Review: Linger

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On my quest to become a sex toy connoisseur, I am determined to try every phthalate-free material on the market. Next up: wood! Wood is one material I’ve been lusting after for a while now, so I was ecstatic to receive the Linger, a smallish but bulbous dildo and anal probe made by NobEssence. It came in an absolutely fabulous textured box that pulls apart to reveal a bed of white fuzzy material.

The Linger is made of Bamboo, and it is truly a gorgeous piece. It is covered in a waterproof finish, so it feels deliciously smooth and looks slightly shiny. I do have some gripes, though: there is a visible seam running down the middle of the toy, and several imperfections in the wood (a small rough patch, an odd circle interrupting the clean lines on the handle). Basically, it is not perfect, and I only point this out because of the steep price tag attached to this toy.

In stark contrast to the heaviness of glass, this wood is very, very light. Really, it’s lighter than almost all of my toys! Despite its weight, however, it feels very sturdy. Sometimes I pick it up and try to snap it in half. I have no idea why I do this, but it has proven time and again (perhaps much to my dismay) that this toy is not in fact a stick from the forest of my childhood.

When I received the Linger, I had just started my period — but that wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying the untapped pleasures of wood! I used the toy several times while I was on my period, and I must say, there is something sexy about the look of blood on a light-colored wood. As lame as it sounds, I felt very “natural” using this toy while on my period. (And uh, ignore the fact that I was watching porn on my super-fast computer while I was doing it. And using a vibrator on my clit.)

Wood is compatible, according to the booklet, with “all known lubricants.” I used water-based lube with it, and it stayed wet forever, as wood is completely non-porous. One of the first things I realized was that I was not going to use the finger holster. If I were to use it, my hand would get in the way of my clit too much. I settled for just holding the end and thrusting with it, and that worked out fine.

The bloops were prominent and felt amazing. I could feel each individual bloop as it moved back and forth, creating a popping sensation unlike any other toy I own. I was worried that the Linger may not feel substantial enough inside of me, but the bloops made up for any girth the toy is lacking. Being as lightweight and slender as this toy is, it is definitely a toy made for thrusting, and thrust I did!

Later, I rolled a condom over the Linger and tried it in my ass. It definitely felt a lot harder and more noticeable than, say, silicone, but I found the sizes of the bloops to be perfect for my intermediate anal exploration. I was able to insert four bloops, then enjoy the sensation of fucking myself with them. Just as amazing as before. When I inserted the Linger in my ass from a sitting position, I did indeed use the finger holster, and found it to be quite useful. When inserting it from behind, though, I preferred to simply grasp the end.

In all, I was most impressed by the versatility of the Linger. It’s not everyday you find a toy that delights both vagina and ass — and does not feel unwieldy in either. Wood was a nice change of pace from the coldness and heaviness of glass and the flexibility of silicone. Wood: check! Super check!

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