Should I change my slogan?

There are a lot of things about this blog that were decided on a whim. For instance, the domain name. I don’t like it because it’s hard to spell, but it was the only thing I could fit my pseudonym into. I’m really bad at naming things (except cats — I’m awesome at that). I’m also a bit afraid of change, as evidenced by my extremely outdated avatar.

I was never a big fan of my slogan (“Conquering the world one sex toy at a time”), either. It was just something I tossed together. But I’ve kept it because I never thought of anything better.

The other night, out of nowhere, a new idea for a slogan popped into my head. I promptly tweeted it.

Tweet reads, "I just thought of an awesome slogan for my site: 'Where sex toys go to be judged.'"

Then I told my boyfriend about my idea, and he seemed to like it as well. But his opinion is not nearly enough validation for me, because I’m on the fence. My original slogan is generic, but the new slogan is… harsh? But that’s fine because I am harsh? In fact maybe it is perfect for this site? Or will it scare people away? Does it secretly imply things that I am not aware of? I can’t decide. So, POLL.

This poll is now closed.

Please comment with further thoughts on this. Any thoughts whatsoever!