Review: Mustang

It makes me so happy to possess a vagina, and isn’t that exactly what a perfect dildo should do?

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Oh my god. This thing. You guys. This thing. It is SO GLORIOUS.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since I fell in deep love with dual-density VixSkin, but not once in that time have I tried a realistic VixSkin dildo that was anything less than massive. Things were getting out of control. As my friend once said, “My size queen-ness is getting too extreme. I see a toy and quickly say ‘BUT IS IT HUGE?'”

Sad but true — I started eliminating toys from my wishlist based on their dimensions alone. Big, big mistake. Do not do this. Inevitably a toy will come along and prove you wrong.

So today, I submit to you, a bit sheepishly, that I can still appreciate smaller dildos. Apparently, in fact, I can still adore smaller dildos.

I tend to shy away from words like “perfect,” but… there is nothing about the Vixen Mustang that isn’t perfect. I love its curve. Its chunky base. Its skin-mimicing texture. I love how the shaft gets wider as it nears the base, progressively opening my vagina as I insert it further.

I love its length (6.5″ insertable). I can insert it more and more as I get turned on, and it fills me up length-wise very nicely. When I’m on my period and my cervix is really sensitive, I can still have trysts with the Mustang because its material is so gentle.

And the Mustang’s head is to die for. It’s not too abrupt, but it’s also very easily felt. I can clench around it and feel G-spot joy. I can thrust with it and feel G-spot joy. Whatever I do, it will be there, pressing against my G-spot and being awesome.

Do I crave something larger? Sometimes, but not often. The Mustang is really very satisfying all on its own. Sure, Maverick is an intense, filling beast, but I can whip out the Mustang at any moment and my vag’ll be ready. I appreciate that.

I almost forgot that I already own a smallish (but non-realistic) VixSkin toy — the Raquel. So I tried it alongside (not literally…) the Mustang, and the distinction was clear: the Raquel is a priss, and the Mustang is a badass. Raquel is all soft and sensual, with a head that I can barely feel unless I thrust. Plus, its texture is completely uniform and smooth; it’s not trying to be skin-like, so it feels very disappointing compared to Mustang.

That is why the Mustang is one of the best G-spot toys ever: because it isn’t just a G-spot toy. Unlike toys like the Comet G Wand — which goes straight for the G-spot and does nothing else — the Mustang is also textured in a way that feels really delicious. So it’s a treat for the G-spot as well as the vaginal walls.

In terms of perfect toys that everyone should own… I’m thinking the Pure WandEroscillator, and this. Because it’s a manageable size for most folks, and it feels fuckin’ fantastic. It makes me so happy to possess a vagina, and isn’t that exactly what a perfect dildo should do?

I can’t believe I used to be adverse to realistic-looking dildos. I disgust myself. This thing could look like a zombie penis and I would still love it to death. Oh, har.

Get the Mustang, in many colors, at SheVibe.

Wanna save some bucks? Vixen’s Woody ($58) is the same mold as Mustang. Not quite as squishy, but surely just as glorious.