Review: Buddy

My very first butt plug: a sparkly, easy intro to anal play.

Vixen Creations Buddy silicone anal butt plug

Buddy came to me as if from outer space — sitting upright inside a plastic tube. A blurb on the side of the tube congratulated me on selecting a toy from Vixen Creations, and encouraged me to use the tube as a storage device. But first I needed to meet my very first butt plug, so I popped open the tube and removed it.

Despite my affinity for battery-powered toys, there is something appetizing about the simplicity of a perfectly-molded, seamless piece of 100% silicone, with no wires, buttons, or strange battery compartments to deal with. In this way, Buddy is like some glorious space-age creation. The silver glitter suspended in the silicone only adds to my aesthetic enjoyment of it.

The shape of Buddy is non-intimidating, even inviting. I told myself I could begin by just inserting the tip, then progress to the bulb. And that is just what I did, with the help of my good friend, water-based lube (remember, silicone lube is out of the question with silicone toys). I felt very little discomfort, and quickly went straight to full insertion. I cannot yet compare Buddy to any other anal toy, but it felt deliciously perceptible.

Herein lies the only downfall: Buddy doesn’t stay in one place very well. I’ve determined that the silicone simply doesn’t narrow enough at the base. This isn’t a make-or-break problem for me, because I generally masturbate while sitting, and I’m not yet interested in extended wear — but it’s definitely something to consider for those wanting a plug that doesn’t budge.

Clean-up of Buddy, as with all pure silicone toys, is ridiculously easy: just fondle it with some soap and water. You can sterilize silicone by boiling it for 3 minutes. I made sure to boil Buddy while my boyfriend was cooking on the stove. I felt quite victorious.

I’ve found the storage tube to take up too much space in my toy box, so I don’t keep Buddy in it. But it’s definitely a good option; the black top just pops off and on. It’s also an economically sound choice on the part of Vixen Creations. I’ve seen a video of employees working on toys at Vixen, and let me tell you, I want to be the person who pops the dildos and butt plugs out of their molds.

Anyway, you could always use the tube as a naughty pencil holder.

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