Review: Gold Ribbed Love Wand

Phallix Gold Ribbed Love Wand glass dildo

This dildo is dishwasher safe! I find that endlessly amusing.

I should preface this review with a few tidbits about myself. I like vibrators. I came into the realm of sex toys with a vibrator, and I used it mostly on my clit, not for penetration. I’m getting into penetration more and more, but the point remains: this is my first non-vibrating toy, so I was both apprehensive and intrigued about receiving it.

Along with the dildo itself, the package includes a fuzzy, bright pink drawstring bag for storing it. The drawstring is high tech — you have to hold down a plastic button to pull it open or closed, so you can rest assured it will stay closed when you need it to. The only characteristic that would give away the bag’s function is the tag that reads Phallix, but it could be snipped off easily.

There’s no denying the beauty of glass toys. A booklet included with this dildo presented me with a collage of many other glass creations from Phallix — unfortunately, many dildos with much more intricate glass work than on the Gold Ribbed Love Wand.

Nonetheless, the Gold Ribbed Love Wand is aesthetically pleasing. It seems well made and doesn’t have any imperfections. My only complaint is that it does not look “gold fumed,” as the description states. The dildo is clear, and its bumps are merely tinted pink. There is also a whitish Phallix logo on the tip of the toy.

At first, when I tried this dildo in the bath, I was irritated by the bumps. They made for slight discomfort, especially when lightly thrusting. But outside of the bath, more loosened up and more lubed up, I began to understand the bumps.

In addition to the weight of the glass, the bumps felt substantial inside me. I could feel them, and thus, the dildo’s movements were more pronounced. I became convinced that without the bumps, this would be a mediocre toy. The bumps really do add a lot to the sensation, and the dildo made me feel wonderfully full.

I also really appreciated the ball shaped end, which made for easy gripping and thrusting without the worry of slippage. And because the toy is made of glass, it’s very easy to clean and doesn’t create anxiety about batteries.

In the end, this dildo won me over. Using it along with a vibrator on my clit, I was quite satisfied.

It’s also fun to shake at your partner menacingly when you want them to make you dinner.