Review: Sally Seal

Fun Factory Sally Seal dual rabbit vibrator

There’s no denying the cute factor of the Fun Factory Sally Seal. While some people may think animal shaped vibes are too absurd, I just find them amusing. I love that Sally Seal’s body is contorted so oddly to accommodate the stipulations of a rabbit vibrator. Then there’s that cheeky smile and the softness of 100% silicone. First impressions are good here.

I was previously wowed by Fun Factory’s Corsar, a smallish silicone vibe with a good variety of vibration settings. Sally Seal certainly excels when it comes to presentation, just as Corsar did; it’s adorable, and it comes in a nice box that includes an instructional booklet and packet of lube.

I’ve been looking for the ideal rabbit vibrator, and I really hoped Sally Seal would do it for me. Sadly, it didn’t.

Usually, when a toy takes four AAs, you can expect a good amount of power. Sally Seal has power, sure, but it’s less than I expected from four AAs. I quickly ended up with both the twist and shake settings (rotation and vibration) on high, leaving me nowhere to go when my orgasm was approaching. The rotation of the tail also wasn’t as powerful as I had hoped, and while the tail felt pleasant going in, the beads in the shaft were depressingly imperceptible.

Most disappointing of all, though, was that Sally’s cute little nose wasn’t hitting my clit right. Perhaps my hopes are too high; I do require some pressure on my clit. But the only way I could feel satisfied using this vibe was to press Sally’s head down the whole time. Using two hands negates the point of a rabbit vibrator, doesn’t it?

Additionally, this vibe makes some unsettling sounds. The twist setting sounds weak, as though it is working to churn out every rotation. This phenomenon seems only to worsen the further the vibe goes inside the vagina. The batteries also rattle in their chamber, making the power button rattle as well. Sally isn’t horrendously loud, but I’d rather the sound correlate with more power.

The spinning wheels that control the vibration and rotation are an interesting touch. I always flicked them until they stopped, so I didn’t have much trouble with them, but others might hate the sensitivity and placement of them.

I’m torn about this toy because although it performs poorly, the mere fact that it’s made of 100% silicone puts it miles ahead of jelly toys. I’m still apprehensive, though, about how long this vibrator can last and if I even want to find out if it’ll last.