Review: Goddess

With its glossy sheen and subtle waves, the Goddess was the first toy that made me aware of my G-spot.

Tantus Goddess silicone vibrating dildo (with my coffee)

It was October of 2008, and I had just started a blog that I didn’t know what the fuck to do with. I was on the hunt for my first ever silicone dildo, and I had narrowed it down to either the Goddess or the Echo, both Tantus dildos with texture. Being a cheapskate, I chose the Goddess because it was a smidge less expensive.

I was impressed from the get-go. After trudging through many toys bearing the label “novelty only,” it was a relief to see the text on the Tantus box exclaiming, “100% ULTRA-PREMIUM PLATINUM SILICONE: NON-TOXIC, HYPOALLERGENIC, PHTHALATE FREE.” When I removed the dildo, I saw the word TANTUS carved into the base of the toy and thought that was so badass.

Tantus’s silicone is often glossy in texture, and I still think glossy silicone is the way to go — it glides so wonderfully. Many companies insist on using velvety, matte silicone, which certainly feels nice upon first touch, but can drag once inserted. I don’t know if I’ve ever high-fived Tantus over this fact, but now I have. In writing, anyway.

The Goddess is a great dildo. Trying it now, it can feel a bit small to me (it’s 1.5″ in diameter), but it’s really the perfect introduction to texture. The gentle waves of silicone are subtle, not overpowering, and allow the dildo to be easily thrusted without catching on the pubic bone. I’m glad I didn’t get the Echo first because, while I love that thing now, its ripples are far more extreme. They elicit a popping sensation when thrusted, whereas the Goddess just… glides.

And I am so thankful for that, because it was the glossy sheen of the silicone, coupled with the ease of use and the slightly bulbous head, that changed my life. The Goddess was the first toy that made me really aware of my G-spot.

One night, thrusting it faster and faster, I began to feel the need-to-pee sensation that I’d read so much about. Despite the fact that I’d already tried G-spot toys like the Delight and Bgee, this was the first one to stir that sensation in me. People tend to think that a toy has to have a curve in order to succeed at G-spotting, but apparently all I needed was to be horny, comfortable, and using a nice dildo with a pronounced head.

Was it the right toy, or simply the right timing? I don’t know. And of course I didn’t squirt until I thrust like a mofo with Ella, but the Goddess was definitely the catalyst for my G-spot exploration. It showed me that I had a G-spot (yes, friends, I used to be a skeptic), so after that, ALL SYSTEMS WERE GO.

I may not use the Goddess much these days, but it holds a special place in my heart. I still think it’s an excellent dildo for those new to texture — or dildos in general. Also, it looks damn good next to a cup of coffee.

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