Downunder Toys

Downunder Toys was an Australian purveyor of lovely silicone toys, including one shaped like a koala. Sadly, they closed up shop in 2018.

Sex toy news: thrustin', suckin', and lube dispensin'

Sex toy news: thrustin’, suckin’, and lube dispensin’

Most important news first, y’all: Fun Factory’s Stronic G is a REVELATION. Like the other Stronics, this toy thrusts all by itself — but this one can be used hands-free, and its perfectly-hooked tip gives my G-spot everything it craves. Ooof. So good. Lube dispensers are all the rage now and I blame me. The Touch heats your lube and will utilize any lube you want, unlike the exorbitantly expensive Pulse, which takes proprietary pods. Sliquid has a toy cleaner! I still don’t really believe in toy cleaners, but at least I trust Sliquid not to put junk ingredients in theirs. Screaming O just released a few new toys in their “Affordable Rechargeable” line. I’m very curious if the motors . . . read more

Review: Downunder Toys

Review: Downunder Toys

[Sadly, Downunder Toys closed down in 2018. For 100% silicone toys, check out Vixen, Tantus, NYTC, Fuze, Hole Punch Toys, Funkit, BS Atelier, Split Peaches, or Godemiche (ugh).] Contrary to popular belief, I can be sweet-talked. Start by sending me a nice, gracious email. Acknowledge the work I do in the world (“your honest approach to this field makes my heart sing,” “I’m still laughing over your LELO Hula Beads review”). Introduce yourself without condescending to me (hint: if you’re a sex toy company, I probably already know that you exist). Then… the cherry on top… the pièce de résistance… drop a sentence like this: I really think I’d like to challenge your love of VixSkin — I know, a bold claim, but hey, if you don’t set a challenge, where’s the fun . . . read more

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