varying discounts on many of their toys for Black Friday, up to 60% off. I wouldn’t recommend most of their toys these days, with one notable exception: the Mona 2. The Mona 2 is a timeless classic with an extremely versatile shape, infinitely adjustable vibrations, and a battery that never seems to die.

Crystal Delights — 25% off everything + free glass toy

BEST FOR: gorgeous glass dildos and anal toys — plus a mystery toy worth $35!

25% off and a free mystery glass toy at Crystal Delights

An incredible deal from my very favorite glassmakers! Use code PIPHBF to get 25% off everything at Crystal Delights with orders $100+, plus a free mystery box glass toy ($35 value!) with orders over $150, through Wednesday 11/29. How can you resist such a thing?! Answer: you can’t, and shouldn’t!

Everything Crystal Delights creates is a work of art, but how the toys feel is even better. They make both of my all-time favorite glass dildos, the beautimous Crystal Twist and bumpy Star Delight, as well as gorgeous butt plugs, some with fluffy animal tails, others with fantastically-colored tails. Their Funfetti Plug is a rainbow kaleidoscope of joy, the Sparkle Plug glimmers for miles, and the Galaxy Plug dazzles with intergalactic charm.

Early to Bed — 15% off everything + free mug

BEST FOR: supporting a trailblazing brick and mortar, plus cute mug with purchase!

15% off and free gift at Early to Bed

Do you understand how madly in love I am with Early to Bed? DO YOU? They work with me on a special deal for my readers every year. Through Wednesday 11/29, get 15% off your order (after discount) with code PIPHBF. Then, if you spend over $25 you’ll get a free Early to Bed mug (no need to add to cart)! It’s adorable!

Early to Bed is one of the greatest brick and mortar sex shops in the country. They’re not afraid to call out bullshit in the industry and they work their butts off to provide accurate sex ed day after day. Especially in these pandemic times, you should support them!

Sliquid — 35% off everything

BEST FOR: stocking up on super discounted lube and body products!

35% off at Sliquid

Sliquid is my favorite lube ever. Stock up on lube — and other body products — with their sale! Thursday 11/23 through Monday 11/27, get an amazing 35% off at Sliquid with code EPIPHORA10. (Their sale is 25% off storewide, then my code takes off an additional 10%.) That means 2 oz bottles of my water-based faves H2O and Sassy are only $7!

I love Sliquid because they make products with ingredients you can trust, including tons of lube — water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, hybrid, and flavored — as well as body products such as massage oil, bubble bath, intimate wash, shaving cream, and toy cleaner.

Doxy — 35% off everything — thru 12/4!

BEST FOR: industrial-grade wand vibrators, with fancy customization options.

35% off sitewide at Doxy

Current deal: 35% off everything, through 12/4

Doxy is a brand that stays in its lane: producing the most heavy-duty, powerful wands to ever exist. They aren’t cheap, though, so this 35% off sale makes a big difference. Buying directly from Doxy gives you the opportunity to customize your toy, from body design to head color. Use code BLACKFRIDAY35.

Lovense — 55% off

BEST FOR: high-tech sexual exploration.

55% off at Lovense

Lovense are the kings of the interactive sex toy game. Their toys have long been favorites for cam models, as they’re fully integrated with camming platforms and can react to tips. Lovense’s toys are getting even more high-tech now. I haven’t tried all the fancy features, but I can vouch for the solid motors in the Ambi and Exomoon, and the Osci 2 is a fun foray into internal stimulation.

Through Tuesday 11/28, buy at least 2 products (one from their black or pink sections) and get 55% off.

Cute Little Fuckers — 20% off everything

BEST FOR: the cutest li’l vibrators you ever did see.

20% off at Cute Little Fuckers

Trans- and queer- owned Cute Little Fuckers is really special. Their playful, incredibly original toys are designed to be approachable and imagination-sparking. The Trinity dildo is my favorite. Shopping directly with Cute Little Fuckers gives you access to all their special edition color schemes, such as pastels and trans and intersex pride colors.

From Friday, 11/24 through Monday 11/27, get 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAYSALE.

Fleshlight — up to 20% off everything

BEST FOR: legendary penis toys, straight from the source, with build-your-own options.

Up to 20% off at Fleshlight

Fleshlight is the gold standard when it comes to penis strokers. There are about a million styles to choose from, from basic orifices to extremely detailed porn star vulvas, lips, and butts, and a wide array of internal textures. There’s even a build-your-own option. Fleshlight also produces realistic dildos modeled after porn performers.

Get up to 20% off at Fleshlight and and their gay site, Fleshjack, through Wednesday 11/29.

  • 10% off orders over $99
  • 15% off orders over $199
  • 20% off orders over $249 + free mystery sleeve!

Porn, porn, porn!

BEST FOR: horn dogs with good taste!

50% off any membership to CockyBoys
CockyBoys scenes make me drool.

Looking for hot, well-shot gay porn? Get 50% off all memberships at CockyBoys! That’s $11.65/month for a 3-month term and $8.29/month for a year! They have tons of hot porn to keep you busy. Gorgeous humans, pristine lighting, excellent chemistry… it’s all there. Highly recommended.

15% off any membership to Crash Pad Series with code PIPHBF
This scene is scorching hot, holy moly.

Get 15% off any subscription to queer porn site with code PIPHBF! Arguably one of the greatest queer porn sites on the internet, Crash Pad documents hotties of all flavors sexing it up in beautifully-shot harmony. Crash Pad is a one-of-a-kind membership site that will affirm your identity AND make you wanna masturbate.

15% off any membership to PinkLabel.TV with code PIPHBF

If you’re looking for a smorgasbord of indie, feminist, and queer porn, join and get 15% off your membership there with code PIPHBF. It’s like the Netflix of indie porn, with videos from independent adult filmmakers around the world for you to stream whenever you want!

$7.95/month at AdultTime

Round out your porn bank by subscribing to AdultTime, which is as low as $7.95/month in their Black Friday sale! This mega site, which I’ve been subscribed to for years, grants you access to over 300 channels, 55,000 scenes, and 8 releases per day. Notable directors include Sinn Sage, Bree Mills (Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Transfixed, Shape of Beauty, True Lesbian), Joanna Angel (Burning Angel, Lady Gonzo), and even classic Tristan Taormino (Chemistry, Rough Sex, Expert Guide).

  1. While supplies last. Cannot be combined with other offers. Cannot be redeemed during sale period.
  2. Except books and binders
  3. Here’s how that works: when you buy something online from another country, your credit card/PayPal is billed in the home country’s currency, and your payment processor applies the exchange rate. So, for instance, if an American buys $100 of sex toys from CAYA in Canada, they’ll actually be charged about $73 USD. You can calculate the exchange rate in advance by Googling “100 CAD in USD,” etc. Americans are not charged duties unless their order exceeds $800.
  4. Sale excludes non-Tantus-brand items.