Jan 252014

You may have heard — I’m going to CatalystCon East again this year.

What you may not know, and should know, is that the main reason I’m going is thanks to the generosity of my pals at SheVibe. They’re sponsoring me like the supportive badasses they are. Also, what you definitely don’t know is that while I’m there, I will be one of the interview subjects for Tristan Taormino’s Sex Out Loud radio show… in front of a live audience.

Oh god, it is going to be terrifying and exhilarating!

CatalystCon East 2014, plus SheVibe and Sex Out Loud radio!

I’m even on another panel again this time, but with some new friends: Queerie Bradshaw and Mona Darling. Our panel is called “The Business of Blogging About Sex” (#cconblog):

In this informative session, successful sex bloggers Lauren Marie Fleming, Epiphora, and Mona Darling will share with you the expertise they’ve amassed in their over 15 years combined experience blogging—plus how they turned their one-time hobbies into profitable online (and off-line) businesses.

We’ll discuss legal considerations for sex bloggers, such as which platforms are adult-friendly, how to create an LLC, and what to do if someone steals your content. We’ll also talk about how to get free products for review, accept paid ads, and become a master at affiliate marketing. Hear our tips for expanding your reach further with online classes, community sites, and smart social media tactics. Finally, learn how a blog can be a jumping-off point for speaking gigs and even book deals.

No incomprehensible gibberish about SEO in this session—audience members will leave with concrete ways to improve their presence and profit online.

As you may have guessed, I’ll be the one supplying the rabid thoughts about reviewing, ads, and affiliate marketing, and I’ll probably find a way to bitch about bad social media tactics, too. Each of us has a different forte, so I think it will be an informative, well-rounded session.

Other things that are gonna be awesome: “Sex Toys: Past, Present, & Future,” “Creating Change in the Sex Toy Industry,” and the Sex Writing 101 workshop with Rachel Kramer Bussell.

New friends I’m excited to meet include KaraLucas, Risa, Bex, and Victoria Reuveni. Old friends that I plan to squeeze until they pop include Kate SinclaireAerie, ArchVixen, Metis, Queeraschino (attending thanks to her charming-ass GoFundMe campaign video that I directed and edited — the bloopers are the best), Lorax of Sex, JoEllen, the entire SheVibe crewKate McCombs, Crista AnneAshley Manta, and Elena. Did I miss anyone!?

My flight and room are booked, so it’s official that I’ll be there from Wednesday, March 12th through Monday, March 17th. I’m not saying you should get there early just to hang out with me… NO, YEAH, I AM. Come hang out. And if you see anyone from SheVibe, give them a hug or buy them a drink. They deserve it.

  • If I can convince my neurotic self to go, I would love to hang out with you.

  • Lucas Brooks

    SO PSYCHED! Also…damn, I wish I’d thought to ask for sponsorship. I wonder if I can still wing that…

  • Elena Kate

    Yay for squeezes! Yay for sponsorship! And the biggest Yay for Sex Out Loud!!

  • Queeraschino Cherry


  • That’s you!

  • Queeraschino Cherry

    No, You are

  • Sad that I won’t be able to go. Looks like a great group to hang out with.

  • Bex

    You guys! I was mentioned on Epiphora’s site… I feel so important!
    I’m so excited to meet everyone too, and SheVibe is so awesome for sponsoring you! Will the live recording times for Sex Out Loud be posted somewhere? I definitely want to attend them.

  • Oh yeah! Once it’s actually scheduled, they should be in the program and probably on the Catalyst website too.

  • Bex

    Awesome, I can’t wait!

  • HELL YES!!! Where are you staying? We should meet up for drinks!

  • At the Hilton, where the conference is being held. I also won’t have a car, so… there’s that.

  • Eh no worries! I drive and I live in the area (or at least in the metro area), I can come your way 🙂

  • I will be there for all of the time that you will be there! Huzzah Here’s the question: If you, me and Queeraschino are all in DC, who will be watching the dildos in Portland?

  • Um hi guys just jumping into your conversation here… @Epiphora:disqus, I think I’m planning on bringing you towards @rebeccahiles:disqus per our discussed plans. Rebecca, I owe you an email. 🙂

  • Queeraschino Cherry

    I really should hire someone. “Yeah, I need you to walk my dogs, water the plants and watch the dildos while I’m away”

  • *Squee!!!*

  • My mom.


  • Domina Doll

    Epiphora. You should try pod cast or youtube some of the talks/events for those of use who can’t make it. We did that when I was in Momentum which was cool, so you didn’t miss something even if you were attending another talk. Have fun and I’ll be watching your G+ hangout!

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