Review: Two

Review: Two

The Wet for Her Two is… um, actually, what is it? Is it a dildo? A sleeve? Should I call it a “finger extender”? I don’t know. It’s just… long silicone fingers with a hole in the end for human fingers. The first 3 inches or so of the toy are hollow, leaving the last 2 inches solid. The Two comes in a semi-classy oversized cardboard box with a plastic window. The back of the box features an awkward black and white photo of two fingers resting strategically atop a boob, concealing the nipple. The dildo itself sits in a rectangular foam cut-out, and is not wrapped or sealed in any way. When I opened mine, the dildo was covered in little . . . read more

Um, No: "Joy" Finger

Um, No: “Joy” Finger

In the biggest product name FAIL of all time, I present to you the Joy Finger from Doc Johnson. I can guarantee you this rubber abomination is not going to provide you with joy. Unless your definition of joy is “a wiggly, floppy sensation that may or may not leach chemicals into one’s vagina.” Personally, I can think of nothing sexier than a sex toy that looks like a Halloween gag. Just add some fake blood and you’re good to go! Also, one reviewer reports that the Joy Finger has an “intense fruity odor.” I rest my case.

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