I started this blog 3 years ago with no aspirations. No goals. Not knowing what to tweet about1. Not knowing what to write about. Thinking I wouldn’t have any readers if I wrote solely about sex toys rather than recounting ~erotic~ stories from my sex life. At best, I’d get free sex toys and stretch my writing muscles, and at worst, I’d be rejected from all the review programs and give up on blogging.

But people started commenting and following me on Twitter. I made friends, wrote reviews, and over time, started to make a few bucks with the affiliate programs. I ran some successful giveaways, each time gaining more readers. And at one point I began accepting paid advertising, despite initial reservations that it would clutter up my sidebar.

Slowly, things shifted. I began making a bit more money, and so I started taking this blog more seriously as a sort-of “job.” Now, when companies ask me for a link exchange, I reply with my text link rates. When obscure sex shops offer me toys for review, I usually decline. I negotiate with people about advertising rates and send a boatload of ad renewal emails. And, most importantly, I keep reviewing — and sticking to my writing style.

I knew this blog was doing well. Still, I didn’t realize how far I’d truly come until the other night, when I crunched the numbers. I added up all the commissions (money I get when you buy things using my affiliate links) and paid advertising money I made last year. Then I divided it by 12… and stared in astonishment.

I’m making enough money to live on.

I’m frugal, for sure. I don’t spend money on much beyond rent and food. And this blog is not my only source of income. Still, I could pay for rent, food, and a new book or two each month, solely with the money I make from this humble ol’ blog. That was never a goal of mine, because I never thought it was attainable. Apparently it is.

Holy fuck, you guys.

I’m so freaking surprised. And proud. And thankful. Seriously, I would not be writing this if it wasn’t for all of you. Yeah, I do the grunt work behind the scenes, but you are the ones that have made my blog popular. I have made some amazing friends doing this, and I treasure every single person who takes the time to read what I have to say.

Thank you for commenting on my posts.
Thank you for reading, even if you never comment.
Thank you for buying things from my affiliate links.
Thank you for buying ad space and text links.
Thank you for trusting my opinion on sex toys.
Thank you for asking for advice.
Thank you for recommending me when people ask about sex toys on Metafilter and Reddit.
Thank you for chatting with me all day on Twitter.
Thank you for entering my giveaways.
Thank you for reading my drafts.
Thank you for laughing at my jokes.
Thank you for swaddling me when I’m distressed.
Thank you for emailing me sweet fan letters that remind me why I do this.

Above all, thank you for caring about what I have to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m going to bask in this for a while. Because this is huge.

  1. Seriously, I remember feeling lost… I felt like I was intruding on people and didn’t interact much at first.