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Um, No: Ecstasy Rope

After the sex, you can use it to unclog your drain.

Nasstoys Ecstasy Rope, which resembles a blue jelly snake with a vibrator attached, with its packaging.
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The Nasstoys Ecstasy Rope is just what you always wanted: a pipe cleaner for your genitals. It is a long turd of beautiful blue jelly with a flexible internal spine.

According to ’70s couple on the box, I guess you’re supposed to tie the rope around a dude’s dick, then stick the jelly tail up his ass? Wait, no, wait, that’s too gay. The correct usage of the Ecstasy Rope is displayed on the side of the box — OH GOD:

An image from the side of the box, of a dude wearing the Ecstasy Rope around his dick, I think, but mostly it is just extending all up his partner's ass crack?!

Yes, that glorious jelly rod is supposed to rub poke the chick’s ass back (?) while she rides the dude. Like a creepy ERECT snake. Hold me.

But at least it’s dual use! After the sex, you can use it to unclog your drain.