Review: Corsar

Fun Factory Corsar rechargeable vibrator

Corsar is my first 100% silicone toy, and I have to say, I am delighted. I’ve heard all the gushing about the wonders of silicone, and I now must agree that it is heavenly. Silicone is soft to the touch, yet firm enough to get the job done. Of course, silicone’s real allure is how hygienically safe it is; it isn’t a mystery meat material.

From the moment of receiving this vibrator, Fun Factory wooed me: first with their unabashed use of 100% silicone, then with their slick packaging and included packet of lube. The packaging and instructional booklet are quite informative, with every part of the packaging translated (sometimes poorly) into four languages. Various excerpts from the packaging inform me that Fun Factory vibrators are “compatible with body,” and that they are “an exciting pleasure” that “stimulate through tingling vibrations.” Also that the vibrations “never give rise to boredom.” Hopefully not!

I find this vibrator very pleasing to the eye. I adore the yellow color (labeled “baby lemon” on the packaging), and the plus and minus buttons for increasing/decreasing the vibration are genius. I’m not sure why Fun Factory thought this vibe needed to have a strip of raised silicone around the middle. I suppose it adds character and texture, but to me it just looks like a wiener wrap.

Most importantly, though, Corsar works like a dream. It has about 8 levels of constant vibration (although the first couple are fairly useless) and 3 different pulse vibration settings. I am now in love with the placement of the plus and minus buttons, and can’t fathom fumbling around with a dial base ever again.

I’ve become obsessed with sliding the end of the vibrator down my vulva, dipping the curved tip inside me, and simultaneously pressing the body of the vibe against my clit. That’s exactly the kind of clit stimulation I love, coupled with a nice, mild amount of insertion.

The vibration itself is well-distributed throughout the body of the vibe, and I really like the pulse settings. They don’t differ in strength of vibration, just in how quick the pulses are. Corsar’s highest vibrations aren’t earth-shattering, so if you need a strong vibration to get off, this isn’t the toy for you. Silicone doesn’t transmit vibration as well as plastic, but that also means the vibrator isn’t insanely loud.

There are, regretfully, some downfalls to Corsar. The main one is that the screw-on cap comes off easily, and a few times while I was using the vibrator, the cap came unscrewed just enough that it lost contact with the batteries. For this reason, I’m not going to test its alleged “waterproof” capabilities.

Also note that this is a fairly petite vibrator, and the plus and minus buttons shave about an inch off the insertable length, so it’s really only about 3 1/2″ inches insertable. And it looks like it’s impossible to escape the “sold as a novelty only” message, as even toys like this one are brandished with it.

But I don’t mind it not being waterproof, and I am content with the length, material, vibration settings, and shape. Only thing is, Corsar hasn’t been able to guide me to my G-spot. Maybe next time.