Review: Buck

A luscious, G-spotting wonder, and possibly my favorite VixSkin dildo out there.

Vixen Creations Buck dildo with a bunch of bananas. Accordingly, the dildo has a Chiquita sticker on it that says NATURAL NUTRITION.
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Is there a VixSkin oversaturation point? I now own seven things made out of this dual-density silicone, yet I’m still impressed by its ability to make every shape of dildo better. Fact: VixSkin will spoil you. You will forget what life was like before it. It will eat you out of house and lube, and you won’t even care.

The Vixen Creations Buck is no exception. In fact, although the material no longer shocks me with its squishy majesty, Buck is one of my favorite VixSkin dildos yet. I’m talking top three material.

After much testing and many orgasms that I didn’t mean to have quite so quickly, I have “discovered” something that simply looking at the fucking toy would tell you (I’m dense sometimes): Buck’s head is gradual. It ramps up to itself, rather than suddenly jutting out into the world. This, I believe, is what makes this dildo so good. Smooth-ass G-spotting.

Buck bears most similarity to the Vixen Maverick, which is also large and without balls. But in use, the dildos feel quite different. Maverick’s head pokes out much more severely. This causes it to pop over my G-spot and pubic bone if I try to thrust with it. Which usually I don’t. I just clench around it. With Buck, I can thrust more, and the head glides over my G-spot with ease.

The size difference is also noticeable. Maverick stretches me all around — as both its shaft and head are 1.9″ thick — whereas Buck provides fullness mainly at the vaginal opening, since the shaft is widest (1.9″) there. Most of Buck is between 1.67″ and 1.75″ in diameter, which my vagina loves. My cervix is also a fan of its perfect 6″ of insertable length.

I thought you might want to know all this, because my rabid love for Maverick is welldocumented — but Buck honestly might be better, especially if I don’t feel like dumping a bucket of lube on my genitals just to insert something. It may be the Goldilocks of VixSkin dildos.

I even, one brave brave night, set out five VixSkin dildos for comparison purposes. Because what is a sex toy reviewer if not a vaginal endurance champ who uses sex toys in succession as if sampling a plate of cheeses?

What is a sex toy reviewer if not a vaginal endurance champ who uses sex toys in succession as if sampling a plate of cheeses?

Findings as follows:

  • Mustang: The smallest one I own, and yet remains one of the best due to ease of use and perfect proportions.
  • Maverick: Hardest to thrust with, due to the foreskin, severe head, and girth. But clenching it is heaven.
  • Buck: The winning equation: easy to insert + G-spotting head + fullness at the vaginal opening.
  • Johnny: The foreskin feels nice against my G-spot, but its head is not as bulbous as others. Oh, and it has balls.
  • Outlaw: Beefy, with great visual appeal, but much too long — and its head is nothing special. Oh, and it has balls.
  • Randy: THE BEAST. Sometimes too short. Best enjoyed with a partner, who can nudge the base. Induces squirting.
  • Raquel: My only non-realistic VixSkin toy, with no texture whatsoever. YAWN CITY. The only one I’ve considered giving away.

My top 3 are definitely, in no order, BuckMustang, and Maverick.

Buck is probably my last VixSkin toy for a while. I see no reason to go smaller than Mustang, so I’ll likely never try the Spur or Tex (although I bet both would be awesome for pegging). That leaves only dildos with balls: BanditLonestar, and Goodfella. As you may have guessed, I don’t like balls. They’re more difficult to grasp than a circular base, and they tend to warp in storage.

Why would you buy a shitty, toxic, “ultra realistic” material when you can have this? The mind, it boggles. Every vagina deserves a VixSkin dildo. This is as close to a surefire line of toys as I’ve ever seen. If you know what you like (balls/no balls? veins/no veins? foreskin/no foreskin? long/stubby? skinny/thick?), you will love whatever you buy.

Buck can be purchased at SheVibeSpectrum Boutique, BabelandGood Vibes, Pleasure ChestCome As You Are (Canada), and on Vixen’s site.

Browse the whole VixSkin line at SheVibe to find your Goldilocks.