Pop Shot: Erotique Sheer Lace Gloves

I needed gloves to wear for my product videos. The Erotique Sheer Lace Gloves looked fairly cute. They’re black, lacy, and have roses on them.

California Exotic makes them, so the package has a droid woman on the front.

Putting on the gloves requires a lot of effort. A person with thicker arms than me would have even more trouble. I have small arms.

“One Size Fits Most” my ass. The arm part is very tight on me, and the finger parts are longer and bulkier than my fingers, making me look like I have alien hands.  The material is not very comfortable to wear, and the elastic bands at the ends of the gloves cut into my skin, leaving marks after I remove them.

These gloves are sorta cute, from afar. But $17? I could buy about five lattes with that. And I would rather have five lattes.