Jollies resurfaces... on Etsy

Jollies resurfaces… on Etsy

[Update, 3/12/18: The company is back anew and now called LuzArte.] I mourned the death of sex toy company Jollies half a year ago, but it looks like we all might have a new chance to get some of their toys. A couple days ago, a friend messaged me with a link and wrote, “Since when is Jollies stuff sold in an Etsy shop with pot leaf ash trays?” My first thought was that some creeper was selling off their used Jollies toys on Etsy. But then I saw the name of the shop: Chavez is the last name of the founder of Jollies, Luze. It was starting to seem legit. So I emailed them to find out. A guy named . . . read more

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