Review: Y-Bullet

The Lady Calston Y-Bullet is a HIGH-TECH device. It plugs into your USB PORT. It runs off PURE USB ADRENALINE. Its plastic box reads, Make Your Next MSN Web Cam Chat… A Y-Bullet Sexperience.

When I plug the Y-Bullet into my desktop computer, both my monitors go black and fall into a deep sleep, not to be woken again until I turn the computer off and back on. This horrifying phenomenon doesn’t take place on my laptop or my boyfriend’s computer, but the fact that it is a possibility should be enough to deter you.

If not, here’s the rest: it has one speed. Two if you’re really touchy with it. It’s powerful enough, I guess, but the speed is incredibly buzzy and surface-level. And the bullet has a seam. And, spoiler alert: staring at a black computer screen is not hot.

I would expect nothing more from Lady Calston, considering they are the company that blessed the world with the Voice-Activated Hunk and Alladin II.

Please, just get a LELO Mia.