Hey Epiphora’s new home

It’s true, I’ve moved! I know; I’m still just a wee one in the sex blogosphere, but that didn’t stop me from spending Christmas money on a domain and hosting. I’m just antsy and want to be able to customize to my heart’s content. Unfortunately, I haven’t magically become any more creative, so I just kept the name Hey Epiphora. I do have a slogan now, though.

Those who are subscribed to my RSS feed don’t have to do anything. I changed my FeedBurner settings so you will continue to get my updates without lifting a finger. However, please update your blogrolls and other links back to me when you get the chance.

I’ve spent a lot of time — more than I care to admit — perfecting the new blog both aesthetically and technically.*  My back hurts. Here’s what’s new on heyepiphora.com:

  • Click an image that links to a bigger version. I dare you.
  • I have a snazzy (unnecessary?) contact form on my about page.
  • People who comment on my entries have more options, such as Twitter-like @replies and comment subscription via email. Also, if you don’t already have a Gravatar, I suggest you go get one. Then you will have your own icon next to your comments.
  • Things are organized a bit differently now, as WordPress has both categories and tags. Categories include “Reviews,” “Photos,” “Adventures in Squirting,” etc. while tags include “vibrators” and “Babeland.” You can browse all of these in various ways in the sidebar.
  • My recent Twitter posts in the sidebar has morphed into a Lifestream. There you can see not just up-to-the-minute tweets, but newly-posted YouTube videos, XCritic reviews, pictures on TwitPic, etc. It’s a little stalkerish, but don’t worry, I control what you see.

There will be more to come when I get around to it, but for now, I’m going to lay off the template and try to get some reviews done.

* I made the mistake of not checking the template periodically in Internet Explorer, and I now see there are some issues. If you know more than I do about this, please contact me, as I am at a loss.