Review: Brent Corrigan’s Summit

Brent Corrigan's Summit porn DVD

Brent Corrigan’s Summit is supposed to be a reality-style porn film. All the stars journeyed to a Lake Tahoe cabin for 10 whole days to shoot it. Hot dudes stuck in a cabin — it sounds delicious. But yet, even with 10 days, director Brent Corrigan managed only to produce a batch of formulaic, uninspired sex scenes with nothing tying them together.

There is so much similarity from scene to scene, there’s really no point in recounting them individually. All of them follow the same basic formula: completely average blowjobs and rimjobs, repetitive and monotonous moaning with a sprinkling of forced dirty talk, the requisite overlit “from below” shot of the initial penetration, then fucking that often appears to be painful (or at least uncomfortable) for the fuckee.

Case in point: the scene between Kodie Payne (the dude in pain) and Mason Wyler.

Brent Corrigan's Summit

This is Kodie’s first time getting fucked. While I found the rimjobs in this scene to be the hottest on the disc and the chemistry between these two to be the most realistic, the scene is still punctuated by cries of pain. Even Brent Corrigan himself, in his scene with Mason, has trouble taking Mason’s cock. Very disappointing.

Another feature of a few of the scenes is audible input from the cameraman. This is especially horrendous in scene one (Damien White and Jacob Powell), in which the cameraman’s requests range from “give me three long strokes” to “lick your lips.” Hey, if you want to try and make your porn hotter, that’s great. It’s a valiant goal.  But uh, I hate to tell you this, but leaving in your verbal instruction ruins it.

I was hoping for something hot, something interesting, at some point in this film. It never came. There is no chemistry and no attempt at it. The guys are on autopilot — plain and simple. My notes for each scene reflect just how bare bones and boring the action is: for scene three I wrote “average, dudes just moaning” (meaning, their moaning consists of the expected sounds, nothing more), for scene four, the only distinguishing characteristic I noted was “some sissy blowjobs.” These are threesome and foursome scenes, respectively, but the additional performers didn’t add even a smidgen more personality.

Brent Corrigan's Summit

Aside from the bland action, the weak camerawork and shitty audio make Brent Corrigan’s Summit feel extremely amateurish. First of all, whose idea was it to light asses from below? Second, the stars are obviously not well-mic’d — they’re too quiet, and there’s a ton of background noise. On top of that, the quality of the audio changes, literally, from one shot to another. I don’t know how they accomplished that, but they did, and it’s annoying as fuck.

I can count the high points in Brent Corrigan’s Summit on one hand. 1. Reese Reynolds, a.k.a. Mr. Shoulder Tattoo, seems genuinely enthused to be doing porn at times. 2. Jacob Powell has an incredibly sexy cock, and his orgasms are intense. 3. For a very, very short moment, Brent Corrigan and Mason Wyler fool around in a pool.

Brent Corrigan's Summit

4. The extra features (although ridiculously long-winded and painful to sit through) at least make the guys seem like they have personalities.

The Behind the Scenes on disc one is a frightening one hour, 34 minutes long, and includes footage of the guys drinking, visiting tourist traps, getting their promotional photos taken, playing pool, and fooling around. Ironically, the footage of the guys sucking each other off in this section is more realistic, and thus hotter, than the action in the film itself. Also ironic is the fact that while briefing the guys, Brent continually mentions that he wants to “make something sexy.” Obviously he didn’t do enough to ensure that.

The “Truth or Dare” segment, which is 18 minutes long, is a hoot to watch, even if it could have been edited down. Jacob sucks his own cock, the guys take body shots off Kodie, blowjobs ensue.

Brent Corrigan's Summit

I’m not sure why none of the extras were incorporated into the actual film. They wouldn’t have saved the film, but they could’ve added some personality and context.

As much as I want to hug Brent Corrigan for his cuteness, this directorial debut is a flop. Despite Brent’s voiced wishes that the scenes feel “sexy” and natural, all of them feel forced and contrived. This is porn with no imagination, no variety, nothing to set it apart. It is made worse — much worse — by its amateurish camerawork, editing, and audio blunders. Although the film is sweetened by Jacob’s amazing cock and cumshots, Reese Reynolds’s genuine enthusiasm, and the more realistic blowjobs in the Behind the Scenes, it is ultimately a collection of very average sex scenes. And did I mention far too many heavily-lit close-up shots of asses?