Review: Ripple (small)

Being boiled.

I knew the Tantus Ripple would be amazing. How? Well, for one, Tantus can do no wrong; their toys are made of beautiful 100% silicone, and they’re lovingly constructed (note the name TANTUS inscribed on the base of each toy) and packaged (transparent plastic boxes so you see exactly what you’re getting). Above all, though, I was interested in the shape of this toy.

Thus far, my experience with anal toys has been minimal: a grand total of two small butt plugs. Both were meant to be put in my ass and to stay there; only one of them actually did. Anal probes are an entirely different and intriguing breed, and so I requested the small version of the Ripple, thinking if I got the large version I might find that my eyes were bigger than my ass.

Standing at five inches tall and barely one inch in diameter at its largest bulb, the small Ripple is a quite petite and adorable piece of iridescent purple silicone. It has four bloops, as I like to call them, that increase in girth down the shaft. The base is generously wide and circular; the toy stands on its own sturdily (and cutely, might I add).

Inserting the Ripple was laughable, at first. It’s an extremely flexible toy, so I had to aim and push just right. But once my ass understood what was up, I had no difficulty at all. I thought (hoped?) that the last, biggest bloop might be a bit of a challenge for me. Not so. It took all of fifteen seconds to fully penetrate my ass with the entirety of the probe (except for the base, of course), and it was all smooth sailing from there.

Thanks to my prior application of water-based lube, the probe slid easily in and out of my ass. I gripped the edges of the base and immediately fell in lust with the feeling of the bloops. The sensation was what I predicted — it certainly felt like bulbs popping in and out — but it was super pleasurable, much more so than the sensation of leaving a butt plug in my ass. This, I thought, is what they mean when they say anal play feels amazing.

Clean-up, as with any pure silicone toy, is simple as can be. I washed it with soap and water, then boiled it to sterilize.

I can think of only two issues with the Ripple. Firstly, it is a small toy, very easily outgrown and nearly imperceptible in the ass if it isn’t in motion. Secondly, it doesn’t narrow enough at the base for my ass to grab onto it and hold it, so even if I did want to use it as a plug, it would not work. This thing is meant to glide, to thrust, and to undulate in and out.

After enjoying this toy, I now feel confident in saying that the Ripple, or a small probe like it, would be the ideal way to turn someone on to anal play. Plugs are interesting — especially if they vibrate! — but they don’t leave me writhing. This… this does. This leaves me wanting more. It leaves me really itching to get the large version of the Ripple. Tantus, did you plan this? I bet you did.

The Ripple can be found at SheVibe and on Tantus’ site. See all my favorite Tantus toys here!