Review: Sydnee’s Elegant Endeavor

California Exotic Sydnee's Elegant Endeavor vibrator

I never thought of masturbation as “elegant,” nor have I ever described it as an “endeavor.” Perhaps if my experience with Sydnee’s Elegant Endeavor had been mind-blowing, I would be more convinced. But this vibrator from California Exotic is very mediocre, and at times, even unpleasant.

This thing resembles a baton for a relay race, but it also reminds me of a candle. Since a candle works better as an analogy for my purposes here, let’s go with that; candles are both sexy and dangerous, and I think those two adjectives adequately describe the pros and cons of this vibrator.

First the sexy part. This plastic vibe has a nice, glossy finish that indeed does seem almost elegant, and there’s no bulky end that serves as the battery compartment. It takes just two AAA batteries. And, of course, the prospect of a vibrator with two uniquely-shaped ends — each which offers a different type of sensation — is enticing.

Now for the dangerous. I don’t think it’s very smart idea to have the on/off controlled by twisting the middle of the vibrator. It’s not technically a problem, because the vibrator has only one speed, but it does scare me that one twist past “off” makes the vibrator pop apart for battery replacement. I also noticed that depending on how you position the head of the vibrator when you screw it on, the words “on” and “off” printed on the vibrator could represent their opposites. Basically, it’s a guessing game whether twisting it toward “on” will actually turn the vibrator on — or cause it to pop apart. Not exactly comforting, which is why I don’t plan to ever take it in the bath with me.

Actually, I don’t plan to use it again anyway. The vibration that it provides comes in the form of a loud, unpleasant whirr that is much too intense for my personal masturbation tastes. Even when I was extremely turned on (a state I had to get to with my favorite vibrator instead), the vibration from Sydnee’s Elegant Endeavor felt too harsh. Plus, I would rather not listen to the relentless buzzing sound of it while I jack off.

Most of the vibration is concentrated in the larger, bulbous head of the vibrator, which was a good thing when I inserted that end, but disappointing when I inserted the smaller end. While both ends felt fine inside me, that is not enough for this vibrator to be worthwhile. There are many more vibrators out there that are eons more pleasing than this.

There is one thing I can thank Sydnee’s Elegant Endeavor for: its slim end, which I was able to slide deeper in my vagina than I ever have before. Unfortunately, this just caused my fingers — which were holding the other, insanely vibrating end — to itch.