Blogiversary giveaway: celebrating 200 reviews with 600 bucks!

Gift cards to SheVibe, Early to Bed, Babeland, and MyPleasuure

Oh snap, my friends! This week is my 3-year blogging anniversary, and I’ve hit 200 reviews written! I wrote 35 reviews off-site before I began this blog, and this blog is the home for the other 165 reviews. I’ve been reviewing for 4 years, which is the equivalent of one review about every 7 days. Over time, I have learned to not say stupid shit in my reviews, and I’ve become increasingly more snobby discerning.

To mark this dual momentous occasion, I asked several awesome sex toy companies to help me give away an epic ton of gift cards.

Behold, the bounty I have rounded up for all y’all:

  • SheVibe donated four $50 gift cards!
  • Babeland donated one $50 gift card!
  • MyPleasure donated one $50 gift card and one $25 gift card!
  • Early to Bed donated one $75 gift card!
  • FunWares donated one $50 gift card!
  • Tantus donated one $150 gift card!

For a grand total of $600 in gift cards, and so there will be ten winners in this giveaway, which makes me very, very happy. Spread the wealth!

I was trying to think of how to make this giveaway unique, and I came up with the idea of tell-a-friend. And I don’t mean tweet something in the hopes that others will click it; I mean really, tell a real friend about this blog! I’ve exhausted most of my reach within the sex blogging community, and I’d love to acquire some new readers. So:

Ways to enter

Do as many or as few as you’d like. Separate comments for each are not necessary.

  • 1 entry — Subscribe to my RSS feed or email updates.
  • 1 entry per friend (limitless entries!) — Tell your friends about Hey Epiphora! I’d prefer if you didn’t tell people in the blogging community, or people who probably already know about this blog. You can tell your friends any way you’d like — in person, on Facebook chat, by handing out Hey Epiphora business cards at a birthday party — whatever works for you. Just tell them why you like my blog, and direct them to this giveaway. Then come back here and tell me how many friends you prodded. Don’t lie, or I’ll cut you.
  • 1 entryReblog this post on Tumblr and comment here telling me you did.

The winners will be chosen randomly from all entries.


If you live outside of the U.S., please be prepared to deal with international shipping fees. If you are selected as a winner, I will ask you where you live so that I can match you to a gift card from a shop that ships there. Also, you must be 18 to win. Duh.

Giveaway ends October 31, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.