Why I won't be coming out any time soon

Why I won’t be coming out any time soon

My mom is having a sex toy party. I knew the moment I read the email that I wanted to go. I poked around the company’s website, relieved to find their store not completely dependent on shitty jelly toys. Then I tweeted. “My mom does not know I review,” I wrote, “so I will have to pretend I know nothing. It may be very difficult, but I still want to go.” I was surprised that this lead to several tweets urging me to tell her. maybe it would serve as a good opportunity to come out to her? Tell her. You might be surprised. My mom tests some things for me once in a while 🙂 Maybe the party is . . . read more

I blog about sex. That is not an invitation.

I blog about sex. That is not an invitation.

Yes indeed, I run what the general population would call a “sex blog.” I spend my days drafting posts about sex toys, porn, and more sex toys. I am incredibly open about my sexual rendezvous (although I’ve never wanted to write erotica or anything like it, making me a lot less explicit than some other sex bloggers). And yes, dear god, I hang out on Twitter, Google Talk, and Facebook, where my musings about sexy things are published to those who follow me. This should not be an invitation to wheedle, harass, or talk dirty to me — yet some men take it as one. Clearly, they feel entitled. They feel that my sex blogging immediately positions me as a . . . read more

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